Star Ring Mission Chapter 130


Chapter 130 Excessive With an unlucky look on his face, he finally answered unwillingly.

“Got it, cheapskate.”

Zhang Mu immediately smiled at Su Mo.

“Don’t worry about this executive, she’s just joking, we’ll fix it for you.”

“Well, the ammunition and fuel must be replenished to full value. , if there is any excess, let me take some away.”

Su Mo’s expression softened a little and replied, as for the fuel, it is best to take away some of the fuel, the fuel quality used by the second generation mecha is higher than that of the first generation mecha. One model, and their group didn’t have this stuff in stock either.

“che, don’t let people dismantle, it’s quite a lot.”

Hai Yi whispered.

Su Mo was also more and more speechless, of course he didn’t refute anything.

Soon Haiyi started to repair it, Su Mo watched the whole process and watched Haiyi disassemble there.

Let’s not say anything else, from a purely technical point of view, Haiyi’s attainments in mecha are indeed far beyond Qin Wang’s. Her movements are super quick, and there are many professional supporting maintenance tools here for fine-tuning.

Hai Yi entered the working state, her temperament changed as Heaven and Earth turning upside down, and her expression was meticulous.

I have to say that watching Haiyi repair the mecha is indeed a pleasing thing to the eye. Her movements of replacing parts are super skilled.

It took more than three hours, and all the damaged parts of the left shoulder of the blue mecha were replaced by it.

However, Haiyi did not end like this. She is very responsible for inspecting the entire mecha in all aspects, and performing all-round fine maintenance on it. The oil should be added, and the external armor has deformation. , and used a special machine for micro-shaping.

After tossing for about ten hours, Haiyi finally took care of the mecha.

At the same time, she operates the universal robotic arm suspended from the top of the factory, filling the mecha with abdominal storage anti-missiles, while filling the short-range rifle with ammunition and refueling by the way. In the end, she got a large tank of fuel for Su Mo. Although the second generation mecha used highly concentrated fuel, it was not added all at once. Instead, it is in the form of fuel solution rods, which are inserted one by one, and five are inserted in the full state.

The advantages of this fuel addition method upgrade are that it is easy to replace, and the safety has been greatly improved, and the battery life has also been greatly improved. However, the disadvantage is also obvious, and there must be fuel rods of the corresponding type to be added.

Su Mo is very satisfied with the mecha that has been maintained and refurbished.

“It’s hard work.”

“What’s the hard work? It’s been a long time since I met such a great mecha. Li Mu bills.”

Hai Yi With a contented look, of course she did not forget to gesture to Li Mu with a special look.


Li Mu immediately moved towards and ran aside.


Su Mo looked at Hai Yi with some doubts.

“You can just sign your name later. All the wear and tear of the mecha will be borne by your team.”

Haiyi was in a very good mood.

Su Mo was speechless for a while, but it seemed that there was nothing wrong with what he said. If it can be repaired for free, many people will not love it, and it will also strengthen the player’s sense of belonging to each group.

After all, there is a saying that the mouth is soft when eating people, but the hands are short when holding people.

Soon Li Mu ran over with a list and handed it to Su Mo laughed.

“This supervisor, just sign here.”

Su Mo looked at the list of black lists above, and his head hurts. Did he use so many things?

The tail section of the list reads, the total maintenance fee: 36172 yuan.

This is not to mention the shoulder parts are brought by myself.

“So expensive?”

“Expensive, it’s cheap, the parts and materials you use for this mecha are the best in Legion, and we reserve some materials. Itโ€™s not too much, itโ€™s gone after you use it up, so itโ€™s cheap to charge you this amount of money. Youโ€™ve never seen a maintenance guy thatโ€™s more expensive. Iโ€™ll make an analogy with you, just the twelve groups from last time. The ship that I got, let alone maintenance, it will cost half a million for just one refueling.”

Hai Yi looked like a cheap Su Mo.

“I understand everything you said, but I don’t quite understand one thing. Why is 2W written in this manual fee?”

Su Mo interrupted Hai Yi calmly. , pointing to an item in the densely packed bill of materials.

“Ha, ha, do you have any? Don’t they all say that technology is priceless?”

Hai Yi showed a very embarrassed smile and complained in her heart, why is this guy so difficult Tangning, she turned her head and looked towards Li Mu, staring at him with her eyes, what to do.

Li Mu also had an innocent look on his face. He had already shrunk that line to the smallest font.

Although Su Mo doesn’t like to negotiate with people, his EQ is a little low, but it doesn’t mean that he has a problem with IQ. He lightly said: “Change it.”

“Haha, mistakes, mistakes, Hit an extra zero, hit again!”

“I’ll hit again.”

“Wait, 2000 is too expensive.”

Su Mo didn’t even want to replied directly. When watching Qin Wang repair his mecha, Su Mo glanced at the list opened by Qin Wang. He clearly remembered the manual fee of 200 written on it. His own guild kept people. It stands to reason that maintenance is his job. The manual fee is only a small percentage of the living players.

“It’s too much, it’s almost good.”

Hai Yi glared at Su Mo angrily.

“Half the price.”

Su Mo extend the hand, giving a very fair price.

Hai Yi was on the verge of running wild, and she kept complaining.

“You should send beggar away, it’s too much.”

Li Mu quickly grabbed Hai Yi, licked her face and said with a smile: “Don’t be angry, supervisor, She is like this, a thousand is a thousand.”

Su Mo didn’t care, even though it wasn’t her own money. But saving money still has to save money, you can’t be taken advantage of!

A moment later, Su Mo drove off with the maintained mecha holding the fuel tank.

Hai Yi’s angry voices continued behind him.

โ€œcheapskate, drink cold waterโ€


The next day, Su Mo drove back to the Auroville camp, he drove mecha into In a dedicated hangar.

He flipped the switch, closed the hangar gate, tapped his wristband, and chose to log out of the game!

After a while, Su Mo’s consciousness returned to reality, he took off the game helmet, got up and moved his muscles a little.

The online time exceeded the standard again, and my body was a little stiff.

To be honest, the gaming helmet is still not as comfortable as the gaming cabin, but the price of the gaming cabin is really not what Su Mo can afford now.

Su Mo’s priority right now is to buy a gaming helmet to bring back to the apartment.

But it seems like a helmet costs 1,000 yuan, and the money in his hand is barely enough to buy it. But after buying it, it is estimated that it will eat soil this month.

(end of this chapter)

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