Star Ring Mission Chapter 111


Chapter 111 Surprise (add update for the old Wang Ting next door to Alliance Leader) (fourteen update)

But their firepower is like a tide The zombie is simply an utterly inadequate measure.

An anxious team member shouted to the Captain next to him: “Captain Zhang Lei, we can’t take it anymore. If we simply can’t finish killing it, will there be no support?”

“Stop talking nonsense, stop daydreaming, there is no support. We are the last battle strength, we have to fight if we can’t stand it. Even if we die here, we will never be allowed to retreat.”

Side Zhanglei shouted while shooting with the rifle in his hand.


All around players can only continue to brace oneself.

But the zombies rushed up like crazy, just about to rush to them.

One after another silhouette jumped into the trenches from the rear and shot at the zombies, the pressure dropped suddenly.

Zhang Lei and the others were also stunned for a moment, turned their heads to look over, and saw that it was none other than Zhao Han and the last guard team who jumped in. His eyes immediately became wet, and he said to Zhao Han very touched. .

“Team Leader Zhao Han, it’s too dangerous here, why did you bring someone here in person? You should evacuate quickly.”

“I’m not going anywhere, I’m just here with you. You fight side by side.”

Zhao Han said in a very firm tone.

“But, if you don’t hold on, you’ll be sacrificed here.”

Zhang Lei was in a hurry.

“If the defense line collapses, I won’t live alone. Don’t talk so much nonsense, call me fiercely!”

Zhao Han shouted to everyone.

In an instant, the morale of the players on the scene was high, and they fought back desperately!

The battle became more and more fierce, and those zombies became more crazy, and they rushed up, like waves, wave after wave Waves come up.

Time flies by.

Zhao Han led a large number of team members, and he didn’t know how many waves of shocks to repel these zombies.

At this time, the firepower of all around began to drop significantly.

Zombie was blocked in an instant and launched another shock like crazy.

A team member ran over anxiously and reported: “Team Zhao Han, we are running out of ammunition, and the firepower is seriously insufficient. Those monsters are about to rush up.”

Zhao Han took a deep breath, she looked at the zombie that was getting more and more advanced, took out a sharp blade from her waist, picked up the communicator and announced to the crowd: “those who have been shot with bullets, pick up everything that can be used as a weapon, follow me Go! Never allow those monsters to cross our line of defense!”


“Fight them.”

A large number of players took Pick up an axe, hammer all kinds of cold weapons, and unconditionally respond to Zhao Han’s call.

Zhao Han bit his lip lightly, then shouted to everyone.

“There are no cowards to back down in the twelve groups.”

“As long as we are there, the position will be there.”

“Everyone follow me. Charge! All for the honor of the Dawnbreak Guild! Kill!”

“Kill kill!”

Immediately, the Dawnbreakers on the entire front rushed out of the trenches and shouted aggressively.

At this moment, the sense of honor of the guild has been deeply engraved in everyone’s heart.

If one suffers, all suffers.

However, just as Zhao Han and the others were about to fight to the death, suddenly there was a huge sound of breaking in the sky.

The sky-filled missiles, like meteors, streak across the sunset sky.

It’s like a stunning and beautiful painting.

The last heavy missiles fell!


The huge explosion swept through the monster group like a tide, completely swallowing it, including the few Type II elite monsters, which were also destroyed. It is conceivable How fierce is its firepower.

Zhao Han and the others were completely frozen in place, unable to speak for a long time.

Auroville coast, on the deck of the Helan, Su Mo boarded the wheelhouse and restarted the azure mecha.

He is preparing to drive mecha to the front line of Auroville Northern Region for support. Although the blue mecha in his hand is somewhat damaged, after Qin Wang’s simple repair, the damaged left arm can barely be rebuilt. Activity resumed.

At this moment, Lin Zinuo rushed over and shouted to Su Mo.


Su Mo, who was ready to go, looked suspiciously at Lin Zino who was running.

“What’s wrong?”

“Bring this to Zhao Han!”

Lin Zinuo took out a modified mobile communication terminal from behind. The horn is handed to Su Mo.

After Su Mo saw the black line on his face, he asked again and again: “Are you sure?”

“Nonsense, of course it is, but I made Qin Wang waste a lot. It was refitted only because of the strength.”

Lin Zinuo directly stuffed it to Su Mo.

Su Mo didn’t refuse either, he took it and rushed out in a low-flying mecha.

In the northern suburbs battlefield area, Zhao Han and the others are still in a state of confusion. They haven’t figured out for a long time. Where did the wave of missiles that fell from the sky come from?

is it possible that it’s really a pie in the sky.

However, Zhao Han’s talent is not formidable. She quickly suppressed the consternation in her heart and immediately issued an order.

“All fighters, immediately regroup and reorganize, the dissatisfied squads will automatically organize, clear the battlefield, and push the defensive line forward”


The excited replies of the various squads continued to sound in the communicator. Originally, they were all ready to be wiped out, but didn’t expect to get fire support, and it was relieved in an instant.

Just when Zhao Han quickly issued various mobilization orders.

“Look! What is that?”

Suddenly someone shouted in surprise.

I saw a shallow blue mecha, and suddenly rushed in at a low altitude.

The guards all around were startled and raised their weapons one after another, facing the mecha as if facing an enemy.

They are indeed a little careless, but under normal circumstances, no one would think that a mecha can fly at a low altitude and rush over.

“Stop! Put down your weapons, he shouldn’t have any malicious intentions.”

At this time, Zhao Han asked all the companions around to put down their weapons. Of course, Zhao Han didn’t just talk nonsense. If the other party was malicious, at such a close distance, the other party could have shot himself.

He Bing and the others hesitated before putting down their weapons.

The mecha fell directly in front of Zhao Han, and the imposing manner was extremely powerful, and it immediately stunned everyone.

They have never seen such a high level body.

Zhao Han asked a deep breath: “Who are you?”

“I am Su Mo.”

Su Mo responded in a deep voice .

Hearing Su Mo’s answer, Zhao Han was dumbfounded and looked very wonderful.

Su Mo? ? ?

Of course, Su Mo didn’t care about Zhao Han’s expression at all, he just picked up the dirty speaker and handed it over.

“Lin Zino asked me to bring it to you.”

Then the loudspeaker sounded Lin Zino’s excited voice.

“Sister Zhao Han is not surprised, not surprised!”

After hearing this, Zhao Han’s face turned black, and then he roared at Lin Zinuo.

“I’m surprised by your size. I’m working hard here, and you won’t come back to help. There’s no news for a long time! You’re too embarrassed to ask me if I’m surprised or not.”

“Uh, you I can’t say that, I can’t come back? You see I just came back. As soon as I heard that our team was in trouble, I immediately supported you with remote firepower. You see, I’m so strong, you don’t have to praise me, why? Can you say me.”

(end of this chapter)

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