Star Ring Mission Chapter 121


Chapter 121 Tasting (For the Alliance Leader, see smoke like you_Come from the rain plus more) (Twenty-fourth update)

β€œ Let’s start with these first, you can order whatever else you want, and I won’t help you.”

β€œSister Zino, don’t be so polite! We’ll do it ourselves.”

Zhou Qian and the others replied with a smile.

Zi Qing picked up her car key and handed it to a waitress next to her, explaining in a low voice.

“My car is parked in the west parking space. Bring the wine in the trunk.”


That The waitress responded respectfully.

The scene was peaceful.

It was quick to order, one after another hot and delicious dishes were served.

It is worth noting that all non-contaminated dishes have a small reaction test paper next to them, which can be used to measure the contamination level of the food.

Once they are found to be substandard, they will face ten times the compensation and huge fines.

Lin Zinuo opened a bottle of red wine and poured a small glass for everyone. She took the lead in raising the glass.

“It’s rare for everyone to get together today, I propose, let’s have a drink together.”


Zhou Qian and the others were excited Attachment Road.

Su Mo also stood up, and he raised his glass with him.

Everyone touched each other’s glasses and drank it all!

A glass of wine into the stomach, the atmosphere suddenly began to liven up.

However, Lin Zinuo lowered his head and secretly beat and calculated with his mobile phone.

She was calculating how much the public expense could be reimbursed at most, but how much blood she would have to bleed.

After repeated calculations, Lin Zinuo looked at the numbers displayed, and was heartbroken. This month was all in vain, and he had to get in with his bonus.

“Sister Zino, what’s the matter?”

Zhou Qian asked suspiciously when she saw Lin Zino knocking on the phone with her head down there.

“No, it’s just a reply message, don’t look at me, everyone should drink and eat, and have fun at the must tonight!”

Lin Zinuo put away the phone , lifts the head with a swollen face and replied with a fatty smile.

“Zi Nuo is right, it’s rare to be happy, everyone eats as much as they want. But then again, Sister Zinuo, you are really fierce, tearing up those guys in the group, scaring them all away Silence.”

Zhou Qian said excitedly.

“What’s that, I feel happy when I think of those usually arrogant elites who have to lick their faces to please us privately and ask us to borrow a boat!”


Lin Zinuo picked up wine cup and , took a sip, and gradually became excited.

Zhou Qian looked all around in a somewhat guilty manner, and then said to Lin Zino.

“Sister Zino, this is near the company, be careful that the partition has ears.”

“What are you afraid of, I didn’t say anything too much. Besides, we didn’t plan to borrow it. Just kidding, if you borrow it and you can get it back, that’s hell.”

Lin Zinuo said with a look of seeing through their conspiracy. When she mentioned this, she became happier and forgot the pain.

Zi Qing also agreed and said: “It’s really impossible to borrow, that ship can now be said to be the strongest trump card in our twelve groups.”

“That’s right, so I’ve decided!”

Lin Zinuo said this with a very proud smile.

“What to decide?”

Su Mo also looked at Lin Zino curiously.

“I decided to join the Naval War Department. During this operation, I found that I belonged to the ship, and the ship cannot live without me”

Lin Zino directly announced that he shocked everyone big news.


Everyone present, including Su Mo, looked extremely surprised.

Especially Han Na and the others, they all had expressions of disbelief on their faces. Isn’t this taking the position of Sister Ziqing?

But they really can’t say anything, after all, Lin Zinuo’s identity is there, and the boat is also obtained by others.

On the other hand, Ziqing was very calm and didn’t react much.

“Sister Zinuo, isn’t this inappropriate, you are the leader of the elite Marine Corps after all.”

Zhang Wenjing asked directly.

“Aiya, it doesn’t matter, I can hold multiple jobs. Besides, for such a big ship, Ziqing alone is tiring to be the captain, so I can’t drive it every day, two The captain is just right, we can take shifts.”

Lin Zinuo became more and more excited as he spoke, and it seemed that he was determined.

“It’s good to be able to work with Zino.”

Ziqing complied generously. In her eyes, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have Lin Zino join in. , at least in terms of resources will increase a lot.

Although both of them are Vice Group Leaders, Lin Zino’s authority is relatively large.

Zhang Wenjing and the three of them didn’t say anything when they saw Zi Qing.

On the contrary, Zhou Qian and the others were dumbfounded. Lin Zinuo was about to change jobs. They immediately came back to his senses and hurriedly asked for help.

“Sister Zino, take us, don’t abandon us, we want to follow you.”

“Okay, it’s okay.”

Lin Zinuo solemnly vowed assurance.

During this period, Lin Zino kept peeking at Su Mo to see his reaction.

I saw that Su Mo didn’t react at all, as if Lin Zinuojia had nothing to do with him if he joined the Naval War Department.

He didn’t mean to join in the fun at all.

This made Lin Zino very embarrassed. In fact, what she was looking forward to most was that Su Mo also said that she should follow her.

As a result, the wood did not respond.

According to normal, it is long overdue for Su Mo to change the formation to mecha formation. But he was still in the tank formation now, and it was obvious that Lin Zino had been pressing down, so she thought of pulling Su Mo onto the pirate ship.

Without this expert, how could you be mixed up!

At this moment, Enri brought the delicious food in person.

“Dear guest, this is Snowflake Story, please take it slow!”

I saw An Li put a very delicate crystal plate in front of Lin Zino, and inside the crystal plate was placed a thin film. Ruo Chanyi’s beef slices, the surface texture of each piece of beef is like snowflakes intertwined with red and white, which looks very delicate, and there is a stack of very light seasonings next to it.

“Su Mo, come and try this, I tell you, this is delicious.”

Lin Zino greeted Su Mo very attentively.


Su Mo took a piece, dipped it in some sauce, and ate it. It tasted really good.

“How is it?”

Lin Zino asked expectantly.


Su Mo nods lightly.

Lin Zino was very dissatisfied with this response, obviously there was no sense of surprise. At this point the very fresh mussels were also served, dark shells garnished with some parsley, and accompanied by a bottle of white wine.

“Come and try this.”

Lin Zi Nomari opened the white wine and poured Su Mo a glass.

“Don’t bother, I can do it myself.”

Su Mo is very uncomfortable.

“Aiya, it’s all polite to my own people.”

Lin Zino blinked at Su Mo.

Su Mo suddenly felt worse, what does Lin Zino want to do? Is this too much enthusiasm?

But Lin Zino didn’t care about that much, she was very considerate to pick out the meat from the mussels for Su Mo and said to Su Mo.

“Try it.”

Su Mo tensed up, took a bite, it felt tender and juicy, okay!

(end of this chapter)

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