Star Ring Mission Chapter 108


Chapter 108 Late Night (Adding Sugar in Water for Silver Alliance Leader) (Eleventh Update)

“No problem Sister Nuo.”

Zhou Qian and several others were nodded, and they still knew which one was more important.

“Of course, I’m not the kind of person who is not friendly. Our online time is indeed exceeding the standard, and the external body is somewhat unbearable. So we divide it into batches, and one or two people go offline at a time. After dinner, come up and take turns.”

“Yes, we think this proposal is very good.”


The present The girls expressed their opinions one after another. As for Su Mo, he has no opinion at all. If he can go offline, he will go offline.

“By the way, there is one more thing I want to tell you about.”

Lin Zinuo suddenly showed an excited smile.

“What’s the matter?”

Su Mo and the others looked at Lin Zinuo curiously.

“cough cough, that’s about us taking the Helan. We keep it a secret for now, don’t tell others. Especially the leader of Zhao Han, when the time comes we will give them a super big deal. Surprise!”

Lin Zinuo proposed very happily.

“Okay, I heard that Elder Sister Zhao Han was in Auroville recently, and she was in a bad mood. Give her a surprise and she will be happy. I can think of Elder Sister Zhao Han at that time. ”

β€œThat’s right, it must be interesting!”

β€œOkay, then it’s settled, our meeting will be held here for the time being, and everyone will leave!”

Lin Zinuo announced in a very good mood.

“Everyone, I have a suggestion for you to listen to.”

Zhou Qian suddenly said to the crowd mysteriously.

“What advice?”

Everyone looked at Zhou Qian curiously.

“When I was checking whether the Helan had a hidden monster before, I found a cold storage with a lot of living materials. Although most of the materials have rotted, many of them are still in good condition. , we will take a break and finish dinner later, do you want to have a small celebration party on board to celebrate.”

Zhou Qian suggested to the crowd.


Sun Hong and the others replied happily.

“cough cough, don’t overplay it.”

Lin Zinuo reminded with a cough.

“Sister Zinuo, don’t worry, we have our measure.”

Zhou Qian said while holding Lin Zinuo’s shoulder and shaking.

“Okay, okay, it’s up to you, let’s take a break first.”

Lin Zinuo didn’t say much.


Auroville, the northern suburbs defense line.

Zhao Han was on the first line of defense, personally directing his subordinates to conduct fire blocking.

The dense rain of bullets kept pouring down.

Swarms of zombies fell, but soon after, a large number of zombies were added.

And in the distance, you can see a monster with a height of more than ten meters, the size is extremely bloated, the whole body exudes a poison qi body, and on the deformed head, there are seven penetrating red eyeballs. Monster, II Elite mutants and deformed people.

They open their mouths far away, accumulating a beam of thermal radiation one after another.


one after another beam of thermal radiation blasted past.

In an instant, the tank defense line at the front of the position was blown up one by one.

“No way, elder sister Zhao Han, the enemy’s attack is too fierce.”

A girl told Zhao Han anxiously.

“We must stand up if we can’t stand it. Those monsters are absolutely not allowed to cross our line of defense.”

Zhao Han’s anxious voice was about to get angry, if her line of defense collapsed. When the time comes, how did she explain to Qianchengxue Corps Head, she couldn’t say that she couldn’t even look down on her family.


“Nothing, but let the brothers below hold on.”

Zhao Han said firmly.

On the top floor of the Tenth Building of the Breaking Dawn Group, in a luxurious independent room, a limited edition game cabin slowly opened.

I saw Qianchengxue walking out of the game cabin as cold as ice and frost, silver long hair draped over her shoulders, she walked out of the room indifferently, moved towards the elevator and walked over.

It was late at night, but the group building was still very lively.

Many staff talking and laughing.

At this time, when they saw Qianchengxue walking out, they closed their mouths one after another, stood up straight, their eyes became very respectful, put their hands on their chests, and slightly bent their bodies in greeting.

“Hello, Sister Xue.”

Qiancheng’s snow-covered face was as cold as frost, and he walked over under everyone’s attention.

The crowd whispered.

“I don’t think the atmosphere is right.”

“Shh, I heard there’s something wrong with the frontline.”



Soon Qiancheng Xue came to the elevator door.

The people who were waiting for the elevator saw Qianchengxue, and they respectfully saluted and moved away, leaving the elevator empty.

Qianchengxue walked into the elevator and clicked on the first floor.

The elevator begins to descend rapidly!

The elevator stopped several times in the middle, and when the door opened, the person who was about to enter saw Qianchengxue standing inside, and it was also slightly startled, and then quickly saluted respectfully, and closed the elevator again.

When the elevator descends to the 22nd floor.


The elevator stopped and the elevator door opened slowly.

Su Mo appeared at the elevator entrance. He saw Qianchengxue in the elevator, and his calm eyes showed a rare surprise.

He always thought that Ziqing and Zinuo were outstanding in appearance, didn’t expect there were such beautiful women in the company, and they were very temperamental.

It was indeed a bit surprising to Su Mo, but he soon came back to his senses and walked into the elevator, and he naturally pressed the twelfth floor.

Qianchengxue glanced at Su Mo from the corner of his eye, then ignored him.

Although Su Mo was amazed, he didn’t mean to strike up a conversation at all.

The two of them stood quietly in the elevator without any communication. The elevator descended quickly. When they reached the twelfth floor, the elevator door opened and Su Mo walked straight out.

The elevator closed again and descended rapidly.

Not very long, Qianchengxue came to the basement, she walked straight not far away, an all-metal streamlined silver supercar, the Silver Fox, quietly parked there.

She extended the hand and held the handlebars, the whole supercar automatically recognized its identity, the whole body lights were turned on, and the Blade Sect was automatically turned on.

After Qianchengxue sat up, she said indifferently, “Apply for a separate speeding lane in the Eastern District.”

“Applying now, the application is approved”

A mechanical prompt sounded.

Qianchengxue stepped on the accelerator and drove the supercar out of the underground garage and into the street. She drove not far forward, turned left directly onto the elevated expressway in the sky, and then followed the prompts to enter the T3 speeding lane.

In the moment, she slammed the accelerator to the bottom.


The whole super sports car made a deafening wave and rushed out.

In the sports car, a passionate DJ, the brightest star in the night sky, rang.

I would rather keep all the pain in my heart than forget your eyes, give me the courage to believe again, and embrace you beyond lies

The speed displayed on the instrument dial is crazy Ascending, in just a few seconds, the entire supercar has soared to 230 kilometers per hour.

In the night, a silver flash flew by.

In a short while, Qianchengxue drove the supercar to the end of the speeding track. She slowed the car down and stopped at the exit.

(end of this chapter)

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