Star Ring Mission Chapter 127


Chapter 127 Attack (Updated for book friend Cai Xiaoqia) (Thirty update)

Su Mo’s heart sank and could not help but speed up . Sure enough, this transportation mission is not that simple. Judging from the law of movement and the situation, it may be a monster. Of course, there is a possibility that someone with ulterior motives might have been staring at it, aiming at the things in his hands.

Sure enough, the more Su Mo accelerated, the other party also accelerated towards him, and the trees in the distance collapsed.

As the distance between the two got closer and closer, finally Su Mo’s radar system gave an early warning, and a big red dot appeared.

Su Mo’s eyes slightly shrank, and while operating the mecha to rush forward, he entered commands to charge the small beam cannon on his shoulders.

Not long after, a silhouette of a huge monster rushed out from the nearby mountains and rushed towards Su Mo very fast. At this time, you can clearly see the incoming enemy, it is a crawling type, the body is full of pimples, penetrated with black mucus, and is covered with sharp claw and fangs. This monster is very violent, and at the same time, the body is highly poisonous.

At this moment, Su Mo controlled mecha with a sudden brake to twist his body and lowered the beam cannon on his shoulders.

A blast.

Instantly hit the corpse-devouring beast.


With a huge explosion, the corpse-devouring beast flew out and hit the mountain next to it.

Su Mo ignored it and controlled mecha to turn around and move forward at high speed. This kind of monster is not easy to kill, plus he has a task at hand, and it is very easy to entangle and fight with it.


The Corpse Devourer got up, looked at the fleeing prey, and roared angrily.

In the middle of the night, Su Mo drives mecha on a rugged mountain road, the mountains on both sides are getting steeper.

Just when Su Mo was bored and sleepy, on the cliff in front of the right, a still and unactivated mecha was half-squatting, its huge body was covered with camouflage cloth.

Just as Su Mo passed by, the rumbling sound of the engine suddenly sounded, and a huge silver silhouette tore off the camouflage and jumped down from the cliff.

A silver mecha with a height of twelve meters hit from the air, and the silver blade slashed sharply.

Su Mo was startled suddenly, without sleepiness, his heart shrank suddenly, and he reacted to the limit. Holding the metal box tightly in his left hand, he quickly drew out the alloy blade in his right hand, blocking the sudden attack just as he was about to be hit.

Sparks are flying!

Immediately, the two machines slid back respectively, pulling a distance.

Only then did Su Mo clearly see the mecha of sneak attack. This is a silver mecha, its surface armor is bright and shiny, with a 30MM short-range gun on the shoulder, and a gun in the left hand. A high-strength alloy blade, the right hand holds a silver metal shield, and a short-range rifle is hung on the waist.

It can be seen that this is not an ordinary first-generation mecha, at least it is also a second-generation mecha. Judging from the level of armament on the opponent, it may not only be as good as the mecha in his hand, but even higher.

He took a long and deep breath, and his expression became more and more chill.

It’s a big problem, his mecha has basically run out of ammo. The opponent is obviously in a fully equipped state. If the opponent relies on the advantage of the weapon, he will shoot at himself.

Then I am absolutely at a loss.

Before Su Mo could think of a solution, the silver mecha was also talking nonsense, suddenly burst into flames, and rushed straight to Su Mo. Its right hand silver sharp blade was extremely fast, and moved towards it.

Su Mo can only brace oneself fight! He raised the alloy blade in his hand to block frontally!


The two weapons collided together, an evenly matched appearance.

But the next second, the silver mecha directly swept the giant shield with its right hand.

Su Mo is quick-witted, controls mecha to lean back, and dodges dangerously.

His heart sank to the bottom, and a top expert came. Can’t fight like this, so Su Mo decisively threw the metal box aside, ready to fight with spare no effort.

Silver mecha’s eyes suddenly lit up, the performance of the whole silver mecha was activated, and the silver blade in his hand was like an afterimage, moving towards the blue mecha’s head at high speed.

Su Mo’s nerves were tense, he quickly calculated the opponent’s attack trajectory, quickly entered various commands, and controlled the blue mecha to quickly raise the alloy blade in his hand, blocking it dangerously and dangerously!

In the driver of silver mecha, Qianchengxue was a little surprised to see that the attack was blocked.

She knew how fast the attack just now was, and she was actually blocked.

So Qianchengxue increased her hand speed, and the speed of the whole mecha broke out further, and the huge mecha was in her hands, like a part of her body.

The sharp alloy blade in her hand is like an afterimage, one knife after another, slashing at Su Mo’s vital point with great precision, and its attack angle is extremely tricky.

And each attack lays the groundwork for the next attack, which causes its attacks to be fiercer than one.

However, Su Mo’s brain cells were active at a high speed. With a terrifying speed of thinking, he constantly calculated the opponent’s attack and predicted the blocking method.

Control mecha in advance to respond.


On the mountain road, two mechas collided at high speed, sparks flying! The battle intensified.

It can be seen that the silver mecha is suppressing the light blue mecha, and its attack is like howling wind and torrential rain covering the opponent.

However, although the shallow blue mecha is at a disadvantage, it stands firm like a tumbler, and can always block the opponent’s attack at the most critical moment.

In the cab, Su Mo clenched his teeth and held on, he didn’t dare to make a mistake, and his eyes were fixed on each other.

With a very terrifying memory, he forcibly recorded all the attacking methods of the opponent. And continue to analyze, the results are amazed that each other’s attacks are one set after another, each attack has its own unique meaning.

In fact, it wasn’t just Su Mo who was surprised, Qianchengxue was also very surprised at the moment.

According to normal, the opponent should not be able to take his own quick attack, but the opponent can always block his own attack at the most critical moment.

And Qianchengxue found a very contradictory problem from this mecha’s battle method disordered and in a mess. It’s like swinging a knife, and his block and attack are too large, which is a common mistake and battle method for beginners.

Qianchengxue’s mind involuntarily came up with a single thought, Su Mo is not really a novice, right? Just driving mecha not very long?

Just relying on super reactive nerves and conscious anticipation to fight?

Of course she also thought the idea was absurd, but apart from this explanation, there seemed to be nothing to say.

If that’s the case, what an amazing innate talent this guy has.

It is important to know that she received the most professional training through childhood. There are also mecha models and top simulators in the training ground at the same time home, as well as professional mecha tutors (previous time Star Ring participants) ) for system training. And it took many years of practice for her to achieve such an achievement.

(end of this chapter)

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