Star Ring Mission Chapter 134


Chapter 134 Mocking (adding updates for book friend Jueying Xuantian) (37 updates)

“You are awesome, you go Ah, it’s only here BB! Type on the keyboard, if it were you on the keyboard, I’m guessing that seeing those monsters, your legs would have softened first.”

“You idiot, he is driving a II-generation mecha, How many II mechas are there now? The drivers of each II mecha are the world’s top drivers. How many years have they been trained? After so many years of practice, this is the technology? Look at the other II-generation mecha pilot battle videos, which one is not as smooth as water.”

“After the identification, what can’t be done upstairs, the keyboard is sprayed on the first line, and the eyes are red. Just jealous, I’ll give you a second-generation mecha, you can’t even drive it, you will only speak swear words. You let other II-generation mecha drivers try it out, there are so many monsters, except for the most awesome ones , who dares to say 100% can get out of it? I think you think this expert is a newcomer. If you are not famous, you will feel bullied. If you have the ability to spray those long-established experts, they are a group of guys with cerebral palsy looking for a sense of existence. “

Su Mo looked at both sides of the scolding very hot, and the corners of his mouth were twitching wildly.

In fact, he himself felt that driving was not very good. After all, he was just beginning to get into mecha, and he was not very proficient in many skills. The most important point, he has not been trained by the system. All rely on playing some folk games and simulators, and the experience learned is not allowed at all.

In addition, the person who scolded the most ruthlessly is probably not an ordinary player. He can say that other people have been training for many years, which means that he should also be a member of other Great Family, but he should have no chance to touch the second-generation mecha.

However, Su Mo did his best in this battle, and being able to survive in those monster groups is a miracle in itself.


The Conference Hall at the top of the Dawning Group Center Building, the door is open!

The executives and shareholders of the group left one by one, but Qian Chengxue and the other sisters did not leave alone.

Ye Tian sat on the leather chair, leaned against the back of the chair, tapped the table with his fingers, and glanced at the thirteen children present with his sharp eyes, and the atmosphere suddenly became a little dignified.

Although all present are his children, they are also born to different wives, and naturally they are not the same. But Ye Tian thought that he was not bad for them, at least he wasn’t too biased, and he could barely see it on the surface.

The eldest, Ye Wuhen (male), born to his wife, aged 29, controls the First Army Group of the Dawning Guild and serves as the deputy general manager of the Dawning Group.

The second child, Ye Haitang (female), aged 28, controls the Second Army Group of the Dawning Guild and serves as the deputy general manager of the Dawning Group.

The third child, Ye Qilong (male), aged 28, controls the third Legion of the Dawning Guild and serves as the deputy general manager of the Dawning Group.

Old Fourth, Ye Yao (female), age 27, controls the fourth Legion of the Dawnbreak Guild.

The fifth, Ye Shangyun (male), aged 27, controls the Fifth Army regiment of the Dawnbreak Guild.

The sixth child, Ye Xiaoxiao (female), aged 26, controls the sixth Legion of the Dawning Guild.

The seventh, Ye Wei (female), aged 25, controls the Seventh Army of the Dawnbreak Guild.

The eighth, Ye Qingyu (female), aged 24, controls the eighth Legion of the Dawnbreak Guild.

Old Nine, Marven Ye (male), age, 22, controls the ninth Legion of the Dawnbreak Guild.

Old ten, Ye Xue (female), age 21, controls the tenth Legion of the Dawnbreak Guild.

Old Eleventh, Ye Peng (male), age 21, controls the 11th Legion of the Dawning Guild.

Old Twelve, Ye Yu (female), age 21, controls the Twelfth Legion of the Dawnbreaker Guild.

Old 13th, Ye Wan’er (daughter), age 20, controls the thirteenth Legion of the Dawning Guild.

It is worth noting that, although the Legion of the Breaking Dawn Group is relatively strong, it is also not absolute. For example, Qianchengxue’s tenth Legion, the battle strength can also be ranked fifth or sixth in the guild Legion.

Ye Tian said solemnly: “I didn’t want to say it badly in front of so many people just now. Some of you have developed really badly. A decent grade. Let me say something ugly first, don’t think that you are the Corps Head now and feel that your wings are hard. If you don’t do well, I don’t mind changing people, you need to be clear about one thing, how many paternal you have Male cousin and Uncle Uncle are waiting to replace you.”

“It’s father.”

Everyone present responded.

In fact, it’s not that Ye Tian likes to reprimand his children, but that he is also under a lot of pressure now. Although he is very comfortable sitting in this patriarch position, many people are staring at him. If he does not do well, he will have to come down.

“Okay, I won’t say much, just unite a little bit. We are now a group, a guild, if one prospers, all prospers if one suffers, all suffers, here I want to praise Ye Snow, the development is very good.”

Ye Tian solemnly said.

“Thank you father for your praise.”

Ye Xue replied calmly, not too happy.

“father, Ye Xue’s younger sister is indeed very difficult to deal with. Haven’t you heard that their Legion has successfully attacked a giant bay base and won a Vanguard-class battleship Helan recently. No. That ship is super strong, and none of our big guilds can come up with a comparable one. Even other guilds probably don’t have such a good ship.”

Seventh Sister Ye Wei laughed ‘s mention.

“Seventh elder sister is overpraised, but it’s nothing, she can’t get on the stage.”

Ye Xue has a very bad premonition. She doesn’t know much about the seventh elder sister. For myself, there must be something wrong with wearing a high hat so abnormally today.

Sure enough, Ye Wei continued to smile and said: “Ten sister, don’t be humble, we know how strong the Helan is, but it’s a pity that such a good ship is in the hands of your Legion, It’s really a bit too wasteful. I remember that the big brother’s naval war department did not have such a good ship. Now the guild is booming. In fact, if possible, the allocation of resources should be optimized. Would you like to contribute to the ten sisters? “

Ye Wuhen heard this, the corner of his mouth raised slightly, Ye Xue got the Helan number, the whole guild actually knew it for a long time, it was no secret at all. The reason why father praised her is because of this.

It’s impossible not to be jealous of that battleship. But as a big brother, he still needs face, so he can’t reach out and find Ye Xue directly.

“Seventh sister, I have already armed that ship, and my naval battle team is also short of ships, so I don’t have any extra.”

Ye Xue is not polite. Directly refused, without giving any face.

Unfortunately, Ye Xue still underestimated Ye Wei, she said sighed.

(end of this chapter)

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