Star Ring Mission Chapter 118


Chapter 118 Treating Guests (Adding Updates for Old Wang Ting Next Door to Alliance Leader) (Twenty-One Updates)

β€œGood It’s almost done.”

Zi Qing said to Han Na lightly.

“Sister Ziqing, what is your salary, let me see.”

Hanna asked excitedly.

“I advise you not to read it, or you will regret it.”

Zi Qing shook the head and was about to put away the envelope.

“I don’t believe it, just let me take a look.”

Hanna was very reluctant to pull, looking like a spoiled child.

Zi Qing had no choice, so she handed the envelope to Han Na. At this time, Zi Die and Zhang Wenjing also came over, and the three of them gathered to watch.

As a result, the three of them exclaimed at the same time.

“8000 yuan!”

“I’m not alive, how can I constantly compare oneself to others will only make one angry, how can I not even have half of yours!”


Han Na burst into tears and fell from heaven to hell.

β€œWhat are you doing?”

Su Mo walked in and asked suspiciously.

“Su Mo, you are back. Today, the 31st, is the day the company settles wages. By the way, we’ll bring back your payroll, which is on the table.”


Ziqing said to Su Mo.

“Me too? But I only work for ten days?”

Su Mo was also very surprised.

“Even if you work for one day, you will still be paid. This is the advantage of joining the Dawning Group. You must know that the Dawning Group is one of the top five domestic industries.”

Hanna hehe said with a smile.


Su Mo replied lightly after listening, he walked over and picked up the envelope, but he didn’t have much reaction.

At this time, Han Na came over and asked with a smile.

“Su Mo, take it apart, let me see how much salary you have?”

She thought to herself that the salary could not match Zi Qing, Zi Die, Zhang Wenjing, the general manager. Can’t even beat Su Mo?

“Hanna is almost done. Salary is personal privacy. In addition, Su Mo has only worked for more than ten days, so she should have no money.”

Zi Qing is right Han Na persuaded that Ziqing was in a very good mood during this time, and thanks to Su Mo and the others, she got a high-level ship.

So Zi Qing looked at Su Mo more and more.

“It’s all my own, and it’s all right, let’s dismantle it!”

Han Na said without giving up.

“I’m also curious, let’s take it apart and see.”

Zi Die also followed, but Zhang Wenjing responded indifferently.

Su Mo saw that they were watching and didn’t care, so he opened the envelope and pulled out a sheet of paper folded in half.

He opened the piece of paper, and a very fair salary form appeared.

Name: Su Mo

Position: Daybreak Guild Tenth Legion Twelfth GroupΒ·Elite Tank Regiment.

Basic salary: 800 (working ten days)

Attendance bonus: none

Special deduction: 400

Five social insurances and one housing fund: 3rd gear, the company is fully responsible for it.

Combat allowance: 1000.

Honorary bonus: 20000

Total: 21400, the company is responsible for the tax.

Seeing the final amount settled, Han Na’s face was dull and she was about to cry.

“Oh my God! Why! I can’t beat Sister Ziqing, how come I can’t even beat Su Mo? It’s really a failure.”

Zodie too Covering her mouth, she exclaimed in amazement, “Su Mo, you are amazing. You have a salary of 21,400, and I only have 3,000.”

Ziqing was also a little surprised, but she quickly relaxed. In this ship incident, Su Mo made a great contribution, and a little consolation bonus is also a very normal thing.

Of course, this consolation bonus is from the group, and the real big one should be the bonus from Legion.

Unfortunately, Ziqing would not have thought that Su Mo had already exchanged the bonus for something else.

The battered Hannah picked up her phone, called up the calculator, and started talking to herself about the bill.

“Return Ziqing 800 yuan, Zidie 300 yuan, Su Mo 500 yuan, Zhang Wenjing 670 yuan, and 200 yuan for food. If you calculate it like this, I still have 30 yuan left! I’ve become a pauper.”

Hanna squatted in the corner with low self-esteem, and she didn’t have the feeling of vigor she had before.

“Is she alright?”

Su Mo was surprised to see Han Na’s strong contrast, and asked worriedly.

“It’s okay, Sister Han Na pays her salary every month. She is like this.”

Zi Die said to Su Mo with a smile.


Su Mo subconsciously nods.

Zhang Wenjing was sitting on the sofa, holding a book in her hand, lightly saying: “It’s good to get used to it.”

Han Na looked at Su Mo pitifully and said: ” I only have thirty dollars left, how can I live next month?”

Su Mo thought for a while and said to Han Na solemnly: “It’s not impossible to live, you can eat three meals a day. Eat at the company. The company’s work meals are free, and it’s pretty good.”

Hanna shook like a rattle and replied her hands with forks.

“No, although the company’s food looks good, it’s actually fast food. It’s okay to eat it occasionally. After a long time, it must be disgusting.”

“Then you You can pay less, and I can pay it back next month.”

Su Mo doesn’t care much, and it’s okay to pay him back later.

Hanna directly rejected extending the hand, she said very principledly: “How can it be done? There is a saying that is good, there is a loan and it is returned, and it is not difficult to borrow again.”


Su Mo has a very weird look, and there’s nothing wrong with what Han Na said. But for some reason, Su Mo just sounds weird.

Suddenly Hanna seemed to think of something, she ran to Su Mo and extended the hand to hold Su Mo.

“Su Mo, it’s the first time you’ve paid your salary, and you’ve paid so much again. Shouldn’t it be time for a dinner?”


Su Mo couldn’t react a bit.

Hanna thought Su Mo was unwilling, so she started to perform the top body show. She wiped the corners of her eyes with her hands, squeezed out a pitiful look, and said resentfully.

“Actually, I’ve been feeling unwell recently. I just saw the doctor. The doctor told me that I was too weak and needed to eat something good.”

“But I I still feel that the company’s food is very good and nutritionally balanced.”

Su Mo replied very rudely.

“Those don’t work. The doctor said I have to eat something that is not polluted.”

Hanna was about to vomit blood.

Zi Qing sighed on the side and said to Han Na: “Don’t make trouble, the joke is almost done, it’s not easy for Su Mo to make some money.”

” How come, it’s been a long time since I went out to eat? Besides, for Su Mo, this is one hair from nine oxen.”

Hanna explained quickly.

At this moment, Su Mo suddenly remembered, didn’t Lin Zinuo want to invite him to dinner? Or just eat it together, it’s really not good, he can treat guests again.

Originally Su Mo didn’t want to go, and if he wanted to go, he wouldn’t go home. Now that Han Na asked him to invite him to dinner, it was not easy to refuse.

We just did it together to save trouble and seem impersonal.

So Su Mo agreed.

“Alright then, let’s have a meal together.”

Ziqing felt bad when she heard Su Mo’s answer.

“Oye! I knew Su Mo you are the best, the most generous, go! Go! I know a super delicious restaurant, not far from the company.”

Han Na was so excited that she dragged Su Mo away.

(end of this chapter)

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