Star Ring Mission Chapter 131


Chapter 131 Meeting (Add more ice cream for book lovers) (34 more)

Forget it, don’t want so much, Su Mo took out his phone and glanced at it, it was already past seven o’clock in the evening and it was time to go back.


The top of the Dawning Group Center Building, outside the highest level Conference Hall.

a The elites in black and white business suits stood upright on both sides.

At this moment, the sound of high-heeled shoes came, and Qianchengxue came over indifferently and competently.

“Hello, miss!”

The people waiting outside the Conference Hall bowed respectfully.

At the same time, the door of the closed Conference Hall was opened, and Qiancheng Xue went straight.

I saw that the chilling Conference Hall was already full of people, and sitting on the chief seat was a middle-aged man with slightly white temples, sharp eyes, and a strong oppression all over his body.

This middle-aged man is none other than the Leader of the Breaking Dawn Group and the current patriarch Ye Tian of Ye Family.

In the front row of the round conference table, there was a Handsome Men and Beautiful Women with extraordinary temperament, and several of them looked at Qianchengxue who walked in with playful eyes.

Qianchengxue directly ignored her brothers and sisters, saying that there was no family in the rich family, let alone such a giant conglomerate.

Plus they weren’t born of a mother at all.

To popularize it here, after the previous world war, a large number of male population died. To restore the population,

Country Z introduced a temporary temporary law allowing the legalization of polygamy.

However, this law was repealed after a period of implementation, but the law was tacitly acquiesced within the high walls.

“Sorry for being late.”

“It’s okay to be late. I heard that younger sister recently opened up wasteland and made an oolong, and she brought her own spills of war”

The teased of the seventh sister Ye Wei’s faded smile.

“Don’t worry about elder sister.”

I saw Qianchengxue go to the tenth seat and sit down. She is a Ranked Tenth at home, so the Legion she holds is the tenth. Legion. There are thirteen brothers and sisters in total, corresponding to thirteen Legions. In addition, Qianchengxue’s original name is Ye Xue. It’s just that for some reasons, she doesn’t like being called by her name, so she took a second pseudonym, which is somewhat similar to a screen name.

Apart from the brothers present, there were also middle-aged men and women dressed in luxurious costumes. These were Uncle Uncles who were a generation older than them, as well as some senior members of the group.

It can be said that everyone present is the core member of the Breaking Dawn Group.

Ye Tian stood up after seeing that everyone was there, and solemnly said: “Okay, everyone is here, I hurriedly called you all person this time, not for anything else, just for the sake of the target. Things.”

Hearing Ye Tian’s words, everyone on the field looked very serious, and there was absolute silence.

Ye Tian didn’t care either, he waved his hand a little, and a sexy secretary next to him put the documents in front of everyone.

Qianchengxue saw the document that was sent to her hand, she opened it and looked at it, and it was marked in great detail, the supplies and armaments she needed to prepare.

Looking at the number, Qianchengxue frowned slightly.

At this time, Qianchengxue’s second sister, Ye Haitang, said to the father, “Father, isn’t this amount too large?”

“I’m following your existing standards. The development of Legion, the target assigned to you, this is the amount you must complete, I don’t want to listen to any excuses. If you can’t complete it, then the target of the entire Dawn Group will not be completed. Next month, we will provide 5 billion subsidy to the Dawn Group. , it will come to nothing. How much impact this has on the entire group, shouldn’t I need to explain it to you?”

Ye Tian said to the crowd in a deep voice.

Looking at the silent crowd, Ye Tian continued: “Don’t look at us as one of the five dragon heads, with great scenery and hundreds of billions of assets. But can we come up with 10 billion? Cash is not enough, because our assets are all fixed, of course I don’t mean to make you look down on yourself. Even the largest conglomerate in country M now has trillions of assets, and asking them to come up with 100 billion in cash is the same. I can’t take it out, so you should know how important this subsidy is to us.”

Although the five dragon heads are also conglomerates, they are essentially different from conglomerates in other countries. Other capitals are omnipotent in the face of interests, and they can draw all wealth without any hesitation.

But the five dragon heads of country Z are actually constrained in all aspects, and they cannot harvest leeks arbitrarily. On the contrary, their role is to maintain the stability and balance of the market economy, as well as conflicts in foreign trade.

Another point in this world is that the currency is unified, and the currency used is the federal currency. In country Z, they are generally called yuan or block.

All money is printed under the same supervision, no one is allowed to print without permission. Therefore, the value preservation of coins is greatly increased, and the consumption power is very strong.

At the same time, the World Commonwealth Bank, in order to reflect the status symbol, also specially launched 100 Supreme level fancy color diamond cards. You must save 10 billion in cash as a dead period before you can get them. When you return the card, to be taken out.

There are not more than 30 people who handle this, which shows how rare and precious money is.

At this time, as the eldest brother of the sisters, Ye Wuhen said with a smile: “father, don’t worry, although this indicator is too large for us, it is not that absolutely does not have I hope.”

“Oh, do you have any good suggestions.”

Ye Tian looked towards his eldest son.

Ye Wuhen said with a smile: “It’s very simple, let’s see!”

Here, Ye Wuhen snapped his fingers, and a holographic image map appeared in the Conference Hall.

“Our group’s thirteen Legions are now located, although they are all in one area, but they are all isolated. It takes a long way to pass between each station. Materials cannot be used effectively. But if we can get through the largest city in the middle, not only can we harvest massive resources in the city, but we can also move all industries to the middle to form a giant production area, when the time comes, everything will be solved.”

Ye Wuhen put his plan out of the tray.

The other sisters in the room started to look a little unsightly. In fact, decentralization is not completely unprofitable, at least each is king, and many things can be made up by themselves.

But if you break through the middle, everyone will be forced to transfer industries. It’s productivity that increases, but everyone’s resources are completely exposed.

As the elder son, Ye Wuhen’s first elite group is the strongest existence in the guild, and he also receives the most resource subsidies.

After the region is merged, the guild’s income will increase, and he will naturally have the most powerful income.

But they have not been able to refute Ye Wuhen’s suggestion, because if the group subsidy is not received, then everyone will have a better life in the future.

(end of this chapter)

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