Star Ring Mission Chapter 13


Chapter 13 Evolution

After Su Mo finished speaking, he flipped neatly from the rooftop to the rooftop of the fourth layer building, bending his body He landed, and immediately got up and rushed towards a zombie with his back turned to him, knocking him down with a hammer.

Immediately the remaining three zombies who were wandering around turned around at the same time, their murderous eyes fixed on Su Mo, and they rushed up at the same time.

Lan Xi saw this scene, her heart couldn’t help but think, she wanted to go up and help. However, he gave up on the spot, because Su Mo didn’t seem to want anyone to help, and went straight to meet him.

Su Mo swept across with a hammer, smashed into the face of the front zombie, bent over and kicked the other zombie’s neck, followed by a sideways dodge to avoid the rest. The next zombie attacked, and then he moved his hammer towards the back of the zombie’s head.


The four zombies were knocked down by Su Mo in three or two strokes.

Lan Xi’s eyes were straight, she was a little dazed, she felt like she was watching a movie.


Su Mo spit out a word lightly.


Lan Xi quickly followed, no matter how stupid she was, she knew that if she wanted to live, she had to follow Su Mo.

Su Mo rushed to the rooftop to open the door and ran down the stairs quickly.

The whole process went very smoothly, and Su Mo ran to the second floor in one breath. However, at this moment, a crawling zombie with blood in its mouth rushed up.

Its speed and power are much higher than regular zombies, and it looks like an evolutionary body.

Su Mo’s eyes shrank, raised the hammer in his hand to directly jam the opponent’s mouth full of sharp teeth, but the whole person was thrown down on the stairs by a huge force.

Lan Xi just wanted to go up to help, only to see Su Mo curled up with his right foot and kicked fiercely.

Kicks the whole zombie out.

Zombie, who was kicked and flew out, immediately got up and stared at Su Mo with a fierce look.

“I’ll help you!”

Lan Xi took out a kitchen knife, ran to Su Mo’s side, and said nervously.

“No need.”

Su Mo took the kitchen knife from Lan Xi’s hand and threw it hard.


It hit its head with precision and opened the scoop, and the zombie fell down unwillingly.

Su Mo stepped forward and directly pulled up the kitchen knife and threw it at Lan Xi.



Lan Xi was so frightened that she hurried to dodge, for fear that she would not catch it later, that is, her head opened. When the kitchen knife fell to the ground, she hurried up to pick it up.

At this time, Su Mo had already gone downstairs, Lan Xi didn’t have time to complain, so he quickly followed.

Soon the two of them rushed out of the building, the moment they came out.

More than a dozen zombies on the street heard the movement and looked over.

Su Mo ignored them, ran with Lan Xi moved towards the small alley on the right, and suddenly a group of zombies came frantically behind him.

“There’s a zombie in front too!”

Lan Xi shouted very disturbed.

In the slender alley, there are seven or eight zombies scattered, they are eating the corpse. But as they heard movement, they all stopped eating, lifts the head looked towards Su Mo them.

“Follow, I’m going to kill you!”

Su Mo eyes shrank and said fiercely.

He is now either killed or beaten to death, there is no other choice.

Lan Xi felt relieved when she heard Su Mo’s words. Su Mo’s back gives a very reliable feeling, she feels like she just has to follow along.

At this time, Su Mo and Lanxi’s wristbands, the screen is constantly updated with prompts.

“The progress of one-dimensional civilization is 7%. Survival personnel: 851225511 people.”

At this time, in another War Zone, a ruined city center with tall buildings standing in great numbers, the ground There are weapon wreckage everywhere, the corpses of players, and one with a body as high as three meters, like a lizard with a pointed head, a mouth full of sharp teeth, a sickly white body, a slender tail on the back, and a triangle at the end. Fissures, xenogeneic corpses covered in fangs, mixed with blood dyed red the entire area.

In the most central area, there are four alien species with a slightly larger size and two tails. There is a circular crack in their chest, and a special kind of fire is burning in the crack.

The four anomalies surround a 10-meter-tall egg with a sickly hairy shell and a scarlet’s viscous fluid oozing from its surface.

The four monsters held their chests, and one after another special energy shot out of the chest and penetrated into the dome.

At the same time, the single-tailed xenomorphs found one after another dead player corpses, and opened their mouths to absorb the fire in their bodies. Then they are like containers one by one. After the storage is full, they walk to the side of the four two-tailed aliens and release the power of fire to them.

And in front of the battlefield, a girl wearing a generation of snow-white mechanical armor, silver long hair, eyes as cold as ice and frost, and a beautiful face, one-knee kneels covered in blood. On the ground, a silver and golden sword were stuck on the ground, supporting the body with difficulty. It looks like it should be physically exhausted and has suffered a lot of injuries.

In front of her eyes, a seven-meter-high xenogeneic with three tails fell to the ground, motionless.

At this time, a group of single-tailed xenomorphs crawled over hideously. They stared fiercely at the girl in front of them, and then rushed up frantically.

The alien species that took the lead was approaching the moment, and opened its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl moved towards the girl and bit it.

It’s about time to be taken out of life.


With a loud bang, the monster opened its mouth and half of its head was directly blown up.

On a tall building in the distance, a purple-haired girl in a leather jacket, biting a lollipop in her mouth, launched an attack with a heavy sniper rifle. After killing the target, she shouted excitedly. road.

“Sister, I’m here. Seven groups of Captain Zhao Ying are here to report!”

At the same time, a huge rumbling sound came from the sky, a ZS-13 unmanned vulture helicopter fell from the sky. The two black Gatling guns were exposed, and they swept wildly at the alien species in front of the girl.

peng peng ~~

On the rooftop of a high-rise building on the right, a black-haired girl, wearing a holographic controller, remotely controls the unmanned combat helicopter, with extremely accurate coverage blow.

She said through the helicopter’s horn, “Five groups of Captain Lin Xiaojia came to fight.”

Just then, boom~~

One The broken walls of the ruins were smashed, and heavy HT-13Tiger Style tanks rushed out. What followed was a fully armed elite player, leading a rude big man, roaring frantically.

“Three groups of Captain Β·Chen Meng came to fight!!!”

The girl stood up, raised the golden sword in her hand and waved, valiant and formidable looking gave the order Said: “Kill!”


In the narrow street, Su Mo ran with Lan Xi all the way, and behind him was all zombies.

“The zombies in the back are about to catch up, how far is it.”

Lan Xi’s heart was almost in her throat, and it was a lie to say that she was not afraid of.

“You’ll go to the security company after turning around in front of you.”

Su Mo replied nervously.

However, just as the two rushed through the turn, Lan Xi looked desperate, only to see the three bloated zombies in front of them with a high mutation. At a glance, you can see that the skin is rough, the flesh is thick, the life force is extremely tenacious, and it can’t be killed simply in a short time without a weapon in hand.

β€œWhat to do?”

(end of chapter)

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