Star Ring Mission Chapter 137


Chapter 137 Visit (Additional Update for Alliance Leader Open Door Delivery) (Forty Updates)

Zhang Kui as always His enthusiasm, he directly pulled up Su Mo, moved towards the swimming pool, and of course did not forget to share it with him.

Su Mo is also helpless, he is not interested.

At the edge of the swimming pool, Ziqing waved her hand, a handsome man and a beautiful woman jumped over, splashing water in the clear pool, and waited until they got out. Many male members who were watching all around were whistling excitedly.

As an examiner, Lin Zinuo did not stop the behavior of these people. She was quite open-minded.

When a man sees a beautiful woman and a girl sees a strong and handsome guy, it’s nothing to shout excitedly.

Just when Zhang Kui was spitting out foam and unilaterally discussing with Su Mo which girl was good looking, a very cute voice suddenly sounded from behind.


After Zhang Kui heard the voice, his whole body suddenly stiffened, and a ghostly expression appeared on his face.

Su Mo turned to look in confusion.

A very kawaii cute girl appeared behind them.

However, this cute girl became tearful in the next second, pulling directly at the corner of Zhang Kui’s clothes.

“uncle, they don’t help me”

Zhang Kui shook his head like a ghost, shaking his head with a rattle.

“Uh, I still have things to do”

“Uncle, won’t you help me?”

Su Mo looked at the cute girl in front of him carefully, the more he looked at his brows The tighter it is, why does it look so familiar.

Suddenly Su Mo suddenly remembered, and his expression became very wonderful.

This girl is probably the cute girl who wiped out the small guild after reading the post on the forum.

That Zhang Kui must be the unlucky guild president.

Su Mo suddenly recalled that it really was.

“I won’t help you if you kill me.”

Zhang Kui was replied.

“How can you do this, I only have uncle you as a relative, and don’t we all live together?”

The cute girl looked towards Zhang Kui pitifully.

Su Mo also looked towards Zhang Kui with a very weird look.

Zhang Kui felt that his heart was hurting at this time, he wanted to cry without tears and explained to Su Mo: “We just shared the dormitory together, all the team members in this girl’s dormitory have been destroyed, and none of them are. I was assigned to live with her willingly.”

“Uncle, please help me.”

The cute girl tugged at the corner of Zhang Kui’s clothes.

“Hey, I said this brother, I beg you, such a cute girl, aren’t you excited?”

At this time, a group of five men walked by. Elite Squad.

“How can I help, or you can help.”

Zhang Kui seemed to be bitten by a snake, and he was in a hurry.

“Really, I don’t have any grace. The girl told my brother, whoever bullies you, my brother will help you out.”

The Captain said confidently.


The cute girl’s eyes were wide open and she looked very happy.

“That’s right, a real man will never break his promise.”

“That’s right, we were originally in the forest on the northwest side to collect some useful but there is a little monster that big, bullying us and scaring people to death.”

I saw the girl exaggerate the general appearance of the monster with her hands, this behavior looks very cute .

In an instant, the hormones of several men in front of him were aroused, and each of them seemed to be bloodied.

“What monster is so arrogant, dare to bully you! Come with us! We will help you kill it.”


Immediately A group of people left.

Zhang Kui couldn’t help but grow sighed as he watched the silhouette of them leaving.


Su Mo asked suspiciously.

“No, I’m praying for them! Do you know why I didn’t help her?”


“It was because of helping her Everyone is dead, how can I help? Good luck to those brothers, Amen!”

Zhang Kui prayed silently.

Su Mo was speechless for a moment after listening to it. He was sure that the girl must have her own aura of annihilation, and he silently pulled her into the blacklist in the heart.


In the high walls of Imperial Capital, an independent manor-style villa.

The door is fully open, and a steward and the maid stand on both sides, bowing their heads respectfully.

A low-key, unremarkable black sedan drives in slowly.

The black car drove straight to the garden in the manor.

At this time, Ye Tian was already standing in the garden waiting, his expression was very serious, and there was a hint of doubt in his eyes.

At this time, the black car stopped steadily in front of Ye Tian, the door opened, and a middle-aged man in uniform, tall and straight, with sharp edges and strong eyes, walked down.

He extended the hand to Ye Tian.

“Master Li Shijie.”

Ye Tian held the other’s hand very politely and greeted.

“I’m sorry! For the sudden and rash visit.”

“You’re welcome, it’s our Ye Family honor to have you here, please take a seat.”

Ye Tian’s words are not against his heart at all. Li Shijie is one of the most dazzling new stars in the military.

Li Shijie raised his hand and waved his rejection. He said straight to the point, “No, I’m here to find you on an important and urgent matter. Let everyone go down.”


“Go down.”

Ye Tian simply looked towards the steward and maid who were waiting all around.

So everyone retreated.

Li Shijie said to Ye Tian in a deep voice, “I heard that your guild recently acquired a Vanguard-class Helan.”


Ye Tian replied without hesitation.

“Very well, I won’t tell you anything that doesn’t matter, the Heavenly Dragon guild (military) found a huge island base in the Sea Territory on the southwest side, with a new type of satellite silo on the island. , our people have already taken the island. Now Zhang Wei, Academician and the others are urgently maintaining the equipment and rockets inside, but not long after we took the base, the whole island suffered a lot of crawling out of the seabed The monster attacked. The defensive troops stationed on the island are struggling to intercept, and the situation is very bad.”

“Then, we should send support immediately.”

Ye Heavenly God is right. replied.

“It has been dispatched. The Heavenly Dragon guild sent three waves of ships with elite personnel to set off, but they all sank in the Sea Territory on the way. Now there are no ships to move, and air support is coming soon. It’s the limit. And the enemy attacked is unknown. According to the feedback from the dead, they either touched the mines or were sneak attacked by the submarine. Of course, from my experience, it is most likely to be ambushed by the submarine.”

“Who is so daring to openly attack.”

“I don’t know, and it’s impossible to determine whether it was a human-controlled submarine or a monster’s. But No matter what the situation is, the situation is very bad.”

Li Shijie said with a chilling expression.

“Then what do we need to do.”

Although Ye Tian asked a little knowingly, he still had to say so.

(end of this chapter)

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