Star Ring Mission Chapter 128


Chapter 128 Invitation (for book friend Cai Xiaoqia) (31)

Thinking of Qianchengxue here With a cold look in her eyes, she controlled mecha to squat down slightly, pushed the power lever with all her strength, and quickly entered a series of commands.

In an instant, silver mecha quickly pulled back the silver blade after the attack was blocked, folded his hand from bottom to top, and swept towards Su Mo sharply, with a gesture of wanting to divide it into two.

Su Mo instinctively senses extreme danger, and quickly calculates how to deal with it.

He found that no matter how hard he blocked, it was too late, and he would definitely get hit.

Is that so lost?

Suddenly Su Mo divine light flashed, controlled mecha to retreat quickly, dodging the attack. Then boldly did the opposite, charged forward, pushed the lever fully, controlled mecha to jump up, and the alloy blade in raised high’s hand slashed like a hot knife through butter!

The other party was also shocked, didn’t expect his own attack to fail.


Su Mo slashed fiercely.

If this blade is hit, the opponent will either die or be disabled.

But just when Su Mo was about to succeed.

The power of the silver mecha in front of her suddenly surged further, like overclocking, and at the same time, the silver blade in her hand vibrated at a high speed.

Squatting slightly, leaning forward with his right foot, the sharp blade in his hand is like an afterimage, slashing out horizontally.


The two sharp blades collided.

In an instant, Su Mo’s hand alloy blade dropped, flew out, and slammed into the ground beside him.

The entire mecha tilted back and fell heavily to the ground.

Su Mo is also covered in the driver, what’s the situation? Even if the opponent withdraws his hand to counterattack in time, he should be able to gain the upper hand!

The result turned out to be that you lost?

The silver mecha at this time raised the silver blade in his hand and pointed at Su Mo.

Su Mo showed a hint of bitterness, and it turned out that he lost.

Of course he didn’t know, Qianchengxue was even more unable to calm down at this time. If mecha manipulation is likened to a game, it would be equivalent to her, a top professional king player, who had a hard fight with a bronze player who had only played a few games, and could only win by famous skills in the end.

But this result made her even more satisfied. At least it proved that he was not a spy sent by other guilds.

After all, mecha training is impossible to reach without identity and background.

The only thing you can get in touch with is the leaked civilian version, and it’s just to let you experience the addiction and get familiar with the basic operation.

Just when Su Mo accepted the defeat calmly, silver mecha took back the sharp blade in his hand, and then extended the hand to Su Mo’s friendly.

Su Mo slightly startled, subconsciously controlled the mecha to extend the hand, only to see the silver mecha pull Su Mo’s mecha up.

Then silver mecha sounded a cold voice.

“Welcome to the Pioneer Corps, I’m Qianchengxue, the tenth Legion Corps Head.”

Su Mo’s brows could not help but wrinkle, with a strange look on his face, Qianchengxue? Isn’t that Zhao Han’s immediate boss?

Qiancheng Xue saw that Su Mo was silent for a while and didn’t care, she directly sent an invitation: “Your strength is very good, the previous battle was just a test. Now I officially invite you to enter the first echelon of the wasteland reclamation group, The 1st Fighting Elite Group.”

Su Mo was even more surprised, but in the end he still refused.

“Thanks, but I don’t have that plan for the time being. I think it’s good to stay in the Twelve Group.”

“It’s up to you, if you figure it out, change your mind. Now, the door of the First Battle Elite Group is open to you at any time.”

After Qianchengxue finished speaking, she drove away at high speed with mecha, she did not intend to force Su Mo, nor did she intend to open the door. With all kinds of temptation conditions, the partner who fights in her eyes must be willing.

Su Mo stopped in place for a while, picked up the metal box that was thrown away, and drove the mecha to continue moving towards the watch base.

But at this time, Su Mo’s mind kept reminiscing about the previous battle, and every attack that Qianchengxue controlled mecha perfectly reappeared in his mind, and kept slowing down.

Su Mo quickly noticed a problem.

After the entire battle, Qianchengxue’s attacks were very smooth, without any violations and pauses, high-intensity continuous attacks, and without any stiff pauses.

And her attack range is not very large each time, leaving a lot of room for herself to turn around.

It can be said that in terms of combat skills, the opponent completely crushed himself.

However, these gaps are okay. What surprised Su Mo the most was the final blow, which was clearly about to succeed.

But they did lose in the end. How did the opponent burst out with such speed and strength in an instant.

No, it’s not just a matter of strength, but also the opponent’s attack. Even if her outburst strength surpasses that of Azure Mecha, it is unlikely that she will knock the weapon out of his hand normally, so there must be something wrong with it.

The failure of the battle did not frustrate Su Mo, but aroused his strong interest.

For him, there is nothing more interesting than defeating someone better than himself.

As the dawn sun shone down on the land, Su Mo drove the mecha down the trail into the rugged forest.

He turned east and west through this forest and entered a basin, and the sight in front of him was very shocking.

At a glance, giant factories full of modern technology, neat and tidy are located in the valley.


At this time, a group of patrolling squads immediately noticed Su Mo and surrounded them.

Su Mo opened the cockpit, revealed his appearance and said, “I’m elite member Su Mo of the Twelfth group, number 54288, and I’m on a special transportation mission.”

Leading Captain After listening, immediately take out a special instrument and enter the number.

The avatar and identity information of Su Mo popped up in the instrument immediately, and the task status was displayed. After verifying everything, Captain took the lead and saluted Su Mo.

“I’m Taishi Patrol Captain stationed at the watch base, thank you for your cooperation.”

“Taishi Captain, may I ask where I am going to hand in the mission, the mission didn’t tell me Find someone.”

“Please come with me.”


Su Mo merged back into the cockpit and followed Taishi to the walk in.

Soon they bypassed a small road and walked into the main road made of concrete. The main road was very wide, more than 50 meters wide, and on both sides were rows of factories and production facilities with different functions. base.

For example, the area on the left is covered with a transparent fiber film, and there are giant shelves placed inside. Each shelf is placed with the prepared nutrient solution, and vegetables are being grown aseptically.

On the right is a complex purification plant. They directly penetrate the pipeline deep into the ground, pump out the slightly polluted groundwater, purify it, and then package it into bottles of pure water.

“These factories are all producing basic materials?”

Su Mo asked in surprise.

“Yes, don’t underestimate these most basic materials, these are very important. Although basic materials can be found in any occupied city now, with the increase in the number of players entering, and a large number of Consumption. The materials in the occupied areas will be used up sooner or later, did you not notice that the prices of basic materials are rising?”

(end of this chapter)

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