Star Ring Mission Chapter 114


Chapter 114 Explanation (add update for the old Wang Ting next door to Alliance Leader) (seventeen update)

“Sister Sun Li, although this matter is a bit Bullshit, but it is indeed a coincidence. We impossible know the coordinates of your land reclamation. If you insist on saying that we know, wouldn’t you be accusing us of peeping at the guild’s top-secret information? , happened to hit the same base.”

Zhao Han replied calmly.

“Sister Zhao Han, it’s not that we don’t believe you, you don’t think it’s too ridiculous. If you didn’t plan it, how could you be able to grasp the timing so accurately and just choose to steal the chicken when the battle was the most intense. And If it wasn’t planned, your team would send so many people to attack? Take down that ship? Everyone is a Legion, and we don’t want to tear our faces and make everyone look ugly. As long as you admit your mistake, we won’t be too serious. Excessive accountability.”

Zhou Jing asked rudely.

“Stop! Who told you that our group dispatched a lot of people? And premeditated? I can tell you, this is just a coincidence, whether you are believing or not. And Lin Zinuo and the others were on a weapons transport mission. , something went wrong, for which they also conveyed important information, and you are aware of this. Later, the arsenal was completely taken over by the monster, and they also fled all the way, and finally broke into Hongshan Bay by accident. The base. And there were only fifteen people left at that time, how could there be as many people as you said, don’t frame us blindly.”

Zhao Han strongly denied it.

At this time, Deputy Corps Head Tang Yao showed a charming smile, said with a smile: “Sister Zhao Han, younger, you are joking, how could a dozen people attack the base? Even if there are our Containment, if you don’t form an elite group of you, you can’t get in.”

Just kidding, so many of them are fighting so hard, they attacked so hard, a dozen people attacked? This is too bullshit.

If it’s true, wouldn’t it slap them in the face to prove that they are all rice buckets?


Other team leaders also thought it was funny.

Even Qianchengxue’s expression became very serious, she asked.

“Zhao Han, are you kidding? A dozen people attacked?”

“Sister Xue, I’m not kidding, if you don’t believe me, Lin Zinuo will be waiting in the lounge. , you ask her to tell you.”

Zhao Han solemnly vowed said.

“Let Lin Zinuo come here.”

Qianchengxue responded immediately, this is no joke. She personally led people to attack the Hongshan Bay Base, and she knew how strong the monsters were.

A dozen people can attack from the rear. If it is true, how strong is that?

In fact, she also maintained a skeptical attitude, but seeing Zhao Han so solemnly vowed, she was also a little shaken.


Zhao Han picked up the phone and sent a message to Lin Zino.

Not very long, the door of the Conference Hall was pushed open, Lin Zinuo, with a guilty face, walked in, and then greeted Sister Xue.

“Hello, Sister Xue.”

“Well, Lin Zinuo, I ask you something, you answer truthfully.”

Qianchengxue’s expression was serious. Lin Zino said.

“Sister Xue, please ask, and I will answer truthfully.”

Lin Zinuo was also a little nervous. She kept hinting that she could relax as much as possible, and don’t lose the chain at the critical moment.

“You really don’t know that we are reclaiming the wasteland in the Hongshan Bay base? Is it all a coincidence? And you really, just a dozen people invaded Baihe Seaport?”

Qianchengxue stared at Lin Zinuo.

“I swear I don’t know, it’s all a coincidence, we were all running for our lives, like headless flies, completely lost. As for breaking into that base, we really did. More than a dozen people. When we set off, we also took sixty people with us, and only that few people died along the way. “

Lin Zinuo explained.

“It’s ridiculous, we don’t believe it.”

Sun Li still doesn’t believe it, this is simply ridiculous.

“If you don’t believe me, I have a video of the whole thing!”

Lin Zinuo suddenly thought of something and said.

Hearing this, Qianchengxue immediately said: “Projection out!”

“Okay, I’ll do it!”

Lin Zino took it out of his pocket Out of a U disk, she quickly inserted the U disk into the designated device.

Soon a holographic image was displayed, and it could be seen that the perspective of the image was based on Lin Zinuo.

On an old ship, Lin Zinuo and the others were putting down the kayak with ropes, and then a dozen of them climbed down, and the dozen or so people Nearly half of them are life players.

Sun Li and the others looked a little overwhelmed. If this is true, it would be a real slap in the face.

Everyone looked at the video attentively, not daring to catch a breath.

The image is slightly accelerated.

Soon after, Su Mo was seen taking the lead in jumping into the sea, leading them to swim towards the coast. When facing the dense monsters guarding the coast, Su Mo took Lin Zino and the others like dancing on the tip of a knife, sneaking in without any danger.

They first went to the arsenal to get the weapons, and then they went to the stockpile.

Next is Su Mo leaving alone for the hangar.

Soon after, I saw Su Mo rushing out in a mecha alone, killing a lot of people in the base, alarming countless monsters, and attracting the Type II general-level Kazami on the dock.

Through the video, it can be seen that Su Mo is surrounded by countless monsters, but he is not afraid, and he keeps going in and out, just like a god of death.

Everyone was stunned.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Zino and the others took the opportunity to rush to the dock.

After a long time, all the videos brought by Lin Zino were finished, and the whole office was dead silent.

Lin Zinuo said proudly: “Well, I’m not lying, we are just a dozen people who broke in. There is still such a big fog, and you didn’t attack, how do we know who it is? They’re attacking the base.”

Besides Zhao Han, seeing Lin Zinuo talking more and more excitedly, and constantly poking everyone’s wounds, Sun Li and the others looked extremely ugly.

She hurriedly kicked Lin Zinuo with her foot, indicating that she was almost done, don’t belittle her to death.

Lin Zinuo immediately came back to his senses, coughed and said.

“Sister Xue, this should prove it.”

Qiancheng Xue’s cold eyes flashed with a special color, she asked, “The one who opened the mecha was Who? The technique is so good?”

But there is one thing that makes Qianchengxue very puzzled. Although this operation skill is very good, it seems to have a large range of movements. Logically speaking, this should not happen. Novice level wrong.

“Oh, his name is Su Mo.”

Lin Zinuo said cheerfully.

“Isn’t this the last time the group killed the engine?”

After everyone heard it, they were also confused.

Qianchengxue thought for a while, the name was a bit unfamiliar. She knew a little about killing the engine, but she didn’t care too much because she was too busy with land reclamation. As for this person, she had met once, in the elevator last night.

(end of this chapter)

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