Star Ring Mission Chapter 110


Chapter 110 Don’t be impulsive (add update for the old Wang Ting next door to Alliance Leader) (Thirteen update)

“Yes, Zinuo Sister, why are you free?”

Zhou Qian curiously asked.

“You guys, everyone is dizzy, haven’t you looked all around?”

Lin Zinuo asked with a smile.

Everyone started slightly, turned their heads to look at all around, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the dense fog around all around seemed to have a tendency to fade.

“We’re going out of the foggy area?”

“I just found out now, it won’t be long before we return to Auroville, haha!!!”

The more Lin Zinuo spoke, the more excited she became. She herself couldn’t contain the excitement in her heart. She succeeded in driving the Helan back this time, and she could imagine Zhao Han’s startled to fall the chin. And you can also show off fiercely in front of other groups. Whoever says they can’t do 12 groups in the future will fiercely slap them in the face.

“Sister Zi Nuo, you are really amazing.”

“Don’t come here, don’t get involved”

Su Mo looked at the gradually dissipating all around Misty, took a deep breath, tense his nerves, and completely relaxed at this moment.

Just as the Helan was moving towards the fog, in the deep sea in the distance, a black shadow with no end in sight floated up from the water, and a pair of scarlet eyes stared at the Helan in the distance, But that terrifying silhouette just glanced at it and didn’t mean to attack.

A few hours later, the Northern Part of City suburban defense line area of Dawn, one after another defense line was monster breakthrough.

Li Shi directed the team members to retreat and retreat, constantly organizing wave after wave of counterattacks, but unfortunately the results were all bad.

Even the follow-up reinforcements of many living players with light weapons and cold weapons have not eased much.

Li Shi saw this situation and moved towards Zhao Han anxiously. As soon as he ran in front of it, he said gasping for breath.

“Really, we can’t stand it anymore. We have been fighting for seven days and seven nights. If we don’t come for reinforcements, we will really collapse. Now we only have three lines of defense left, and there is no way out. You can retire.”

Zhao Han didn’t care anymore when she heard this, she picked up the wireless communicator and connected to the leaders of the other five groups.

“My sisters, I know that your situation is very difficult. But I’m not joking with you now. I really can’t hold it anymore. The defense line is about to collapse. Get someone to come and help.”

“Sister Zhao Han, younger, it’s not that we don’t want to help you. If it were normal, we would definitely not say anything. The problem is that we are under a lot of pressure now. We still want to find other people to support.”

“Yes, we understand your anxiety, but we really can’t do anything. Our current defense is basically a radish and a pit, and we can’t simply pump it. Come out.”

“We really want to help you, but our ability is really limited, and two lines of defense have been broken on my side. Sister Zhao Han, younger, you are holding on for a while, wait for us Free your hands, I’ll definitely help you immediately.”

“I understand.”

Zhao Han took a deep breath, replied with his sullen heart, and hung up the communication.

She also has nothing to say.

In fact, the leaders of the other five groups did not know the seriousness of the matter on Zhao Han’s side, but they knew and were unwilling to rescue them.

It’s not that they hit a person when he’s down, but they really can’t stand it anymore. And if they really recruit people to help Zhao Han, their defense line will collapse.

Although this line of defense is broken, there are differences.

Whoever’s line of defense collapses first will be primarily responsible, and they don’t want to take responsibility for themselves.

Although it is a Legion and has the obligation to rescue, the premise is to protect yourself first.

You must know that the responsibility for the collapse of the defense line is not a joke. Maybe you will not only be punished, but may also be fired. When the time comes, you will fall from heaven to hell.

“Leader, what should we do now?”

Li Shi and the others looked towards Zhao Han one after another.

Zhao Han jumped out two words with difficulty and said, “Stand up!”

She was also very desperate at this time, and she also knew that the consequences of sticking to it were very serious. All battle formations were destroyed. And she may not be able to defend the line of defense, but what else can she do besides doing this?

Dead in battle, her subordinates can still follow the sacrifice, retreating and causing the defense line to collapse, causing damage to Auroville.

Maybe the entire group will be implicated.


Li Shi’s eyes suddenly changed when he heard Zhao Han’s words. He knew one thing very well. Now the twelve groups were cornered.

So Zhao Han picked up the communicator and officially issued a dead-keeping order to all the combatants: “Brother sisters, I am the leader of Zhao Han, and I will guard the defense line from now on! No one is allowed to retreat. One step, even with fists! You are not allowed to retreat and escape, once found, it will be regarded as a serious violation of discipline!”



In the communication channel, a Captain’s heavy response sounded.

So the defenders on the position, one by one, launched a violent counterattack against the incoming zombie tide.

For a time, if the zombies coming from the tide were blocked again.

However, when Zhao Han saw the situation that seemed to be improving, there was no joy on his face. She knew very well that it was like returning to the light. If the enemy’s offensive does not slow down, or does not receive support, it will cross sooner or later.

But she can only hold on to brace oneself now.

Unfortunately, luck did not favor Zhao Han. Type II elite freaks cut into the battle area, and they opened their mouths and shot one after another light.

He bombarded the defensive area, instantly suppressing the defensive firepower.

Those zombie cannon fodder are crazy shock defenses.

For a while, the anxious reports of the major squats were heard in Zhao Han’s communicator.

“The 78th Squad of the Elite Regiment Marine Battle, lost more than half.”

“The 23rd Squad of the Elite Regiment Tank Formation, the battle lost more than half.”

“The Elite Regiment Army The 123rd Squad is close to being wiped out, and we can’t stand it anymore.”

Zhao Han listened to the feedback from one after another, and it was obvious that the line of defense could no longer hold. She couldn’t bear it any longer, pulled out the automatic pistol from her waist, and prepared to go to the battlefield herself.

“Sister Zhao Han, don’t be impulsive!”

He Bing and other sisters quickly grabbed Zhao Han.

“There is nothing to be impulsive, so I can’t watch it, all take up arms and follow me!”

Zhao Han also gave up at this moment, but he can’t, below The people fought to the death there. She, the one who gave the order, did hide behind.

He Bing and the others were deeply moved when they heard Zhao Han say this. They took up weapons and shared hatred.

“Sister Zhao Han, we all listened to you and fought with them!”

Zhao Han was also very relieved, at least at the critical moment, no one lost the chain.

At this time, in the trenches of the main line of defense, the a team member controlled the machine gun, and desperately shot at the rushing zombie, and the shells fell to the ground.

(end of this chapter)

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