Star Ring Mission Chapter 115


Chapter 115 Swipe the screen (add update for Lao Wang Ting next door to Alliance Leader) (18 update)

At that time, she felt that Su Mo The temperament on the body is a bit special, but at that time, I was in a very bad mood and didn’t care too much.

In retrospect, he was really an expert.

“Sister Xue, this Su Mo guy is very suspicious. His skills are so exaggerated. Maybe he was sent with ulterior motives.” kept talking.

“Fart, how is that possible? Last time it was just an accident, Su Mo, but we have spent a lot of effort in private and hired a top-level expert. And he is my distant relative, if it is not a relative For the sake of it, people are not willing to come.”

Zhao Han was in a hurry and immediately retorted.

Lin Zinuo looked inconceivably towards Zhao Han, and Zhao Han’s ability to lie is no longer available.

When did Su Mo become her relative.

Wu Hai was also speechless.

At this time, Tang Yao rolled her eyes and said very slyly: “Aiya, sister Zhao Han, don’t you worry? They are all my own people. It’s fine to clear up a little misunderstanding. It doesn’t matter, after all, it falls into Legion’s hands, Sister Xue, I said right.”

“en. ”

Qiancheng Xue slightly nodded.

“Now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, let’s not mention those disappointing things. Your twelve groups are considered meritorious, and Sister Xue will definitely reward you. Now should we discuss the ownership of the Helan number? Right now, our second group’s naval team doesn’t have a decent ship yet.”

“Stop, stop, I think we should first consider our first group’s naval team, this mission. Didn’t you say yes, arm us first?”

Sun Li was also in a hurry, and suddenly couldn’t care about arguing about those matters, now the ship is the most important thing.

“Our third group’s naval team doesn’t have a boat either.”

All of them started to grab it.


Zhao Han was also anxious.

Suddenly everyone looked towards Zhao Han.

Zhao Han didn’t care about her dignity anymore, she said to Sister Qiancheng without the slightest hesitation: “Sister Xue, since we are sure that we didn’t steal chickens on purpose, it’s all a coincidence. The ships are indeed hard-earned by Lin Zinuo and the others, so according to the rules you set, whoever finds the land will be equipped first. Then our 12 groups also have a naval battle system, and there are only a few fishing boats, so we also need to be armed. .”

Hearing Zhao Han’s words, Sun Li and the others were anxious.

“Isn’t this inappropriate, our first naval battle squad is unarmed, so it’s not a waste to arm the logistics team first?”

“What’s the waste, our people also Able to fight.”

Zhao Han refused to let go at all.

Everyone looked towards Qiancheng Snow.

Qianchengxue said in a tranquil voice: “What Zhao Han said is fine, although in a sense Lin Zinuo and the others are a little bit like stealing chickens, but this is just a coincidence, Helan can be regarded as them What we got ourselves, our failure is a failure, and we have to admit it. So Zhao Han and the others do have the right to dominate. If you want the Helan, then discuss it with Zhao Han.”

“Younger sister Zhao Han, if you donate first, when we get the battleship back, we will definitely give it back to you immediately.”

Sun Li and the others discussed with Zhao Han with smiles on their faces.

“No, we’re in short supply too, so don’t make it hard for us. Besides, it’s just a small boat, and it won’t be of much use to the sisters. By the way, there is one thing, I forgot to mention that the bauble ship is also equipped with a big fireworks.”

Zhao Han laughed politely, and didn’t forget to show it off. Who let them hurt her so much before, anyway, Sister Xue has already spoken to settle the matter.

Sun Li and the others are almost full of scolding in their hearts. What a small toy, it is a pioneer-level battleship. To put it bluntly, it is the main battleship.

And they looked even more exciting when they heard Zhao Han say that the ship was also equipped with big fireworks!

This really made Zhao Han look up.


In the apartment room, Su Mo slept darkly.

I don’t know how long it took, he slowly woke up, reached out and touched the phone that was on the side.

He looked at the time, it was past three o’clock in the afternoon.

So he got up, changed his clothes, and walked out of the room just as he was about to take a shower.

But they found that the whole house was very quiet. It seemed that Ziqing and the others hadn’t come back, so they moved straight towards the bathroom.

Su Mo walked to the sink, looked at the handsome self in the glasses, picked up the toothbrush and squeezed the toothpaste and started to wash.


The phone vibrated.

While brushing her teeth, Su Mo took out her phone and glanced at it, telling her to pay the bill.

He suddenly remembered that he hadn’t paid the bills for a long time.

However, just as he was about to put the phone back in his pocket, he inadvertently saw that there were 9999+ unread messages on the Wechat software.

Su Mo is a little confused, what’s the situation? He seems to have just slept, didn’t he?

So Su Mo clicked on Wechat and found that all the information came from two guild groups.

He first opened the chat group of the Twelfth group.


The entire phone screen is instantly swiped.

The rain of tears: “Sister Zino is simply too powerful to pull back such an awesome ship for our naval combat team.”

Xiao Xian with ten pack abs Meat: “Please accept our knees.”

Han Han’s Xiao Nana: “Haha, our naval team is about to rise.”

Three Gunners: “I Let me tell you, you didn’t see the group leaders who finished the meeting, how ugly their faces are, haha”

Su Mo took a general look, and then clicked off the chat group of the twelve groups. After all, it is normal for the people in this group to be excited about bringing back such a ship. However, the Legion group is more lively, and the atmosphere seems to be a bit weird.

So Su Mo then opened the Legion group.

As a result, I was immediately dumbfounded. The entire Legion group was about to become a scolding group, and there were girls in it.

Qinghe: “I want to say that the people in the Twelfth group are thieves.”

The cute little bunny: “You are the thieves, our sister Zino and the others are based on their own ability. Here we are.”

Ace Eagle: “Ghost letter, you are stealing our battle results, give you a chance to hand it over, but don’t hand it over.”

red piglet : “This is clearly your own people who killed your own people, or else a logistics team can take down that ship, who would believe it! It’s clearly that you stole the fruits of the wasteland group’s victory. In addition, it is a coincidence that there are so many in this world. Coincidence? Hey~ It’s really time to check it out, who leaked the secret, it’s really too terrifying.”

The rain of tears: “Don’t go too far!”

Qinghe: “Who is the most excessive, you know what’s going on.”

Su Mo watched the brows slightly wrinkle, what’s the situation?

When did they become thieves and steal the fruits of victory of the wasteland group?

(end of this chapter)

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