Star Ring Mission Chapter 116


Chapter 116 Repayment (adding updates for Lao Wang Ting next door to Alliance Leader) (19th update)

Wait? Could it be that the player who attacked that base at that time was the Legion? Thinking of this, Su Mo’s expression became more and more exciting, wouldn’t it really be so coincidental?

So Su Mo looked up the chat history of the torn force.

After a while, Su Mo’s expression became a little weird, and there are really many coincidences in this world.

At this moment, Su Mo suddenly saw a familiar avatar pop out.

Flying Fish (Lin Zino) (Twelve Vice Group Leaders): Shut up, whoever told you to chew your tongue here, I will put my words here, that ship We did it ourselves. If you are not convinced, let your team leader come out and say, Sister Xue has acquiesced to this matter, when will it be your turn to be a BB here. Someone tell me one more sentence, let me see if I don’t throw you to the review team and charge you with a charge of dividing Legion with ulterior motives.

In an instant, the crowd that was very lively immediately quieted down.

Su Mo was dumbfounded. Is Lin Zinuo so sturdy? He actually ended up tearing himself up!

But the effect is really good. The group that was still swiping the screen is now quieter than anything else.

Of course, after all, dissatisfaction returns to dissatisfaction, and no one is willing to be the first bird.

A fool can see that Lin Zinuo dares to say this, he must be very confident. And if they are thrown to the review team, if the investigation is really established, it will not only face unemployment, but also huge compensation.

Su Mo put away the phone and continued to wash up.

Soon after, Su Mo returned to the company and he came to the 22nd floor. I just got out of the elevator, punched the card on the machine next to it, and was about to move towards the machine room.

A sudden shout stopped him.

β€œSu Mo!”

Su Mo lifts the head in confusion and looks over.

I saw Zhao Han and Lin Zinuo coming over.

“What’s the matter?”

Su Mo asked suspiciously.

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Lin Zinuo touched his forehead, and his heart collapsed. This guy’s EQ still hasn’t improved a little, so he can’t be found if he has nothing to do?

She coughed and said to Zhao Han with an embarrassed smile

“Don’t worry, that’s what he’s like.”

“I think it’s pretty good, at least. Sincerely.”

How Zhao Han sees Su Mo now, how pleasing to the eye! She was still very grateful for her wise decision, but fortunately she didn’t kill this guy with a single shot.

“It’s good, Su Mo, come with us.”

Lin Zino was afraid that Su Mo would say something surprising.


Su Mo didn’t say much.

Soon the three came to Zhao Han’s office, Zhao Han was in a good mood, picked up the teapot, poured a cup of tea, and handed it to Su Mo.

“Try this, it’s my favorite, pure natural and pollution-free tea.”

“Thank you.”

Su Mo try Taking a sip, it seems pretty good.

“Don’t be so polite, we are all a team, not only team members who fight side by side, but also half a family.”

Zhao Han pulled Su Mo with a smile on his face.

Lin Zinuo also echoed next to him: “Sister Zhao Han is right, don’t be so polite, we will all be family from now on.”

Su Mo is also a little surprised by the warm attitude of the two . He doubted that the two of them were taking the wrong medicine, right? he asked subconsciously.

“Are you all right?”

The atmosphere in the office suddenly fell to the bottom, and the smiles on both Lin Zino and Zhao Han’s faces stiffened.

“cough cough ~ It’s okay, we came to you to discuss the reward, Lin Zinuo has already told me all about your performance. We all agreed that we will be able to get the Helan number this time. , you have contributed greatly.”

Zhao Han coughed and said very seriously.


Su Mo didn’t care.

Lin Zinuo helplessly shook the head aside, she gestured to Zhao Han with her eyes, don’t need to go around in circles and say the business.

“Let me tell you briefly, because of your great deeds, Zi Nuo applied to me for a reduction of all the money you owe, so I applied to it. Unfortunately, no The application is approved, but 50W of cash has been allocated as your reward.”

Zhao Han said here, took out a cash check of 500,000 yuan from the drawer and handed it directly to Su Mo.

Su Mo didn’t take the check, he lightly said: “I don’t need it, just set it off.”

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Zhao Han and Lin Zinuo both People are suddenly dumbfounded, pay off?

“cough cough, don’t be so anxious to settle the account. You don’t have any money on you. You should spend this money first! As for the account, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Zhao Han’s smile was persuaded with a stiff smile.

You must know that 500,000 is a huge sum of money! In exchange, whoever gets it is not moved, and a fool will use it to offset it.

“It’s fine, I don’t need to spend much.”

“Aiya, how can I not need to spend money, Imperial Capital’s consumption is so high. And you are in your youth now, To make friends, you need money to go out to play.”

“Sister Zhao Han is right.”

Lin Zinuo and Zhao Han kept persuading Su Mo to accept the cash check, The joke made Su Mo pay his bills, when the time comes he can’t fly.

Su Mo brows slightly wrinkle, he has no interest at all, why does he want so much money, he originally came to experience a new life.

Suddenly Su Mo remembered something, so he said, “I don’t want the money, if I could choose a reward, I would like something else.”

“Huh? You? What do you want?”

Lin Zinuo and Zhao Han immediately looked towards Su Mo in confusion.

Su Mo said in a tranquil voice: “I want that second-generation azure mecha.”

If Su Mo remembers correctly, the large-scale equipment developed by the guild is all It must be handed in uniformly and distributed by the guild. It is not directly his own, this is stated in the contract.

Hearing Su Mo’s appeal, Zhao Han was also startled slightly, and she fell into thought.

Su Mo couldn’t help but raise his heart, he tried to ask: “Is there a problem?”

At this time, Zhao Han raised his hand and patted the table directly, facing Su The promise of Mo solemnly vowed.

“What could be the problem? You have brought it up, and if there is a problem, it will be no problem.”

Hearing this, Su Mo secretly sighed in relief, just get mecha .

“But the reward seems to be a little thin just for you mecha. Well, I will make the decision myself, in addition to the mecha, I will give you 100,000 cash compensation.”

Zhao Han said generously.

“The money can be directly deducted from the account.”

Su Mo said that again, he didn’t want it.

Zhao Han was helpless, and she persuaded Su Mo in a kindly manner: “Don’t, a big man, how can he have no money on his body? What does this look like? And you came out to work, why? You also have to give your family some money, so that your family will know that you have money and won’t worry about you! If you are worried about debt, you can rest assured, don’t be in such a hurry, you can do it anytime.”

“No, just pay it back.”

Su Mo still insists on his own ideas.

Zhao Han was helpless, he hurriedly winked at Lin Zinuo.

(end of this chapter)

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