Star Ring Mission Chapter 126


Chapter 126 Mission (Seeing Smoke Like You for the Alliance Leader_Come with the rain) (Twenty-ninth update)

Su Mo felt good with a few swings, and he was about to buy a spare, so he asked.

“How to sell it?”

The man who sold this alloy titanium knife was a man with a moustache, rubbing his hands and laughing: “This local tyrant I really have a good eye, this weapon of mine is out of print, but it is very cheap for 1W because of our fate.”


Su Mo solemnly replied .

“Brother, no one haggles like this. This is standard soldier equipment, and it’s still the highest.”

“Who doesn’t have a gun and doesn’t use this? If so It’s a good deal, it’s already been sold.”

Su Mo directly pushed back in one sentence.


β€œUh, brother is right, but your price is too ridiculous. I’ll give you a 20% discount at most.”

“Too expensive.”

Su Mo replied , if it was changed to the previous one, he would definitely buy it without a second thought. The problem is that he really has no money, and he is full of money, just over 2,000 yuan.

“7000, this is my limit, I really can’t be less.”

This mustache man looked extremely painful.



Just as Su Mo and the two were haggling, and the killing was dark, there was a rush in the distance. gasping sound.

“Su Mo!”

Su Mo stopped, turned his head and looked over, only to see Lin Zino running over gasping for breath.

“Lin Zinuo? What’s the matter with you?”

“Nonsense, I’m not looking for you for something. That Qin Wang is also really, he’s not looking for something, why did he let you go to the city? .”

Lin Zinuo wanted to give Qin Wang a shot.

“Wait, I’ll buy something first.”

Su Mo turned his head to continue bargaining.

However, a very dramatic scene appeared. After seeing Lin Zino, the man with the mustache was extremely guilty, and surreptitiously rolled up the stall on the ground, looking like he was about to leave.

“Zhang Ziniu, are you planning to cheat our people again?”

Lin Zinuo looked over and said angrily.

“Ha, isn’t this Mrs. Zinuo? Didn’t you wrong me? Even if you gave me ten courage, I wouldn’t dare to pit you!”

“Ghost Believe you, Su Mo, what do you want to buy.”

“That alloy titanium knife.”

Su Mo said in a tranquil voice.

β€œHow much.”

Lin Zinuo looked at it with the eyes of harboring malicious intentions.

“500 yuan.”

Zhang Ziniu immediately stretched out a slap.

“It’s expensive.”

Lin Zino didn’t even want to replied directly.

Zhang Ziniu suddenly felt his heart to cry, he said with a crying face: “Sister Zinuo, it really can’t be cheaper, this is really a good thing, when I received it, Even cheating and intimidation cost 450 yuan.”

The corners of Su Mo’s mouth kept twitching, and his feelings were cut off by himself, which was all a loss.

“Okay, we want this weapon, keep the card number. And the person who hacks me next time, don’t think about messing around here in the future.”

Lin Zinuo Throw that alloy titanium knife directly to Su Mo.

“Okay! Then I’ll go first.”

Zhang Ziniu hurriedly left a note of card number, ran faster than a rabbit, and ran away.

Lin Zinuo said to Su Mo: “Try not to buy things here, the people here are very dark.”

“Well, what are you looking for from me?”


Su Mo looked at Lin Zinuo very suspiciously.

Speaking of this, Lin Zinuo looked slightly embarrassed. She coughed and said in deadly earnest: “There is a very important task for you to do.”

“What? Mission?”

Su Mo is even more surprised, there is a separate mission, and it is so serious, is it possible that what is a very important mission?

“Run errands, come with me first.”

Lin Zinuo said.

Su Mo was speechless for a while after listening, but he didn’t complain.

Soon after, Lin Zino took Su Mo back to the camp and came to the hangar.

Su Mo’s mecha sat there quietly, and all the maintenance tools were removed, and Qin Wang didn’t know where it went.

In addition, there is a 2M*2M, sealed and strong metal box in front of the mecha.


“You need to escort this box to the Watch Base in the Northwest Region, a very important military base under our Legion. Originally This task is for someone else, but I thought that your mecha internal ammunition is almost the same? There is not much fuel left, and there is no matching supply here. It happened that the base had it, so I thought about it. Let me escort you over there and supply supplies there by the way.”

Lin Zinuo told Su Mo about the matter.

Su Mo nodded slightly after listening to the survey, and replied at ease: “Okay.”

“This is the route map to the Overwatch Base that has been surveyed and cleaned up. Yes. Basically, the probability of encountering danger is not high, and you have to be careful, this box is very important, don’t lose it.”

Lin Zinuo took out a simple map from his pocket and handed it to Su Mo.

“I remember we went to pick up supplies last time, so you said the same.”

“.It was an accident, it shouldn’t be so unlucky this time.”

Lin Zinuo couldn’t hang on his face.

Su Mo didn’t care too much, he climbed straight up the mecha, opened the cab and got in.

Soon blue mecha’s eyes lit up, and the whole mecha moved.

Su Mo controls the mecha to move a little bit, he browses slightly wrinkle, the mecha is still not fully repaired. Especially when the left arm moves, there is still some discomfort.

But it’s okay, there is no big problem in short-term normal use.

Su Mo picked up the metal box to be shipped.

“I’m leaving.”

“Be careful along the way.”

Lin Zino waved goodbye to Su Mo.

Su Mo drove mecha away without any hesitation. He is going to the watch base this time, and it is not too far, only a few hundred kilometers. At the speed of mecha, it is estimated that he will be able to arrive at dawn.

The only trouble is that it’s getting dark, and the risk factor of moving at night will be slightly higher.

Of course, Su Mo was not worried. He was driving the II-generation mecha by himself. Even if he hit a large number of monsters, he was confident to break through.

Not to mention that this route is relatively safe.

A few hours later, on the dark mountain road, Su Mo drove the mecha methodically.

Since coming out, Su Mo has found that he is also willing to talk, and he is no longer as autistic as before. Communication has also improved a lot, at least it won’t be troublesome to talk, maybe it’s affected by the general environment.

He glanced at the simple map from time to time, and he was almost halfway there.

It is estimated that we will be able to arrive at the Watch Military Base in the second half of the night.

This journey has been very smooth, and I have not encountered any monsters. Of course, Su Mo was also curious, what was in that metal box he was carrying? It feels like it’s important.

Just when Su Mo was thinking, suddenly his eyes shrank, the corner of his eyes squinted to the distant mountain forest.

There seems to be fluctuations there, and some birds can be seen from a distance, moving in the same direction as themselves. It looked like he was tracking himself, and his radar had no warning.

(end of this chapter)

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