Star Ring Mission Chapter 143


Chapter 143 is full (for the Alliance Leader ice shirt and snow) (forty-six)

The base is all around Destroyed covert protective grid.

However, these are not the most important, the most important point. On the periphery of the base, the prowlers are all green and glowing, their claws are extremely sharp, their heads are like sarcomas, and they have sharp teeth.

In the video, Zhang Hao nervously pointed his wristband at the monsters, and a message popped up from the wristband.

Type II common mutant creatures and synthetic beasts.

Hint: A failure created by human experimentation.

Su Mo’s brows almost knit together after reading this reminder over and over again.

“Type II?”

“Yeah, it’s Type II. The monsters who are the gatekeepers are all Type II, and they almost scared me and Marco to pee. I’m done.”

Zhang Hao said with a lingering fear.

“big brother, you look at the prompt, it says synthetic monsters, these monsters may have escaped from this laboratory, if you guess correctly, this laboratory should be a biochemical laboratory I heard that this kind of laboratory produces good things like genetic medicines. Boss, you don’t know the price of Dao Foundation’s medicines, it’s just sky-high! That kind of unknown genetic medicine, drinking it is like opening a blind box. Yes, the black market sells a 100W one, and if it comes with an instruction manual, the medicine efficacy is stable, and the price has no upper limit.”

Sun Duoxiang became more and more excited as he spoke, as if he was about to make a fortune. .

Su Mo’s thoughts are very calm. He is not really interested in making a fortune, but one thing really touched him.

That’s genetic medicine, and it’s estimated that I will use it sooner or later. And we have to prepare early. After all, there are too many types of genetic medicines, and a large number of branches have caused extensive changes to the human body. Su Mo is quite averse to this. He wants a genetic medicine that won’t change the human form much.

Su Mo in Zhang Hao’s triple room didn’t say anything, and looked at him eagerly.

After a long time, Su Mo said: “This biochemical base is higher level than you think, and it is also more dangerous than you imagined. Maybe there will be a monster with a high template of type III inside. If you want to explore this biochemical base , and also need to prepare special protective equipment.”

“Boss, we think so too.”

Sun Duoxiang quickly agreed.

Su Mo just continued talking when suddenly the phone vibrated.

He took out his phone and glanced at it. It was also slightly startled, and it was Lin Zinuo who called.

“I’ll take a call.”

Su Mo said to the three of Sun Duoxiang, and then connected to Lin Zinuo.

Before Su Mo could speak, Lin Zino’s eager voice came over the phone: “Where are you, Su Mo?”

“I’m having dinner with friends in the suburbs. “

Su Mo is also a little stunned, what’s the situation? Isn’t it time to get off work?

“Come back quickly, the guild has a big mission. The Helan is going to fight, and this time it’s a mission from the Heavenly Dragon guild, and the rewards are very rich.”

Lin Zinuo Quickly said to Su Mo.

“Who is the Heavenly Dragon guild?”

Su Mo was completely confused.

“Aiya, don’t care who you are, come back soon! We are about to set off.”

Lin Zinuo’s anxious voice was smoking, and their group was kicked down many people. Don’t call Su Mo back, when the time comes there’s nothing to come up with in the hand, really think they’re vegetarian.


Su Mo didn’t ask any more questions from his mother-in-law, so he just hung up the phone.

“big brother, what happened?”

Sun Duoxiang asked suspiciously.

“The matter of the biochemical base is put on hold first. You first collect protective equipment and equipment for electronic deciphering. The various facilities in the base must be very advanced. Even if there is no monster, it is very difficult in itself. Go in, I’ll talk about the rest when I’m done here, I still have important things to do on my side.”

After Su Mo explained to the three of Sun Duoxiang, he stood up.

“Boss, I have a car, do you want me to take it for you!”

Sun Duoxiang hurriedly volunteered.

Su Mo did not refuse either.

“Let’s go!”

So the four of them hurried out of the private room and bumped into Xiao Lian when they left the hotel.

“Sun Duoxiang, you haven’t settled the bill yet!”

“Put it on my account first, and then pay later!”

Sun Duoxiang I didn’t reply, I just shouted, the big brother’s business is the most important thing.

Xiao Lian gnash the teeth, turned around to clean him up.

“Lady Boss, just let that kid eat for free, or let’s call the police!”

“Report your head! My mother is happy.”

Xiao Lian directly kicked the waiter next to her.

“Oh, why am I so unlucky”

At this moment, Sun Duoxiang led Su Mo to a nearby parking lot, and a very ordinary van came into view.

“The boss got in the car.”

Sun Duoxiang hurried up to open the door.

Su Mo didn’t care either, he went directly to the co-pilot.

“Okay, boss, where are we going?”

Sun Duoxiang asked quickly.

“Go to the headquarters of the Erhuan Dawning Group, no, no where, is there any internet cafe nearby where you can go to Star Ring.”

Su Mo immediately changed his words as soon as he said it. It will take more than an hour to rush back now, when the time comes the day lily is cold.

“Simple, I’m familiar with this piece.”

Sun Duoxiang patted his chest and assured.

The two Zhang Hao sitting in the back hurriedly reminded Sun Duoxiang, “Brother Sun, there may not be a seat.”

Don’t talk too much at this time. , when the time comes is embarrassing.

“Uh, there are many internet cafes around big brother, but there may not be any places.”

“Go and have a look.”

Neither did Su Mo. Too concerned.

“Okay! Let’s go then.”

Sun Duoxiang stepped on the accelerator, and the minivan sped out.

In about five minutes, they arrived at the largest Internet cafe nearby, but the sight in front of them made Su Mo’s head hurt.

I saw a long queue at the entrance of the Internet cafe. No matter how large it is, it is impossible.

“Why are there so many people?”

“Big brother, originally there were a lot of people playing this game, and there weren’t enough helmets. But we can barely balance supply and demand, after all, everyday all so many people were killed. But then the president of the parliament did not speak to the whole people. Since that time, all the Internet cafes have been full, and even the helmets ordered are not shipped.”

Sun Duo Xiang kept complaining.

Su Mo suddenly reacted when he heard this, picked up his mobile phone to check the order, and found that the helmet he had placed, the updated details column said that the goods are in the process of purchasing raw materials and have not yet been produced.

“Go to the inner ring, go to another house!”

Su Mo said in black.


Sun Duoxiang responded quickly.

At Dawn City Seaport, Sun Li and other elite fighters have all boarded the ship, and they have also loaded all the materials they need on board. At the same time, Qiancheng Xue also brought his Dawn Guardian mecha. onto the boat.

“I’m almost ready.”

Sun Li walked to Qianchengxue and said.

(end of this chapter)

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