Star Ring Mission Chapter 122


Chapter 122 Tracking (For Alliance Leader Seeing Smoke Like You_Added by Rain) (Twenty-fifth Update)

This When Lin Zinuo handed over the white wine, Su Mo took a sip. The aroma of the wine was strong, and the two blended in the mouth, which was really delicious.

After eating, Su Mo took a piece of parsley and ate it, a refreshing feeling shot straight to the forehead, eating the whole thing is really unforgettable.

β€œNot bad.”

Su Mo gives a very good review!

“It’s good to eat more.”

Lin Zinuo smiled even more happily.

Zhou Qian also started booing at this time, she suggested.

“In the Star Ring, Su Mo rescued us several times, sisters, should we give him a toast!”

“Yes, Su Mo, let me toast you .”

Sun Hong also stood up.

“We want too.”

a girl raised her glass of wine excitedly and stood up.

Su Mo raised his glass in confusion and was a little overwhelmed.

Hanna looked stupid on the side, Su Mo is so popular?

Lanxi, who was cleaning the dinner plate in the distance, glanced here from time to time. She saw that Su Mo was being praised by everyone, and she lowered her head even more ashamed.

It’s true that she’s not from the world. She can probably tell in the game that Su Mo’s family must be very good. In addition, aside from this, experts are the most popular wherever they go, and they are just a waste that has been eliminated.

In the middle of the night, Su Mo and the others left Jixianju together after eating and drinking.

Zhou Qian and Lin Zinuo were flushed, one hooked Su Mo’s shoulder and sang loudly as they walked.


Su Mo himself felt a little dizzy, mainly because too many girls were toasting.

And they all do it first.

Even if Su Mo’s physique is good, it’s still a bit overwhelming.

“Su Mo, am I being nice to you?”

Lin Zino asked Su Mo with a flushed face with the strength of the wine.

“Uh, good.”

Su Mo replied awkwardly.

“Then I’m interested enough for you.”

“I’m interested enough.”

“Then are we companions?”


“Should the companions fight side by side.”

Lin Zinuo looked at Su Mo with anticipation.


Su Mo didn’t think much about replied.

“Haha, that’s interesting! Just have your words!”

Laughed heartily happily.

“And me, I’m also a companion!”

Zhou Qian raised her hand dizzy and echoed loudly. Pedestrians passing by along the way couldn’t help but take a few more glances here.

At this time, Su Mo and the others came to the fork of the road.

Zi Qing said to some sisters who didn’t drink too much: “You send Sister Zinuo and the others back.”


Sun Hongand the others responded quickly.

Afterwards, Sun Hong and the others quickly dragged Lin Zinuo and Zhou Qian who had been drinking too much.

“Sister Zino, Sister Qian, we should go.”

“We don’t want to go, we are still having a drink with Su Mo.”

“It’s over, let’s go”

In the middle of half-pushing, Sun Hong and the others pulled Zi Nuo and Zhou Qian away.

Su Mo They waved goodbye to him.

Soon only Su Mo and Ziqing were left, Ziqing picked up the phone and said, “We’ve all been drinking, I’ll call a chauffeur.”

” However, in this case, we won’t be able to sit down.”

As usual, Han Na, who would drink a lot, didn’t drink much this time, she said soberly.

“You guys go back first, I still have something to do, I’ll go back later.”

Before Zi Qing could speak, Su Mo said directly.

“It’s so late, you still have something to do, shouldn’t you want to go romantically?”

Han Na slightly startled, and immediately reacted, showing a meaningful expression. The area on the Second Ring Road is full of feasting and feasting, and is extremely prosperous.

Don’t look at it late at night, the real nightlife has just begun. Only you can’t think of it here, there is no entertainment.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Zi Qing said to Han Na with a headache.

“Okay, okay, I won’t talk about it, this is his private life.”

Hannah covered her mouth lightly said with a smile.

Su Mo at first was also at a loss, but after realizing it, his face twitched.

“I’ll go first.”

“Well, then you should pay attention to safety and call if you have anything.”

Ziqing didn’t ask too much. , everyone has their own privacy.

“Okay, bye.”

After seeing everyone off, Su Mo appeared at a corner near Jixianju, and he quietly looked at the restaurant.

After an hour, the restaurant’s guests gradually ran out.

After a brief meeting with Manager Enri, the restaurant closed after get off work.

a The waiter came out.

Among them was Lan Xi. I saw that Lan Xi had already dragged off her work clothes and changed into ordinary clothes. She moved towards the nearby subway station.

Su Mo quietly followed along.

The subway station in the middle of the night is as lively as ever, and the people who come and go are working night shifts.

In this extremely densely populated city, everyone is like a grain of rice, thrown into the sea of people, without any sense of existence.

Su Mo was in the crowd, followed by Lan Xi.

Lan Xi got on the No. 7 orbital line. She found a seat to the side and sat down, picked up the phone to set the alarm clock, then leaned on the armrest and closed her eyes to rest for a while. too tired.

Su Mo went to the corner and sat down.

Soon the train starts.

This subway goes to the western suburbs of Kyoto.

An interesting scene is that when the car started, there was no who was in the car, but more and more people got on the car later.

By the end, the car was full.

Although the people who got on the bus were all young and beautiful women, but from their clothes, it could be seen that there was no brand.

In other words, this car rides are basically people who struggle at the bottom.

An hour later, the train arrived at the terminal.

The alarm clock set by Lan Xi’s cell phone also vibrated, she woke up immediately and left with the crowd.

Su Mo also silently followed along.

A moment later, Su Mo followed Lan Xi to the low-cost public rental housing area in the western suburbs.

At first glance, all buildings here are pigeon cages.

And the buildings are very dense!

People who live here basically don’t need to consider the environment. The only advantage is that the rent here is cheap enough.

Lan Xi walked around and walked into an old building.

She took out the key and opened the door on the east side of the first floor, then walked in and closed the door.

Su Mo walked to the window and looked through the window. It was very dark inside, but with the help of the moonlight, he could see a little more or less.

The house is small and narrow, with moldy walls and little furniture.

The living conditions are worse than his old town.

At this time, you can probably see that Lan Xi is busy cleaning up, and at the same time, weak coughing sounds are intermittently heard in the room.

It should be someone else’s voice.

It seems that Lan Xi really didn’t lie. The reason why she worked so hard and asked for so much money should be very short.

Su Mo hesitated for a while, he took out the salary envelope from his pocket, took out a salary card inside, moved towards the nearby bank.

(end of this chapter)

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