Star Ring Mission Chapter 141


Chapter 141 Replacement (Updated for Alliance Leader Ice Shirt Muxue) (Forty-Fourth Update)

Lin Zino leaned against the railing , watching Ziqing leisurely and teaching these newcomers.

In a very good mood!

Finally, the Helan was fully staffed with 500 people, 100 of whom were elderly.

Of course, Ziqing had more than this person in her hands, but when she had a choice, she was of course the most optimized.

These people were all selected very carefully from the elite Marine Corps, although they are still no match for the original Marine Corps. But after a period of training, it must be stronger than the original staff.

At this time, Lin Zinuo saw Qianchengxue bringing a group of grandiose over.

She looked carefully, and found that following Qianchengxue were the other naval battle teams, including the first naval battle team leader Chen Xijie.

In addition to Lin Zinuo’s surprise, Zhao Han was also inside.

Lin Zinuo smiled brightly, she walked over to Ziqing and said excitedly.

“Ziqing, Sister Xue brought Chen Xijie and the others here. It is estimated that she is coming to see our achievements. This time, I can show them off in front of them, and make them jealous.”

Ziqing was also slightly surprised, she immediately looked towards the harbor.

The captains and elites of the first six groups of naval battles are here, and this lineup is not ordinary.

Zi Qing vaguely felt that something was not right, but there seemed to be nothing wrong with what Lin Zinuo said.

Zi Qing said to Zhang Wenjing: “Zhang Wenjing, you teach them a lesson.”


Zhang Wenjing nodded replied.

Soon Qianchengxue, Zhao Han and the others all boarded the boat, and Ziqing and Lin Zinuo rushed to meet them.

“Sister Xue, are you here to see our training results? It’s too late for you to come.”

Lin Zinuo started to boast about smacking the lips.

Chen Xijie and the others looked at Lin Zinuo just like the clown.

Zhao Han interrupted Lin Zinuo’s speech with a cough.

“Don’t say it, Zinuo, there is an urgent mission.”


Lin Zinuo was also stunned for a moment, there is a combat mission so soon .

Zi Qing, who was beside her, froze, she felt something was wrong just now, didn’t expect really come true, she asked calmly.

“What mission?”

Qianchengxue said directly: “It’s the mission that the Heavenly Dragon guild gave us.”

“Heavenly Dragon guild! Xue Sister, are you kidding me?”

Zi Qing and Lin Zino had astonished expressions on their faces.

“That’s right, the Heavenly Dragon guild, so this mission is very important. If you do it well, there will be military achievements!”

Qianchengxue did not intend to hide the two.

“What is that mission?”

Lin Zino came back to his senses and asked with great excitement, this is no less a good thing than a pie in the sky.

“The content of the mission is to support an island base newly occupied by the Heavenly Dragon guild, which is being attacked by monsters.”

“That’s easy, let’s drive over, and a The fire support is not over.”

“It’s not that simple. The ships that went to support in the earlier waves were all killed by unknown attacks. And even if we can arrive safely, we still need to support the island. Of course. If things cannot be done, the island cannot be rescued, and the mission will become rescue.”

Qianchengxue explained the matter in a simple and clear way.

“Then when will we leave?”

Zi Qing asked.

“The sooner the better, the situation there is not optimistic.”

Qianchengxue looked at the time to put down the bracelet and said.

“It’s not so urgent, our people haven’t been trained yet?”

Lin Zinuo is a little bit unable to turn the corner. These new talents have just been selected and haven’t been trained yet.

“Zi Nuo, when are you waiting for your training, the day lilies are cold, we are here to replace them.”

Chen Xijie said with a smile.


Lin Zino almost jumped up.

“Cough cough, Zi Nuo is not frightened and flustered. Emergencies must take the overall situation first.”

Zhao Han quickly reassured.


Lin Zino is like a deflated balloon!

Qianchengxue turned her head to Chen Xijie and said, “You can replace it yourself.”

“No problem! Sister Xue is wrapped around us.”

Chen Xijie and the others unceremoniously moved towards the new crowd.

The 400 newcomers, without exception, were all thrown off the boat. However, due to Qianchengxue’s presence, there was no such thing as chickens and dogs.

Zhang Wenjing and the others remained silent.

It is a trivial matter for newcomers to be replaced, and it is estimated that it will be their turn for the elderly.

Although they are also very elite, they are not necessarily comparable. These elites are carefully selected from each group.

Sure enough, after cleaning up, Chen Xijie turned her attention to the naval crew behind Zhang Wenjing. The expressions of those naval combatants suddenly became tense, for fear that they would be eliminated. This was a super rare mission opportunity.

Just as Chen Xijie walked over, Zi Qing said, “Chen Xijie is almost there. The people you brought can be accommodated by the ship, and there is still more space.”

“You think too much, simply not enough, do you think we are going to get on board? Captain Sun Li and the others are gathering elite fighters to come here. The standard equipment of the Helan is 500 people, at least they must be vacated. Half of the quota is used to accommodate combatants.”

Chen Xijie said seriously.

Ziqing didn’t refute after listening to it, it was a default in disguise.

Lin Zinuo, who was standing aside, wanted to speak, but tried to speak several times, but was speechless.

“You, you don’t”

Chen Xijie walked over, just like ordering soldiers and generals, click one to the next.

Some people who were called were not convinced, but a female player retorted.

“Why replace me.”

Chen Xijie blocked everyone’s mouth with just one sentence: “It’s okay to be unconvinced, all of us, you can just order anyone. If you can win, you can stay.”

The female team member’s expression was a burst of green and a burst of red, how could she possibly have won.

The professional level of the first six groups of naval combat personnel is better than them, not to mention that everyone who comes up is the elite of the elite, so they can only disembark with red eyes.

In less than a while, Ziqing’s number 100 people were reduced to only 30 people.

“That’s it, the rest of the people are barely okay, but there’s something I won’t say, Ziqing, you should know that too. In your group, the ones who really have the ability to talk about, except you Those roommates, the others are probably not even ten people. But no matter what, this Helan is all of you, so I still have to save some face for you.”

Chen Xijie smiled said to Ziqing.

“The skills are not as good as others now, so there is nothing to say, but Chen Xijie hopes that you will not be surpassed by us one day.”

Ziqing replied not to be outdone.

“Okay, I’m looking forward to that day.”

Chen Xijie accepted it very generously.

Zhao Han was slightly sighed in relief when she saw this scene. In fact, she was also a little silly when she was informed by Qianchengxue.

Qianchengxue glanced at the bracelet and said to everyone, “Okay, everyone come here.”

Zi Qing and the others immediately surrounded them.

(end of this chapter)

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