Star Ring Mission Chapter 133


Chapter 133 Differentiation (adding updates for book friend Jueying Xuantian) (36 updates)

“Too awesome! When will you be able to have such strong combat skills.”

“The higher rank challenge is a one-to-two, worthy of being a number one expert.”

Su Mo glanced at KIP’s estimated combat value The score, the comprehensive combat evaluation score is 953 points. (This rating only represents personal opinions and guesses)

Su Mo at first’s KIP estimated combat value rating was only 342, and it increased later, but it was only 367.

That’s a big gap. .

The score of Ranked 2nd below is 948 points, which is not very far from the first place.

However, the status of the fourth place surprised Su Mo. It was actually from the Breaking Dawn Group. But unfortunately it’s not Qianchengxue, but a man named Ye Wuhen.

Ye Wuhen

Identity: The head of the First Army of the Dawning Guild, the son of the patriarch of the Five Dragon-headed White Long Family.

Height: 178

Weight: 65

Single equipment: II-generation mechanical armor Β· Hoarfrost.

mecha: The second generation mecha Β· Yaoguang.

Su Mo continued to pull down, and the result was pulled to the bottom. The twenty members of this list did not have Qianchengxue’s name.

In other words, the author is not optimistic about Qianchengxue, and these people on the list have a high probability of being able to defeat Qianchengxue.

Of course, this is not absolute, it can only be used for reference, after all, no one has ever competed face to face.

The author of the list can only conduct data analysis and make a ranking based on the existing data.

Su Mo’s blood boiled and became more interesting when he thought of so many top experts.

Su Mo opened the post on Ranked 2nd, and was slightly surprised when he entered, it was a map post.

There is a huge blank map at the top of the post.

The landlord is calling on all players to contribute the regional map of their location to him and build a complete world map together.

You can see the huge blank map filled with many regional maps.

But these regional maps have not been put together yet, they are all very fragmented.

It seems that the world map has been erased, just as I guessed. Otherwise, it stands to reason that this kind of map should be the best to find.

It’s possible that something is being covered up.

Looking further down, it is the player’s message, and the differences are also very serious.

“Has the landlord done too much charity? He wants to contribute his own regional map to Lao Tzu, and wants to buy the map with money.”

“The landlord is a good person, he issued a Good Person Card.”

“I appreciate the behavior of the landlord very much. The landlord is really a very ideal and ambitious person.”

“It is not recommended for the landlord to do this. Those who provide maps People, what if you are targeted by people with ulterior motives?”

Su Mo continued to scroll down the posts, all of which were players sharing the various wonders they saw in Star Ring.

Someone even captured a blurry huge monster. Judging from its outline, it is at least several hundred meters tall.

Of course, there is also a very popular post. The title of the post is very simple and straightforward, asking for the resurrection of the fire, and willing to devote one’s life to .

The click-through rate has exceeded 100 million, and there are countless replies.

This was posted by a male player who posted a selfie. Not to mention that he looks very good, his skin is fair and clear, and he looks weak and weak.

I saw a lot of girls leaving messages below.

“Sisters crowdfunding package”

“What a handsome little brother.”

Of course these are not the most important, if this is the case, this post It won’t be so hot, mainly because there is a post master reply at the back of the post.

“Thank you, everyone, I have been successfully resurrected and found true love.”

The reply attached a photo, I saw the handsome guy with a 300-pound man. The rich woman hugged tightly.

I saw countless male compatriots replying.

“Brother, it’s not the big brother who told you. Your body can’t handle it, and you can’t control it. Listen to the big brother’s advice and quickly give me the contact information.”

“It’s shameless upstairs, listen to me, don’t give it to him, please push it to me”

Su Mo’s mouth twitched, and he continued to scroll down.

Many of the following posts are about receiving things, among which the more popular ones are about receiving Tinder, but the number of transactions is very small.

Hundreds of millions of players, the odd number of transactions, can be counted with one slap. This shows how rare this stuff is.

Judging from the posts posted by the latest players, the price of tinder has doubled, basically reaching about 200W.

Suddenly, Su Mo looked slightly startled, he saw a very popular post, the most important thing is that the title of this post is clearly written.

The first Vanguard-class battleship in history, the Helan, was born, and the mysterious newcomer expert was able to defeat ten thousand! ! !

Of course, true or false, it needs to be verified. After all, everyone can blow cowhide, and everyone can write about the topic of blogger’s attention.

Su Mo clicked in, and three videos were placed in the post.

In one of the sections, the Helan was in full swing, one after another missile was fired, blood washing the bay port, and the firepower was a mess.

The entire port of the Hongshan Bay base was blasted to the ground, and all the monsters inside were killed.

The other video is the carpet bombing of the Northern Region of Auroville, which is also super spectacular.

Several millions of players comment below.

“This firepower is too awesome!”

“Oh my God, who can tell me how much money this round of attack will burn, it’s a waste, why don’t you give me the money? What.”

“Pioneer-class battleships, so far in China, I have not heard of any guild that has a corresponding ship to compete with. If you insist on saying who can compete with it, it is estimated that only M country will get it. The Vanguard-class Warhammer is ready for a battle.”

The following and attached, the battleship level is roughly classified.

Standard battleship (diesel powered)

Nuclear powered battleship (fission powered)

Vanguard class battleship (main battery upgraded to beam cannon)


Fortress-class battleships (high tonnage, high firepower, high defense, heavy battleships)

Flagship (main battleship)

Su Mo browsed a little, and it was considered a pair of ships Ship class is understood. So he looked towards the last video, and his expression suddenly showed an unusually weird color.

Isn’t this your own video?

What happened to being thrown online.

In the video, the blue mecha rampages in the base, madly attracting the hatred of all monsters. And attacked the Type II general-level Kazami on the dock to attract the attention of all monsters.

From the perspective of a third party, the scene is very spectacular, the black pressure is like a tide monster, chasing the blue mecha in all directions, only to see the monster beheaded by the blue mecha crazy.

But those monsters kill more and more, it’s scary to watch, as if in the next second, that blue mecha will be swallowed by monsters

Su Mo turned to the next post, Even more unexpected, after watching the players were extremely noisy!

Several of the replies were liked and pinned to the top.

“You dare to post any rubbish technology on the forum, seeing that the attack range is so large, the pace is so exaggerated, and the whole process is running around, without a little planning, what is there to brag about this technology. ”

(end of this chapter)

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