Star Ring Mission Chapter 124


Chapter 124 Tinder (For the Alliance Leader, see the smoke like you_I will add more due to the rain) (Twenty-seventh update)

In addition On the other hand, Zi Qing came to Zhao Han’s office and saw that Lin Zinuo was also there.

Lin Zinuo showed a bright smile. In front of Ziqing, she seriously wanted Zhao Han to make a request.

“Sister Zhao Han, I solemnly ask her to join the naval team, and I also want to be the captain of the ship.”

It looks like she is addicted.

“Sister Zinuo wants to be the captain, I have no opinion. But I think that after all, sister Zinuo was in command of the Marine Corps before, and she is not very familiar with ships, so she needs system training and estimates in the early stage. I’m going to feel wronged for acting as a backup captain.”

Zi Qing expressed her thoughts very pragmatically.

“Hey, what a big thing, you see, I drove very well before. I think I can do it. Besides, the two captains are fine for such a big ship.”

Lin Zino quickly defended.

“Okay, enough, no need to fight, you two are both deputy captains!”

Zhao Han stood up and announced with his white teeth.

“Ah? We are the deputy captains? Who is the captain?”

Both Lin Zinuo and Ziqing were stunned, what’s the situation?

“Of course, I am personally responsible for that. From now on, I will serve as both the captain of the Helan and the commander-in-chief of the Naval War Department.”

Zhao Han threw it directly. Breaking news.

“Ah!!! Sister Zhao Han, are you kidding me? Don’t you have to command the entire twelve groups?”

Lin Zinuo stammered.

When Zi Qing was shocked, she also noticed something was wrong, but she couldn’t figure out why Zhao Han did this for a while.

Zhao Han showed a sly smile. It was obvious that she didn’t do it all at once, but after careful consideration.

Then she said solemnly: “I asked you two, are our twelve Legion teams divided according to strength? We are Ranked 12th, to put it badly, we are the entire Legion battle strength. The weakest existence.”

“That’s right.”

Although Lin Zinuo was very unwilling, he still replied nodded.

“That’s why we became the logistics team. To put it differently, what kind of work are we doing now? Isn’t it just housekeeping? Occasionally there are opportunities for assignments, but what assignments are they assigned? Don’t you know? Go to base A to receive some weapons today, go to base B to get some supplies tomorrow, and go to base C to send some supplies the day after tomorrow.”

The more Zhao Han spoke, the more serious his tone became.

Both Lin Zinuo and Ziqing fell into silence, not knowing what to say. In fact, Lin Zinuo suddenly wanted to be the captain of the ship, in fact, he wanted to change his way.

“So since this is the case, we can completely change our thinking. Not only do I want to be the captain, I also want to transfer all the resources of the entire team to the naval battle formation, and transfer all the manpower that can be converted. .Since Legion is divided according to strength, our naval battle group is now completely superior, not necessarily worse than the naval battle formation of the first group. Even if the management is good, we may be able to surpass them, when the time comes, we are not just The naval battle formation is the first group, who would dare to say that we are the logistics group?”

Zhao Han explained clearly.

“But Sister Zhao Han, what if we do this? Will Sister Xue agree? And what if we are in charge of logistics?”

Ziqing asked her most worried.

“It’s very simple, we just need to do our duty well, that is to say we should escort the materials, and we should watch the house. We just weaken the investment in the land warfare establishment, and put a large number of personnel and financial resources. , just switch to the naval battle formation. You two are my right-hand man, what do you think?”

“Don’t worry, if there is any problem, just say it, it is related to the future of our twelve groups. You should I don’t want to be involved in the development of Star Ring, do I have to be the logistics? I’m going to say it badly, if we don’t make any changes, one day, when the game progresses into Interstellar Era, our great probability will become Transport battallion or interstellar miner battallion.”

Zhao Han is completely serious this time, in fact, at first their group is not that bad. It’s just that I haven’t been able to recruit experts. People with some strength in the group have also been poached by other groups.

In addition, she is a soft-hearted person and has taken in many life players, and this is the result.

Zhao Han has always been very unwilling. She also has her own ambitions and dreams, and she has been looking for opportunities. Now that the opportunity comes, she is willing to give up!

“I support you!”

Lin Zinuo said excitedly.

“I also support it.”

Zi Qing didn’t hesitate.

“Okay, then we three sisters will work together!”

Zhao Han took the lead in extending the hand.

Zi Qing and Lin Zinuo put their hands up one after another.


Star Ring, in a city occupied by zombies, there are zombies wandering unconsciously everywhere.

At this time in the sky a camouflaged helicopter flew in, followed by a paratrooper jumping down.

When these paratroopers descended to a low altitude, they pulled out their rifles with silencers and fired at the zombies below.

The dull sound of shooting continued.

peng peng ~

Zombies got headshots.

In the blink of an eye, the entire area was emptied.

At this time, the paratroopers also landed. They quickly abandoned their parachutes and moved towards an abandoned reinforced concrete unfinished building.

The head is a blond, blue-eyed woman with a fit body.

They gathered under the unfinished building.

At this time, there was a gnawed and unrecognizable corpse lying on the ground, with only bones and debris all over its body.

The woman took out a special glass bottle from her backpack, a bright red flame was burning inside the glass bottle, and the inside was like a metal ball with red liquid flowing and resembling a heart.

After she opened the bottle, she tilted it slightly, and the fire fell directly into the body.

The instantly broken bones floated up, and the fire burned violently.

The battered corpse regenerates at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In just a few seconds, York was revived again, he took a deep breath and roared ventingly.

“I’m finally back online!”

“Okay, this time the lesson is profound enough, don’t mess around next time.”

The woman reminded indifferently.

“You don’t have to teach me, I know what I’m doing!”

York coldly snorted.

“Instructor, all around zombies are coming, we should withdraw!”

The elite team members next to them reminded respectfully.

“hmph, a bunch of offal! Let’s go!”

In the camp in the Northern Part of City district of Dawn, Su Mo was in a separate hangar at this time, watching Qin Qin. Hope to fix mecha.

While repairing, Qin Wang said a little embarrassedly: “Su Mo, do you have nothing to do? Actually, you don’t need to watch it all the time.”

“It’s okay, you repair yours. “

Su Mo replied lightly.

Qin Wang wiped the fine sweat from his forehead and was under a lot of pressure as Su Mo watched him work.

(end of this chapter)

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