Star Ring Mission Chapter 112


Chapter 112 Accident (add update for the old Wang Ting next door to Alliance Leader) (fifteenth update)

“Wait ~ you said that wave Are the missiles supported by your firepower?”

“That’s right, we got a super invincible ship, it’s awesome! Isn’t it a surprise?”

Lin Zinuo is proud said extremely.


Zhao Han’s head was dizzy when he heard this, and he couldn’t figure it out.

At this time, a team member ran over panting and said to Zhao Han, “Sister Zhao Han, something happened!”

“What happened?”

Zhao Han asked suspiciously.

The player tapped a few times on his wristband, and an image suddenly appeared. I saw the seaside port area of Auroville, and a Hegemon battleship was slowly approaching.

“Zi Qing from the naval battle team, the latest video sent by us. We do not know where a large battleship emerged from the seaside, and suddenly launched a large number of heavy missiles at Dawn City. It scared the whole person.

Auroville has sounded the emergency air defense alarm.”

Zhao Han immediately came back to his senses and asked Lin Zinuo eagerly.

“You really brought that battleship back?”

“That’s right.”

Lin Zino’s solemnly vowed reply.

“No, you didn’t say it was an old ship before, why is it a pioneer-class battleship.”

Zhao Han felt like he was dreaming of.

“Uh, this explanation is a bit complicated, but this ship is ours anyway.”

Lin Zino didn’t know how to explain it.

“Nice job! Zino, you have done a great job this time.”

Zhao Han shouted excitedly.

“It’s a small matter, by the way, do you want me to give you another wave of firepower support, the firepower coverage on this ship is quite fierce.”

Lin Zinuo heard Zhao Han’s words Compliment, more and more proud.

“Don’t waste so much, you prodigal bastards. Your baptism just now cleared most of the monsters, and it’s enough to ease up.”

Zhao Han’s heartache scolded Dao, if those missiles were not her own, she definitely couldn’t wait a few more rounds. Now that I know it’s my own, every time I hit a heart, it bleeds.

“Uh, well, Su Mo will ask you to help defend.”

Lin Zino replied awkwardly.

“No problem.”

Su Mo replied nonchalantly.

Immediately, Su Mo turned around in the mecha and rushed to the front of the battlefield at high speed.

The action is clean and neat, which is amazing to watch.

The mecha squad that is fighting on the front line, move the heavy mecha lumberingly, approach those zombies step by step, then lift the Iron Fist to smash.

At this moment, they saw a cool mecha, rushing into the zombie group with high mobility, and the alloy sharp hand in his hand picked up the knife and fell.


Zombies were cut in the middle.

Su Mo is like a wolf entering a flock, and wherever he goes, the monster is reaped like a mustard.

The other mecha members of the twelve groups looked sluggish.

“Who is that? This operation technique is too perverted.”

Auroville coastal defense line area, all naval combat crews of the tenth Legion. After cleaning up the monsters that climbed ashore, they were all looking at the giant battleship that was constantly driving in the distance.

Attack before confirming them is support, not after any enemy.

The eyes of every member of the naval battle team showed incomparably envious eyes, and they all talked about it.

“Whose is such an awesome ship?”

“Could it be the foreign aid invited by the guild?”

“Really? Yes, envy and jealousy”

Including Ziqing and the others are looking at the battleship, although she looks very calm.

But her heart is far from being as peaceful as it seems on the surface, and her eyes are full of longing.

But she’s very sensible, the 12th group is the logistics department.

Then the Naval War Department, which is affiliated to the 12th group, naturally tends to be logistical, and this kind of ship has nothing to do with them.

“Sister Ziqing? When will we be able to get on this kind of boat?”

Hanna was almost stunned.

“Stop dreaming, let’s not say whether this ship belongs to our guild, even if it is our guild, it is not necessarily our Legion’s. Even if we take 10,000 steps back, it is really us. Legion’s, it is also the priority equipment of the first naval battle group, and we can’t be ranked in any way. Pull yourself together, guard your own coastline, now is in an extraordinary period, and there may be a large number of monsters at any time, so you must not take it lightly .”

Zi Qing dispelled Han Na and the others’ expectations in a few words.


Han Na and the others responded in a depressed mood.


In the middle of the night, Qianchengxue was lying on the soft big bed, and just fell asleep not very long.

weng weng!

The phone on the bedside suddenly vibrated.

Qianchengxue opened her eyes, reached out and touched her phone, only to see Sun Li’s name displayed on the screen.

Calling at such a late hour, there must be something important. Thinking of this, Qianchengxue answered the phone.


“Sister Xue has an accident.”

Sun Li’s excited voice came from the phone.

Qianchengxue suddenly sat up without any sleepiness. She solemnly asked, “Did the monster at the Bay Base counterattack?”

“No, it’s from Dawn City.”

Sun Li slightly startled, quickly explained.

“The City of Dawn? Could it be that the City of Dawn has fallen?”

Qiancheng Xuexin froze suddenly, if it really misses, it is really misfortunes never come alone.

“No, no, I’m not saying Auroville missed, but a Hegemon battleship appeared over Auroville. According to the images below, it can be basically determined that it is the Helan. !”

“You said that the Helan went to Auroville? Are you sure you read it right?”

“It’s absolutely true, the image of the ship sent is the same as our original The comparison of the data obtained is exactly the same. What’s more, the operator on the Helan is still our own people. That is to say, we worked hard there for a long time, but our own people stole the chicken. I Let’s just say, how could outsiders know about such a top-secret operation. Feelings are guarded against all odds, and family thieves are hard to guard against, and it’s too much to be shattered by one’s own people.”

Sun Li gnashing teeth ‘s numbers.

Qianchengxue was also very surprised. She interrupted Sun Li’s words and asked directly, “You said we took the ship by ourselves?”

“Yeah. .”

“Who took it.”

Qianchengxue immediately asked.

“The people in the Twelfth group are going too far. Sister Xue, you must teach them a lesson. They are simply out of order.”

Sun Li said angrily.

After Qianchengxue was sure that it was her own, her eyes flickered, her gloomy mood was swept away, she quickly got up and put on her clothes, while exhorting: “I know about this, since the ship It’s already in hand, so there’s no need to stay at the bay base. Pass my order, and all troops will immediately return to Auroville.”

“Ah, yes, what about the twelve groups? Deal with it?”

“Wait until the Auroville matter is resolved, and open an offline team leader meeting.”

Qianchengxue settled the matter simply and neatly.


Sun Li replied.

(end of this chapter)

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