Star Ring Mission Chapter 113


Chapter 113 Coincidence (Add update for Old Wang Ting next door to Alliance Leader) (Sixteen update)

After hanging up the phone, thousands of The gloom in Cheng Xue’s heart was swept away, her indifferent face revealed a hint of joy, and then she hurried out and went to the company.

In the early morning, Su Mo went offline and took off his gaming helmet tiredly.

Legion’s mobile troop returned to support not long ago, and the follow-up large troop will return one after another. The crisis in Auroville is completely over, so Su Mo is also offline.

He dragged his exhausted body out of the computer room. At this time, the company was unusually deserted, but it should be very lively after a while, after all, it was time to change the shift.

He left the company and stopped a taxi on the street.

The high-intensity battles for a long time in a row have severely overdrawn his spirit strength. He is fighting all over his eyelids now, so he didn’t switch cars.

However, Su Mo simply didn’t notice at this time that the guild group in his mobile phone was completely fried.

The message keeps jumping, and the discussion message has reached millions.

Soon after, Su Mo returned home, went straight into his room, closed the door, and fell asleep.

No matter how big it is now, it has nothing to do with him.

Dawn Group Tenth Building, in a warm and exclusive computer room, the cockpit slowly opened, Lin Zinuo stretched out and sat up, then slowly opened his eyes.

The result was a shock!

I saw Zhao Han and Ziqing standing in front of her, and they were staring at her like a tiger watching his prey.

“Wow! What are you doing, trying to scare me to death.”

“Frighten me to death, the two of us are going to be scared to death by you.”

Zhao Han can’t even care about his image.

“I’m not planning to surprise you, isn’t it a good thing?”

Lin Zino’s smile was a little stiff.

“It’s a good thing, but now Legion is frying, you haven’t watched the Legion group?”

Zhao Han really doesn’t know how to complain about Lin Zino, such a big one She also played with surprises and didn’t say anything in advance, so she didn’t know how to do it now.

“It’s useless for them to be envious, it’s our ability to get it.”

Lin Zinuo said complacently.

“Envy shit, they are all accusing us of stealing the fruits of their victory. How did the battleship of Zinuo come from, is it really like what they said, you are stealing the fruits of their victory? “

Zhao Han asked worriedly.

“Fart! Whoever chewed his tongue, this ship was acquired by Lao Niang and Su Mo, who worked so hard to get this ship. How could it be theirs?”

Lin Zino is like The cat whose tail was stepped on immediately jumped up, so anxious that the swear words came out.

Seeing Lin Zinuo’s reaction so intense, Ziqing persuaded: “Sister Zinuo, don’t worry, is there any misunderstanding? We will definitely believe you. But the wasteland group, over there. Having said that, it will definitely not be slandered out of thin air. Where did you get this battleship from, are you sure it has nothing to do with the guild wasteland reclamation team?”

“How could it have anything to do with the guild wasteland reclamation team? I don’t know where it is, we got it out of a base covered in fog, etc.”

Lin Zinuo was stunned when she was half-confident, she thought of Zhou Qian If you asked at the time, it wouldn’t be so coincidental, right? Was it really Lord Corps Head who attacked that base?

“What do you remember?”

Zhao Han and Zi Qing looked towards Lin Zinuo one after another.

Lin Zinuo swallowed hard and said, “When we broke into that base, it was indeed attacked by unknown forces. But at that time, the distance was far away and there was fog, so we just looked at it. I don’t know, and they can’t attack!”

Hearing Lin Zinuo’s words, Zi Qing and Zhao Han glanced at each other, and they immediately understood what was going on.

Thinking of this, Zhao Han’s head hurts. She touched her forehead for a long time speechless.

“Sister Zhao Han, what should I do now? I can’t really hand over the ship, right?”

Ziqing asked nervously.

“No way.”

Lin Zinuo and Zhao Han replied in unison, quite understanding.

Zi Qing was stunned when she heard the two answers, and then showed a smile.

Zhao Han coughed and said, “Forget it, front soldiers with generals and stem water with earth, Zino, tell me all the process in detail, I guess we will wait until dawn and Sister Xue comes to the company. It’s time for a meeting.”


Lin Zinuo nodded heavily.


In the early morning of the next day, Qian Chengxue came to the door of the main office at the top of the company building very early, and she pushed open the closed door.

The team leaders in the office have all been waiting.

The first group leader (Deputy Corps Head)·Sun Li

The second group leader (Deputy Corps Head)·Tang Yao

The third group leader· Chen Meng

The fourth group leader·Zhou Jing

The fifth group leader·Lin Xiaojia

The sixth group leader·Wu Hai

Team Leader Zhao Ying

Team Leader Li Die

Team Leader Ye Lan

Team Leader Zheng Yanhua

Team Leader Zheng Yanhua


Eleven group leader·Luo Mei

Twelfth group leader·Zhao Han

All the group leaders stood up, bowed and greeted Qianchengxue.

“Sister Xue!”

Qianchengxue walked to the front seat and sat down, she raised her hand to signal everyone.

“Sit down, we have a lot of things to do right now, so we won’t say those polite and just go to the meeting.”

“Sister Xue is right, time is precious now, and every time we I have a lot of things to deal with in my hands. Then I will not go around. The first six groups of us worked hard to open up wasteland at the Hongshan Bay Base. We attacked continuously for nearly ten days (game time), and nearly a thousand elites were killed in action. Team members, lost a lot of materials. But at the most critical moment, my own people stole chickens and stole the most important spills of war in the base, what is this!”

Team leader Zhou Jing stood up angrily and blamed directly.

“I also think it’s a bit too much.”

Lin Xiaojia hesitated for a while, and said, they worked hard there for a long time, but in the end they didn’t get anything, it was too suffocating bowed.

At this time, Sun Li also said to Qianchengxue: “Sister Xue, I am not the only one who has an opinion. You have seen it, and neither of us can accept it.”

Seven When it came to the leader of the eleventh group, everyone had a look of interest on their faces, sitting and watching the fermentation.

Qian Chengxue raised her hand to signal to Sun Li and the others to be quiet, she turned her head and looked towards Zhao Han, the leader of the twelve groups.

“Zhao Han, about the Helan, do you have anything to say?”

Zhao Han coughed and stood up, and replied formally: “Snow. Sister, I don’t agree with what Sun Li and the others said. The Helan number was acquired by Lin Zinuo and the others, and it has nothing to do with the land reclamation group. Because the task of land reclamation is top-secret, except for the important personnel involved, the others simply I don’t know. We don’t even know the location of your land reclamation or anything, so the idea of stealing it can only be said to be a coincidence.”

“Zhao Han, your explanation is too far-fetched. How can there be such a coincidence in this world. Don’t tell us that you all went to the Hongshan Bay base by mistake.”

Sun Li was about to explode with anger.

(end of this chapter)

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