Star Ring Mission Chapter 119


Chapter 119 Courage (Added Updates for Old Wang Ting next door to Alliance Leader) (Twenty-two Updates)

Su Mo Before he could react, he was dragged away by Han Na. He was a little dumbfounded. Did he stab something? He suddenly had a bad feeling.

Zidie hugged the cute bear and looked at Ziqing with an innocent look.

“elder sister, shall we go?”

Zi Qing sighed said: “Go, don’t follow, Han Na will make trouble again later.”

“Oye, have a big meal!”

Zidie cheered happily.

Zhang Wenjing said uninterestedly: “You guys go, I won’t go.”

Ziqing is persuaded: “Let’s go together, anyway, we are here. The next time I can have a ship, everything should be attributed to Su Mo. Besides, it’s still a bedroom, and it’s rare for Su Mo to treat guests, so I can’t give this face away.”

Zhang Wenjing heard this, and also Not insisting, she closed the book in her hand and put it on the table, got up and said lightly.

“Let’s go!”


Soon after, Zi Qing drove Su Mo and the others to the Second Ring Road, a place near the company. Super bustling commercial street.

The buildings here look very high level, and the decoration of a row of stores in the past is extremely classy. Everyone in the crowd who is active here is very well dressed, and they all look good. They are either high-level white-collar workers or Bosses.

“Da da, here it is! This store is doing an event recently, and it’s still in the promotion period!”

Han Na excitedly pointed to a store not far ahead called Ji Xian Residential high level restaurant.

Zi Qing took a look, although she really wanted to complain about Han Na, this kind of dead skinny spirit. However, there is still one thing to compliment her on.

Hanna’s choice of food is still very good.

This store is said to have a good reputation.

The only downside is that this restaurant is a bit more expensive, so you have to be a little more restrained when ordering.

“cough cough, wait a moment, I’ll send a message.”

“Ah, someone else is coming?”

Han Na is also slightly Stunned, she didn’t expect Su Mo to call someone. In fact, don’t think Han Na is a little crazy, she still has a bottom line, and she won’t go to hell.

She originally thought that it would be fine for five people to eat here. After all, Su Mo’s income is so high that he can afford it, but he didn’t expect him to call someone else.

“en. ”

Su Mo picked up the phone and sent the address to Lin Zino.

Soon Su Mo received a reply from Lin Zinuo.

“Wait a minute, we’ll be there in a while.”

Su Mo looked at the information from Lin Zinuo and said to the four Ziqing: “Let’s wait for a while. “


Zi Qing and the others didn’t say anything.

Su Mo and five people were standing outside when a small refrigerated truck drove over and stopped directly at the door of Jixianju not far ahead.

Then a group of young women in uniform blue and white porcelain came out of the store.

They began to carry boxes of tightly sealed ingredients.

It can be seen that the ingredients are very heavy, and every woman has a struggling look on her face.

Of course, it’s not that the ingredients are heavy, but the packaging is too thick.

Just when Su Mo was about to look away, he suddenly saw a familiar silhouette, and his calm eyes showed a very surprised look.

Lan Xi was among them, she took a heavy box of frozen ingredients and laboriously carried them into the restaurant.

“Su Mo? What’s wrong?”

Ziqing was keenly aware of Su Mo’s strange expression and asked.

“No, it’s fine.”

Su Mo’s expression quickly returned to calm.

After a while, I saw Lin Zinuo walking over with dozens of people, talking and laughing.

Ziqing and the others were stunned, what happened?

Su Mo was also stunned. He always thought that Lin Zinuo was going to invite him to dinner alone. Why did so many people come? He watched carefully, wasn’t that Zhou Qian and Qin Wang?

“Hi! Su Mo.”

Zhou Qian and the others waved excitedly when they saw Su Mo.

The two groups soon converged. Although Lin Zinuo was a little surprised that Ziqing and the others were there, she still greeted her warmly.

“Ziqing, you guys are also there, so we just have dinner together.”


Ziqing also responded generously.

On the contrary, Han Na seemed very guilty, and she felt as if she had made a fool of herself.

Lin Zino asked in a good mood: “Su Mo, what is the name of the store you mentioned, and where is it?”


Su Mo points directly to Ji Xian Ju.

Lin Zinuo followed Su Mo’s guidance, and the smile on his face suddenly stiffened. What the hell, such a high-level restaurant?

She swallowed hard!

Although she has never eaten at this restaurant, but based on her experience, it would cost a few hundred yuan per person to enter such a restaurant, right? About ten people eat, barely okay.

There are dozens of them, and there is a limit to the consumption of public funds!

Lin Zinuo originally did well. In the name of team building, she invited Su Mo and the others to dinner, and by the way, she could ask the company for reimbursement.

Now that she saw the store that Su Mo had chosen, she really wanted to give herself a slap, pretending to be too much.

Including Zhou Qian and the others are also dumbfounded, so many people eat such a good place?

Has Sister Zino made a fortune?

Everyone could not help but looked towards Lin Zinuo.

Ziqing saw Lin Zinuo’s expression and immediately reacted. With so many people, this restaurant is really not suitable for eating.

Looking like this, it seemed that Lin Zinuo wanted to treat a guest, so she said to Su Mo politely.

“Su Mo, why don’t we change families, there are so many of us, we don’t necessarily have a position.”

Under normal circumstances, with Su Mo’s character, he doesn’t care about it at all. Where to eat, how to eat.

But now Su Mo really wants to eat here, he wants to make sure that he is right. So he opened his mouth and said, “It doesn’t matter, just here, this store looks quite big, and it should be able to accommodate us.” This guy’s shop is also quite ordinary, I know a better place to eat, or let’s change it.”

“Come here, let’s go in, let’s go in.”

Su Mo replied faintly, he has made up his mind, this meal he please!

Lin Zinuo’s face was also a little bit unbearable. She said whatever she chose, so what she said should count, right? You can’t slap yourself in the face, can you?

“Then here, I also think it’s pretty good.”

“Are you sure?”

Zi Qing looked towards Lin Zinuo in surprise, Although she knew that Lin Zinuo was worth a lot, but eating this meal was enough for her to bleed heavily.

“Look at what you said, why are you not sure? I’ve already said it, you can eat whatever you want.”

Lin Zinuo squeezed out a stiff smile and said happily .

Su Mo couldn’t help but glanced at Lin Zinuo more and said, “I’ll invite you.”

“What are you asking, don’t argue with me today! Whoever competes with me for a guest will not give me face.”

Lin Zinuo aggressively vaccinated everyone in advance, for fear of being robbed of orders.

(end of this chapter)

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