Star Ring Mission Chapter 145


Chapter 145 Introduction (Added Updates to Alliance Leader Ice Shirt Muxue) (48 Updates)

And it’s really bad luck, Sun Duoxiang didn’t come to find him, there was no shit, just when something happened here, there was a problem there.

So now Sun Duoxiang is racing at full speed to the headquarters of the Breaking Dawn Group.

β€œHow long will it take?”

Su Mo asked calmly.

“Boss, I’m already overspeeding, and in twenty minutes, I’ll be able to deliver you.”

Sun Duoxiang followed suit, so don’t delay because of yourself. The big brother thing, when the time comes laying a gun will be troublesome.

In the toilet area of the Breaking Dawn Group, Zhao Han and the others kept urging Lin Zinuo, not to mention that Lin Zinuo was going crazy, Zhao Han himself was going crazy.

At this moment, Sun Li rushed over, she shouted angrily.

“Get out of the way!”

Then she walked to the toilet door, knocked on Lin Zinuo’s toilet door, and said, “I’m not kidding you, Lin Zino, this time. The mission is very important, and it is seriously overtime now. Those people are already questioning Corps Head, you come out now, if it is really uncomfortable, you go online and hand over the keys, and then disembark!”

Lin Zi Hearing this, Nuo was completely helpless, and couldn’t stand it any longer.

She could only press the flush switch, then open the toilet door, and said with a weak look.

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble, but the chain fell off at this critical moment.”

“Stop talking nonsense, go online.”

Sun Li simply didn’t Gongfu was talking nonsense with Lin Zinuo, she was so anxious that she almost got angry.


Lin Zinuo responded quickly.

Soon everyone was online, and Ziqing found Lin Zinuo immediately.

“What are you doing, where’s the key?”

“Give it.”

Lin Zino embarrassedly handed the key to Ziqing.

Ziqing immediately trotted to the control room, and quickly started the ship in full, ready to sail! It was four or five hours later than originally expected.

Soon Zhao Han and the others all withdrew from the ship, and then the Helan moved and began to slowly drive out of the port.

Ye Wei and the others saw the Helan move, and gave the order to leave without the slightest hesitation.

At this point, the fleet of the Dawning Guild is officially launched!

Lin Zinuo leaned on the railing of the deck, looking at the far away seaport, with a look of wanting to cry but not tears, this time he killed himself.

After such a long delay and such a big disaster, the idiot didn’t arrive yet. This is simply having given away a bride, to lose one’s army on top of it.

The Corps Head will be held accountable later, maybe not only will he be punished, maybe the vice captains who are not hot will be deprived.

Sure enough, Lin Zinuo saw Qianchengxue brought Sun Li and the others moved towards him after all the dust had settled.

In the Northern Part of City area camp at Dawn, Su Mo comes online and immediately rushes to his hangar.

A moment later, Su Mo rushed out of the hangar with the blue mecha at high speed, then turned on the tail section jet device, and moved towards the harbor at low altitude and flew over at high speed.

The whole process is in one go, without the slightest stagnation.

Players left behind in the camp saw Su Mo charging ahead at high speed.

Many girls couldn’t help but say, “very handsome!”

Even male players couldn’t help but sighed: “Why constant comparing oneself to others will only make one angry? ?”

In just ten minutes, Su Mo drove the mecha high-speed to the port area of Auroville, the huge mecha fell from the air, and fiercely stepped on the port open space.

A loud bang.

Surprised the members of all around.

“Su Mo? You’re not on the boat?”

Zhao Han was also stunned when he saw Wei Lan mecha, and immediately realized how to forget him. Wait, Lin Zinuo was wasting time by messing around there. Could it be that he was just waiting for Su Mo?

“I’m late for something, is the boat gone?”

Su Mo solemnly asked, looking at the empty port.

“You came back late, the Helan has already set off.”

Zhao Han said with great regret.

Su Mo felt helpless when he heard Zhao Han’s words. He really had no choice. He really tried his best. When a person catches up with his back, he drank cold water and jammed his teeth.

But to be honest, I’m a little disappointed

“Next time.”

Seeing Su Mo fell silent, Zhao Han said comforted.

Just as Su Mo was driving the blue mecha back to the hangar, the people in the seaport shouted loudly in amazement.

“Look, the ship has returned.”

“What’s the situation? Didn’t you just leave? How did you return?”

In an instant, the entire port Players are boiling.

Zhao Han and Su Mo also looked towards the sea port inconceivably. They also thought it was absurd, but this is the reality. The return voyage is nothing else, it is really the Helan.

Lin Zino was standing on the deck, she excitedly waved to Su Mo.

“Hey, we’re back!”

Su Mo’s indifferent face could not help showing a hint of emotion, then he turned his head and said something to Zhao Han.

“I’m leaving!”

Zhao Han smiled brightly and said to Su Mo: “Okay, be careful on the road, everything is up to you.”


Su Mo pushed the lever with all his strength, the back jet was fully powered, the whole mecha floated, and then rushed towards the Helan at high speed.

not very long Su Mo, driving the azure mecha, landed in the on-board parking area of the Helan, alongside the Dawnguard.

Immediately after, Su Mo opened the cockpit and climbed down from the mecha.

“You are finally here, like a snail, you almost killed you.”

Lin Zinuo and Zhou Qian’s group excitedly surrounded her.

Su Mo reluctantly responded: “I have tried my best, all the Internet cafes on the road are full, and there is simply no seat, and all the seats have to be reserved.”

“Do my best. Shit, I was almost criticized for buying you time, but I couldn’t hold it back.”

“By the way, haven’t you set sail? Why are you back.

“It wasn’t that after the ship set off, I confessed to Sister Xue that I was waiting for you, but Sister Xue gave an order to return to pick you up. “

Lin Zino was also surprised.

“Oh, thank you.” “

Su Mo nods, I’m a little touched.

“Thank you, it’s all my own, I don’t cover you or anyone covers you “

Lin Zinuo said in a very happy mood, of course she didn’t tell the truth, she really had no choice but to provide Su Mo.

“You are Su Mo, right? “

A sudden voice came.

Su Mo subconsciously turned to look over and saw two beauties, Sun Li and Chen Xijie coming over.

β€œ You are? “

“I would like to introduce myself as Sun Li, the tenth Legion Deputy Corps Head. This is my deputy, Chen Xijie. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Didn’t expect you to be much more handsome than the one in the video.” “

Sun Li generously extended the hand to Su Mo. Ever since she saw Su Mo’s battle video, she has been eyeing Su Mo. Although she is not a top expert, it is also not bad.

Don’t look at so many people spraying Su Mo’s fighting skills, the keyboard warrior has never been a brain, nothing to care about.

Just Su Mo driving this second-generation mecha Come to their group and get the main fighters properly. It is estimated that no one can beat him except Corps Head.

(End of this chapter)

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