Star Ring Mission Chapter 132


Chapter 132 Forum Knowing that they raise so many people and pay such high wages, the amount of money they have to spend every day is an astronomical amount.

Ye Tian looked at this plan, his expression changed for a while, this was going to be a big gamble.

You must know that the giant city in the middle is a hard bone. It is a city with a high degree of occupation. It is filled with mutant creatures of the highest order. It is said that there is also a top-level laboratory inside.

If possible, Ye Tian really doesn’t want to touch it at this time.

But there really isn’t any other good suggestion right now, so he said in a deep voice, “Ye Wuhen’s suggestion is very good, do you have anything to refute?”

“The big brother has spoken. We, the younger sister, have nothing to say. We can’t hold back.”

Old San Ye Qilong coldly snorted replied .

“We don’t have any opinion either.”

Uncle Uncle who was present also agreed, Ye Wuhen and the others need to do the most to attack the central city. on hand.

Qianchengxue has always remained silent, and she also maintained a wait-and-see attitude towards this decision. This matter is not that simple.

Of course, Ye Tian naturally considered it very comprehensively, he said, “Then this matter is settled, everyone will send troops, but don’t worry too much, after all, the stakes are very important, everyone will go back Prepare well, and I will give you another seven days of realistic time.”


Everyone responded.


In the apartment room, Su Mo lay down on the bed after taking a shower.

He picked up the phone and hesitated, and finally re-applied for a shopping account, bound a salary card, and ordered the most common helmet.

Last time the salary was paid, except for the money taken from Lan Xi, there was still 1400 left. Later, Han Na paid back 500. There was a total of 1900 in the salary card, 500 for equipment, 1000 for the helmet, and 1000 for the helmet. 400 left. In addition, there was originally 500 cash in hand, and after paying 200 for the food distribution, and then deducting the cost of occasional rides and taxis, there were only about 180 yuan left.

Now his whole body is full and the total is 580 yuan.

These money correspond to the next month. Normally, there is no problem, but I can’t buy anything casually.

Su Mo stopped thinking about those things after sorting out his belongings a little. He can live with money, and he can live without money. .

It’s a good day, at least it’s a fulfilling day.

So Su Mo logged into Star Ring’s official forum with his mobile phone.

The entire forum is also divided into regions, there are domestic posting areas and foreign posting areas.

Su Mo directly click to open the domestic posting area.

I haven’t watched it for a few days, but this forum post area is even more lively. The top ten most searched posts have exceeded one billion hits.

Su Mo clicked it with great interest. The first post was a personal battle list compiled by a scholar named Black Night.

This post is super popular, not to mention the click-through rate, the number of replies alone reaches tens of millions.

Su Mo Click to open it and see that the avatar of a player with outstanding strength jumps out, and each player has a very detailed introduction below. There are also videos with their battles, as well as the landlord’s comments, and give evaluation points, he is ranked according to the evaluation points.

The battle strength list is limited to country Z for the time being. Lists from other countries will be released one after another. If you are interested, you can chat with the landlord privately (paid).

Note: This list does not involve the ranking of military personnel.

Su Mo opens the Ranked 1st man’s avatar.

It was a cool-looking man, dressed in a black suit, with black bangs covering half of his face, and wearing black gloves on both hands, his stern gaze was enough to deter most of the enemies.

Lin Ming

Identity: The head of the First Army of the Martial God Guild, the patriarch son of the Black Dragon family.

Height: 185

Weight: 70

Single equipment: II-generation Mechanical ArmorΒ·Black Mist.

mecha: II generation mecha Β· black blade.

Su Mo clicked on his battle video, and in the video, he saw a machine with a height of 13 meters, with bright black hair, and two black alloy blades in both hands. Like an ominous beast.

In front of him, two more than 20 meters high, with snake-like heads, ruby-like eyes, eight dexterous sharp limbs on the huge body, and the whole body is covered with layers of tenacious scales Yes, the type III elite mutant, Wuqi.

I saw the black tide of monsters coming, and the heavily armored troops behind Lin Ming greeted them without fear.

At the same time, Lin Ming drove the black mecha, by the strength of oneself, toward the two Type III elite Wuqi.

The two Wuqi were fiercely exposed, and they rushed up from both sides at a very fast speed, and their sharp limbs moved towards Lin Ming without a dead end.

Although Wuqi’s overall destructive power is not among the highest among the Type III monsters, it is extremely difficult to deal with, and is extremely vengeful. The speed is also extremely fast, and the limbs are extremely sharp.

I saw Lin Ming control mecha to dodge a continuous deflection, dodging exactly one after another limb blade attack.

And at the moment when mecha and the two monsters staggered, he raised the two black alloy sharp blades in his hand and slashed at the two bodies at the same time, cutting two drenched with blood incisions.

Immediately after, Lin Ming controlled mecha to make an emergency stop, then quickly turned around and rushed towards the two Wuqi.

The two Wuqi were not afraid because of the wounds on their bodies. The intense pain made them even more bloodthirsty and violent.

They opened their mouths, revealing sharp clenched teeth, moved towards Lin Ming and bit them.

Under the subtle control of Lin Ming, black mecha is extremely dexterous like an afterimage. No matter how violent the attack, he can easily dodge or block, while swinging a sharp blade to counterattack.

For a while, Lin Ming suppressed two Type III elite monsters by the strength of oneself, and the whole battle saw everyone’s blood boil.

And during the battle, Lin Ming didn’t suffer any damage, but instead he left wounds one after another on those two Wuqi.

However, just as everyone was watching with enthusiasm, Lin Ming suddenly turned his head and looked towards himself who was watching the video.

Su Mo’s muscles tightened instinctively, as if he was being targeted by an ominous beast. But soon Su Mo reacted, this is just a video.

But the next second, the video suddenly turned into a snowflake, and it was obvious that the person who took the candid film was killed.

Su Mo long exhales one breath saying, he sincerely admires that this man named Lin Ming’s mecha driving skills are really awesome.

Sure enough, there is Person beyond the Person, there is Heaven beyond the Heaven.

According to conscience, if you are alone against two type III agile elite monsters. Let’s not say that he can beat him, but at least the impossible fights are so easy and skillful.

Su Mo flipped through the post, and countless players left comments.

“Boss, please accept my knees!”

(end of this chapter)

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