Star Ring Mission Chapter 136


Chapter 136 Rejection (Update for Shuyouxuan) (Thirty-ninth update)

It is a pity that Su Mo remains unmoved completely. He didn’t mean to shake hands with each other, but looked at each other coldly.

“I don’t know you, do I?”

“I introduce myself as Yuan Bo, Vice-section Head of the Personnel Department of Breaking Dawn Group.”

Yuan Bo introduced himself .

Su Mo became more and more confused after hearing Yuan Bo’s self-introduction. Why did the personnel department look for him?

“Mr. Su Mo, you don’t have to be too confused. Although I am the Deputy Personnel Department of the Breaking Dawn Group, I am not here to represent the General Guild. My representative is from Master Ye Wuhen Young. I’ve seen your previous battle records, and I’m so proud of you.”

“And then?”

replied by Su Mo’s unfathomable mystery.

The smile on Yuan Bo’s face suddenly stiffened, and he had some doubts, is this guy pretending to be stupid? Still really don’t understand.

“Mr. Su Mo, you are so humorous, we are all adults, so don’t go around so many circles, Master Ye Wuhen Young sees you and wants to invite you to serve in the First Army regiment. “


Su Mo replied without pausing for a second.

“Don’t rush to refuse, we are not the kind of people who pay a small price for big rewards in return. Master Ye Wuhen Young has always cherished talents. As long as you are willing to change jobs, all your breaches of contract will be accepted. Young Master Jin will help you get rid of it all. In addition, I will give you a commercial house from Imperial Capital, plus one million in cash. And more than that, as long as you come over, you will also be treated as an executive, with a salary of 15,000!”

Yuan Bo threw a lot of sugar-coated cannonballs directly.

Su Mo didn’t have a hint of joy and excitement on his face, instead he became vigilant.

There is a saying that if there is nothing to be diligent about, it is either a traitor or a thief.

Yuan Bo saw that Su Mo remained unmoved, and his inner evaluation of Su Mo secretly increased. As the director of personnel, he was responsible for poaching people all year round. Although the ultimate goal is to dig, but often the most difficult people to dig, are more valuable.

After all, no one wants a duplicitous person who can sell others today, and will sell you the day after tomorrow.

The kind of people who are very good at digging, usually only can use their talents, but can’t trust them.

“Mr. Su Mo, don’t worry, there is absolutely no pitfall in the conditions I set. In fact, you are still working for the Dawnbreaker Guild, you just changed your position. The most important point is that you don’t need to. Too much nostalgia for your current position. I have also investigated your situation. In fact, the tenth Legion Twelfth group is not very good to you. As a member of the guild, you were just running for your life. Compelled by circumstances led the monster to the defensive area. , that you have to compensate for the loss, and those people are too impersonal.”

Yuan Bo seriously confused the concept and said to Su Mo.

Su Mo had a suspicious look on his face, and he immediately realized that this guy was confusing concepts.

Simply was not a member of the guild when he got into trouble. Besides, even being a member of the guild, it would be a bit inappropriate to bring in so many monsters.

Then he replied lightly.


Yuan Bo brows slightly wrinkle, according to his own investigation data, this guy should have no money, but in the face of such generous conditions, he still remains unmoved.

If it’s not that this guy is a jerk, it’s that friendship is more important.

So Yuan Bo said to Su Mo: “brother, let me tell you something from the bottom of my heart, I know you are an expert, but there are so many experts in this world, there is no shortage at all. It’s just because of them There is no chance to show your talents, and this time you are good luck, you are famous, and you have a fire! You have to take this opportunity to jump to a higher platform, otherwise you will get cold one day, where can you find such a good opportunity When the time comes it’s too late to cry.”

“And listen to me, this era is very realistic, rich is a master! You have to know one thing, the reason why the Dawning Gong Group has There are so many female players. That’s because most of the industries in the group are light industry and cultural industries, so there are too many girls. You jump to a higher level, and you have money, but you are still afraid of not having girls? .”

It has to be said that Yuan Bo, as a headhunter, has absolutely nothing to say about his professional level.

It’s a pity that he met Su Mo. This guy’s brain circuit is completely different from others. I saw that Su Mo didn’t bother to answer Yuan Bo directly, and walked right beside him, moved towards the guild group.

Yuan Bo was left alone in the wind.

However, Yuan Bo is not annoyed, he has seen all kinds of people in this business.

No matter how strange the temper is, I have seen it.

So he picked up the phone and dialed a number. After the call was connected, he said respectfully.

“Young Master, the first contact failed. He has a cold personality and doesn’t respond much to money. He should be more emotional, and his character should be OK. It is said that he took the initiative to resist the responsibility.”

“Okay, I know how to do it, I’ll get in touch with it further.”

After a while, Su Mo arrived at the company, and after punching the card, he went to the computer room to log in to the game .

As soon as he went online, he heard a very loud noise, and the camp seemed to be very lively, so Su Mo walked out of his hangar.

The result was dumbfounded.

I saw a handsome guy and beauties changing into swimsuits and lining up for talking and laughing!

In the central area of the camp, a huge swimming pool was dug, and the swimming pool was very luxuriously filled with unpolluted water.

Lin Zino and Ziqing are in full swing.

And the target of recruiting is naturally the members of the marine battle team of their own group. Since the naval battle team got the Helan, no matter how stupid people know that the naval battle team is about to rise. Instead of being a logistics transporter, try it out and see if you can switch to the naval combat team.

The most important point is that Zhao Han is still very supportive, which is why there is such a spectacular scene now. There are less than one or two thousand people who come to the assessment.

All of them bring their own swimsuits. Those who know have nothing to say. This is an assessment. People who don’t know think it is a draft.

I have to say that the scene is indeed very seductive.

Su Mo’s expression was a little dull, in an instant, he felt that he had gone to the wrong place.

Just as Su Mo was in a daze, a familiar voice sounded beside him.

“Brother! We meet again.”

Su Mo turned to look over and saw Zhang Kui laughed running.

“en. ”

Su Mo replied with an odd expression.

“Brother, are you also here to apply for the assessment of the naval combat team?”

Zhang Kui asked with an honest and honest look.


Su Mo didn’t even think about it.

“Aiya! Look at my pig brain, I forgot, brother, you are not what you used to be now, but you are the ace expert in the group. Why do you need to participate in the assessment, you must come to appreciate the beauty? “

Zhang Kui looks like I understand.

Su Mo cherish words like gold’s answer.


“Don’t be sorry, most likely joining the Dawning Guild is for the sake of girls. I told you that there is nothing to say about the figure over there, and the murder weapon, I guess at least 36E”

(end of this chapter)

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