Star Ring Mission Chapter 120


Chapter 120 Celebration (For Alliance Leader Seeing Smoke Like You_Come with Rain) (Twenty-three)

However, Her heart is bleeding.

Zi Qing sighed, since Lin Zinuo said so, she can’t persuade her any more.

“Then let’s go.”

“Very good, Sister Ziqing!”

Zhou Qian and the others cheered excitedly, knowing this Even high-wage people like them usually don’t dare to enter the planting shop.

Don’t even think about any special day.

So a group of them moved towards Jixianju talking and laughing.

A mature female manager with a mole on the corner of her mouth was standing at the door to welcome the guests. Seeing such a large group of guests, her eyes immediately lit up.

“Dear guests, do you want to eat?”

“Nonsense, is there a private room?”

Lin Zinuo said very aggressively.

“Yes, but it may not be able to accommodate so many of you. However, dear guests, if you don’t mind, I can clear the interior area of the restaurant on the first floor, and arrange tables in the whole area. In fact, it is private. Sex is also very good, and no one will disturb you.”

The female manager in front of her responded with all-encompassing splendidness,

“Okay, just do it.”

Lin Zinuo replied.

“Come in, everyone, my name is Ann Li, I’m the manager of this restaurant, it’s definitely the wisest choice for you to choose us here, we have a variety of food here, including your satisfaction. .”

Su Mo and the others entered the restaurant under the warm welcome of Anri.


A uniformed Handsome Men and Beautiful Women in the store bowed in greeting.

Su Mo made a general observation. The decoration in this store is very distinctive, and the overall use is log style.

Few people dare to decorate this style nowadays, because it is extremely expensive! It can also be seen from this that the strength of this restaurant is very strong.

“This way please!”

The female manager took Su Mo and the others to the inner restaurant.

I met young waitresses along the way and bowed to say hello.


Lan Xi was also inside, and she bowed instinctively to say hello. But when he got up, his body suddenly froze, his eyes revealed a hint of panic, and he quickly lowered his head.

She saw Su Mo being in the middle by all the stars cup themselves around the moon.

“The environment here is so nice.”

“Su Mo, you really know how to pick, you must be a regular.”

Zhou Qianand the others talking and laughing with Su Mo.

“It’s okay.”

Su Mo was as cold as ever.

Soon they walked past Lan Xi and the others, moved towards the interior.

Lan Xi looked at the back of Su Mo’s departure, secretly sighed in relief. Fortunately, Su Mo didn’t see it, but for some reason, Lan Xi felt a little uncomfortable.

“Lanxi, why are you in a daze, why don’t you go to the back kitchen to help.”

A man with a very white face, protruding facial features, and a nameplate of the deputy manager hanging on his chest The middle-aged woman shouted to Lan Xi.

“Okay, Sister Xiong.”

Lan Xi responded quickly.

“Be quick in your hands and feet, don’t be lazy, don’t think you’re superior when you look good. Let me tell you, this is Imperial Capital, there’s never been a shortage of beautiful women, we’ll let you work underworld here, I’ve already taken good care of you.”

Sister Xiong reprimanded rudely.

“Yes, yes.”

Lan Xi hurriedly walked to the kitchen.

The orthodox working hours at Imperial Capital are very short, the salary is relatively good, and the treatment is so-so.

But if you want to make more money, you need to work underworld.

The treatment of so-called black workers has been greatly reduced. For example, those who are also waiters and who are formally and forcibly assigned to this job have a monthly salary of at least 500-600, and the working hours are very short, only four hours. about.

However, the working hours of black workers are very long. For the same hours of work, the money they can receive is only about 300, which is almost half less.

And the usual work is also the hardest and most tiring.

The most critical point, assigning service personnel, basically does the easiest work. Usually, as long as you don’t make any big mistakes, the manager will generally not blame it.

After all, their existence is more of an indicator problem.

However, black workers do not have such good luck, and the essence of capital is to maximize the benefits.

They will try to squeeze the value of black workers as much as possible.

But even so, a black worker’s place is extremely precious, and I don’t know how many people are fighting for it.

At this time, Su Mo’s group was all seated.

An Li took the menus and handed them over to Lin Zino and the others, and said with a smile: “Our restaurant has a very complete range of dishes, these are our signature dishes, you can check them out. In addition, our restaurant supports humanized ordering. When you prepare a dish, what flavor do you want to eat, or what are the requirements for the dish, we will pass it on to the chef and satisfy it as much as possible.”

Lin Zino looked at the menu, took a deep breath, the price above looked like It’s actually fine. But the number of unbearable points is too large, and it is terrifying when added up.

Su Mo also glanced at the menu.

The whole menu is divided into two parts. There are hundreds of dishes in the left part. The price of each dish is tens of dollars. The dishes are very rich. Everything you need.

There are relatively few dishes on the right, with only a dozen dishes. But the price of each dish is extremely expensive, at least a few hundred dollars to start, and some even thousands.

But each dish is clearly marked with three words, no pollution!

Su Mo glanced at the menu for a while, then stopped paying attention, all his vision was on the busy waiters.

He soon noticed a problem. The girls standing at the door to welcome guests were not as outstanding as Lan Xi.

Lan Xi seems to be doing the most tiring work, and it looks like she is a black worker.

Just as Su Mo was thinking, Lin Zino shouted.

β€œSu Mo.”

β€œen? What.”

Su Mo lifts the head looked towards Lin Zinuo.

“What do you want to eat?”

Lin Zinuo asked diligently, jokingly, this guy was the main one to invite this time.

“You can do whatever you want.”

“How can you do whatever you want, you’re welcome, you can eat whatever you want.”

“It’s really not necessary, what do you eat? I eat whatever.”

Su Mo replied very modestly.

Lin Zinuo saw that Su Mo was so modest, and instinctively misunderstood, thinking that this guy should look down on himself, right? Afraid she can’t afford it?

Thinking of this, Lin Zinuo’s face can’t be hung up, she has to settle this face.

When do you treat yourself to dinner and lose face?

“don’t say this, this time you have the most credit. As the number one hero, you have to eat well. I’ll give you some, this Snowflake Story (non-polluting) 500 οΏ₯, extremely Fresh mussels (non-polluting) Β₯800, Emperor Snow Crab Soup (non-polluting) Β₯1,000.”


Su Mo looked at the meal ordered by Lin Zino , is also dumbfounded.

Hou was beside An Li, seeing Lin Zinuo’s eyes getting brighter and richer!

Zi Qing saw Lin Zinuo’s hair so fast, she coughed and reminded her.

“Zi Nuo, it’s almost there.”

Lin Zinuo only realized at this time that she seemed to have lost self-control, she quickly adjusted her state, said with a smile .

(end of this chapter)

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