Star Ring Mission Chapter 142


Chapter 142 Superfluous Xue glanced at everyone, and she said solemnly to everyone: “I know that the action is very hasty at this time, so I can’t take into account everyone in many details. But I hope everyone can understand one thing, we are all a Legion , is also a family. This combat mission is very important, so I want to honor everyone, I hope everyone can put aside their previous hatred and unite! This is also the first regular naval battle of our tenth Legion!”


Zi Qing and the others answered in unison.

“Very well, I now officially announce that Ziqing is the captain of the Helan, and Chen Xijie and Lin Zinuo are the vice-captains to assist Ziqing in commanding. All naval battles are dominated by the three of them.”

Qianchengxue solemnly announced.


The other Captains in the naval battle didn’t have any comments, although most of Zi Qing’s people were replaced. However, since the Helan was assigned to twelve groups, they should be the main commanders and not be able to occupy the magpie’s nest.

“Okay, let’s make the final preparations, Sun Li and the others will escort the necessary supplies, and when the time comes we’ll set off immediately.”

Qianchengxue faced said the crowd.


Everyone present responded excitedly.

At this moment, Zi Die suddenly shouted in amazement: “There are so many ships in the distance!”

After understanding what Zi Die said, everyone was also startled and turned their heads to look. In the past, I saw silhouettes of fleets of fleets at the junction of the sea and the horizon in the distance.

Ziqing immediately gave the order.

“Everyone enters a state of alert!”

Immediately, everyone gathered and dispersed, and ran to different positions. The reaction speed was fast, and there was no panic.

At this moment, Chen Xijie took out a telescope and handed it to Qianchengxue.

Qianchengxue picked up the telescope and looked at the ships, and said with a frown.

“Release the alert, it’s my own.”

“My own? We don’t seem to have so many ships, is it possible that is another Legion?”

Lin Zino blurted out in shock.

“You’re right, it’s another Legion, and our good luck seems to be very bad. According to the flag on the ship, it’s the First Army battleship group and the Second Army battleship group. Ships, and Legion’s ships in the seventh naval battle.”

Chen Xijie said a little tricky.

Qianchengxue looked at the three ships that were getting closer and closer, and her expression became more solemn.

She hasn’t received a call from her father, and she hasn’t been notified of a specific task, so the big brother came to him and strongly wanted to buy a ship.

When they are not ready to go online, their fleet will come down.

Although everyone’s territory is very close, there is still a distance, and it is impossible to drive the fleet over immediately.

That can only mean one thing, big brother has already obtained accurate mission information before himself.

And made preparations with both hands, trying to buy the Helan from his own hands, and at the same time notifying his ship in advance. In this way, they can set off together with the Helan to perform combat missions, and they can also share some of the credit at that time.

And the second sister should have gotten the information in advance, but it is estimated that she is a little later than the big brother, otherwise she should also try it.

As for the seventh sister’s fleet, there is nothing to say, she is acting with the big brother as a vassal.

Soon the three fleets were approaching.

Nine ships in total, five of which are standard diesel-powered battleships.

Among them, the old and new are different, and the other four are light patrol ships, which are similar to the dilapidated ships that Su Mo and the others got in Misty Harbor.

The only pity is that there are no destroyers in it.

Of course, its fleet, both in size and quality, far exceeds the tenth Legion. Leaving aside the Helan, there is really no comparison at all.

But there is no way, who makes them rich and imposing, with abundant funds.

It should be known that Qianchengxue is very cautious in all financial expenditures. Every time she has to spend a relatively large expenditure, she needs to check again and again. In addition, she can’t do things like throwing money at people, because she doesn’t have that background.

Her early stage funding is highly dependent on the guild’s appropriation, and the reason why the tenth Legion battle strength is so strong is because the overall centripetal force is strong, and everyone is willing to follow her.

At this time, the main ships of the three fleets approached, with a silhouette standing on the bow.

Atop the battleship of the First Army regiment stood a handsome young man in a trench coat, with shoulder-length hair tied up, with a gentle smile on his face, identified as First Army regiment naval battle Captain Β· Sikong!

The battleship of the Second Army regiment is standing on top of a sexy mature beauty, the beauty is wearing black silk, tight leather clothes, wearing a black hat, and her identity is Second Army regiment naval battle Captain Β· Tang Luo.

A beautiful woman also stood on the main ship of the Seventh Army regiment, but Qianchengxue’s expression became colder when she saw the face of the person who came. It was none other than Ye Wei!

Although big brother Ye Wuhen and second sister Ye Haitang attach great importance to this mission, they are preparing for a land attack and simply can’t walk away, so they have to send their confidants.

But didn’t expect Ye Wei to come in person,

“Qianchengxue Corps Head, I would take the liberty to disturb me. I am here on the order of Ye Wuhen Corps Head to meet with you. You meet and fight together.”

Sikong explained with a smile.

“Qianchengxue Corps Head, I’m sorry I didn’t inform you in advance. Sister Haitang is afraid that you will be alone in this operation, which may cause problems, so she ordered us to come and fight together.”

Tang Luo said it very nicely. Of course, the high-sounding words were no different from Sikong’s words.

“en. ”

Although Qianchengxue was reluctant, she could only endure it.

At this time, Ye Wei laughed opened the mouth and said: “I said younger sister, elder sister was really worried about you, so she came in person, it shouldn’t be mind?”

“I think you’re doing something superfluous. Younger sister has her own measure.”

Qianchengxue didn’t mean to give Ye Wei a good face at all. so. Mainly in the parliament before, Ye Wei mentioned her mother and completely angered her.

Ye Wei sneered, and she waved: “Younger sister, don’t be too arrogant, it’s better for elder sister to move forward with you, this mission is different from the past, the father gave a death order. , must be done, don’t fall in the sewer.”

“I know very well.”

Qianchengxue answered in a deep voice.

“It’s good if you know, then get ready to go quickly, don’t waste time.”

Ye Wei urged unceremoniously.

Qianchengxue took a deep breath, turned her head and said to the sister beside her.

“Inform Sun Li and tell her to hurry up.”


Lin Zinuo clicked when she saw this. Get off the bracelet and log out of the game immediately.



In the private room of the Big Bones Hotel, Su Mo is watching the video recorded by Zhang Hao repeatedly.

Through the video screen, you can see that there is a very low base in an extremely hidden mountain within the valley. The exterior of the base has been specially treated and covered with a protective color consistent with the all around environment. It can be seen from a high altitude. Down, it is estimated that there is no problem.

(end of this chapter)

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