Star Ring Mission Chapter 129


Chapter 129 Stingy (add update for book friend Jialuo Nifengge) (32 update)

“Well, that makes sense.”

Su Mo slightly nodded.

“But these are nothing. The factories inside are the most powerful. Let me give you a formal introduction. This is the Watch Base, and all the most important core factories of our tenth Legion are here. , the factory on the left in front is the tank production base, the heavy artillery production area on the right, and the special smelting factory in the front,” said Tai Shi proudly.

Su Mo looked all around curiously while listening to Taishi’s introduction.

At this time, he saw a transport truck, transporting full of ore, into those smelting factories.

“Where did those ores come from?”

“The mining area is dug, cross the basin, and go forward is the largest mining area in our Legion, with tens of thousands of players in it. What?”

Taishi introduced to Su Mo.

“It’s amazing.”

Su Mo sincerely praised that many people are powerful, and this sentence is indeed true.

“It’s okay, but the construction here is so good, mostly thanks to you combat players. Without you capturing bases one by one, getting production lines one by one, and various technical blueprints, we would not have The way to build such a high-level production base in such a short period of time.”

Soon after, Tai Shi led Su Mo to the most central area of the basin.

There is a huge factory covering an area of hundreds of thousands of square meters not far in front, and ten green shield mecha guard the gate of the factory.

“This is?”

“Hehe, be shocked, this is our Legion mecha production and maintenance factory, and we now have the most high-level technology production line. Your task will be handed in. When you get here, you can go in and find a supervisor named Haiyi.”

“Well, thank you.”

At this time, the watch baseΒ·mecha production area.

A girl with glasses, an unusually plump chest, and her clothes were about to burst, sitting on a rattan chair, resting her chin with her left hand.

right hand is boring and turning the wrench.

Watching the broken green shield mecha come in.

He sighed helplessly.

“Why are all these garbage mechas sent for maintenance, so there is no high-level point?”

“Haiyi, now the main battle is this type of mecha, why? What kind of awesome mecha. Except for the Corps Head, you can’t expect the Corps Head to be defeated or injured.”

A thin male subordinate next to him said without tears. .

“Yawn, it’s boring.”

Hai Yi let out a sigh and complained in every possible way.

“My ancestors, you should say less of these words, and then you will be heard and chew your tongue again.”

“I said Zhang Mu, why are you so timid? .”

“I’m not young, I’m more concerned than less.”

At this moment, there was a sound of heavy footsteps, and then a huge shadow enveloped Hai Yi And Zhang Mu, a calm voice sounded at the same time.

“Are you Haiyi’s supervisor?”

Haiyi and Zhang Mu lifted the head at the same time, looking towards the mecha that appeared in front of them.

In an instant, Haiyi’s eyes lit up, she jumped up from the rattan chair, touched Su Mo mecha left and right, and shouted excitedly.

“Second-generation machine!”

Su Mo also looked at Hai Yi with a look of surprise, this guy’s reaction must have been exaggerated.

Zhang Mu hurriedly stretched out and dragged Hai Yi, and quickly dissuaded him.

“Big sister, your image!”

Zhang Mu thought to himself, don’t cause trouble, such a high-level mecha, at first glance, you can tell that it is an executive from the guild.

It’s a pity that Haiyi was in a state of excitement at this time and didn’t respond at all. If she could, she would like to dismantle Su Mo mecha now.

After half a day, Zhang Mu finally pulled Haiyi away, and Haiyi was back to normal.

Su Mo put the metal box in his hand on the ground, then opened the cab and jumped from it.

“This is what Lin Zinuo asked me to bring here, and she said that supplies can be supplied here.”

“Is there such a thing?”

Hai Yi wondered looked towards Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu touched his forehead and said, “I don’t know, you won’t read your Guild Mission log.”

Su Mo looked at the two of them suspiciously, expressions all are somewhat unnatural.

Hayi was laughed heartily.

“Haha, I’m joking, I’ll open the box and see.”

Zhang Mu has an expression of ghosts believing you.

Haiyi quickly opened the lock on the metal box!


The metal box was opened, and I saw that there were very delicate high-level bearings and conduction lines, as well as various complex mechanical parts.

“Isn’t this a mecha repair part? And this set, I don’t remember Legion’s high level stock? Shouldn’t it be stocked for Corps Head’s mecha? Why send me these? I don’t have any high level mecha to repair here.”

Hai Yi was also very surprised.

Su Mo immediately reacted when he saw these parts. Qin Wang applied to Legion for this set of parts, but he couldn’t figure it out after fiddling around for a long time.

It seems that this task is probably to assess and maintain one’s own mecha.

And Legion assigns itself the best parts.

Thinking of this, Su Mo’s favorability towards the guild has risen a lot, he said simply.

“It should be used to maintain my mecha. My mecha has some damage to the left shoulder.”

“You’re probably right. These parts are It’s used to replace joint conduction, but big brother, let’s discuss something.”

Haiyi probably also knew her task, she suddenly grabbed Su Mo’s hand excitedly.

Su Mo withdrew his hand very uncomfortable and asked stiffly.

“What’s the matter.”

“How about you take me apart this mecha?”

“No way!”

“Don’t be so stingy, just take it apart.”


Su Mo’s face turned black, he managed to get a second-generation mecha, and It’s pretty easy to use, just remove the wool!

He now looks at Hai Yi’s expressions all a bit unnatural, is this guy reliable?

At this moment, Su Mo suddenly misses Qin Wang a little bit. Although that guy is a little less skilled, at least he is reliable. He’s worried now that this chick has cut up his mecha.

Thinking of this, Su Mo became more and more sure that the whole repair process, killing him will not be offline.

“Sister, don’t make trouble, now a second-generation mecha is ridiculously expensive, and it is accidentally broken, and we can’t afford to sell it!”

Zhang Mu Worse than Su Mo, there is nothing Haiyi can’t do.

Others come to work to make money, Haiyi came to work, not only did not make money, but now owes the company hundreds of thousands!

Don’t look at Zhao Han only accepting Su Mo 400,000 to give him mecha, that’s because this mecha has a high probability to be given to Su Mo, she just finalized the matter.

And this second-generation mecha is discounted to reality, at least worth several millions, and it is still the kind that money can’t buy.

It has already belonged to the highest single weapon in the current wasteland. Looking at the whole world, there has not been a third generation mecha born.

This mecha will be top gear for a long time to come.

(end of this chapter)

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