Star Ring Mission Chapter 146


Chapter 146 is like a wolf like a tiger (added for the Alliance Leader ice shirt and snow) (forty-ninth update)

Su Mo is very Inappropriate response.


At this time, Lin Zino was vigilantly blocking in front of Su Mo.

“Sister Sun Li, what do you want? Don’t you want to dig a foothold?”

“Sister Zinuo younger, don’t talk so much, we are all a Legion, inside Isn’t it normal for personnel to be transferred?”

Sun Li pulled up Zi Nuo’s small hand and replied with a smile on her face, without the oppression of smashing the door before.

It’s all about arguing with each other. No wonder it’s not surprising to say that turning a woman’s face is the same as turning a book.

Lin Zinuo naturally wouldn’t eat this set, and of course she wouldn’t offend Sun Li too much. Although Sun Li and she are not in the same group, but they are deputy Corps Heads, she is her own boss in a sense.

“Sister Sun, your team is full of talented people. It’s not bad. I suddenly remembered that Su Mo has just arrived and has not arranged a rest area for him, and many things have not been explained to him. Let’s first Retired.”

After Lin Zino finished speaking, he dragged Su Mo away.

Sun Li was not annoyed and watched the two leave.

Chen Xijie asked suspiciously: “elder sister, I see that Zinuo’s posture will not let people easily.”

“What’s the hurry, I’ve turned back and fought side by side more often, and I’m getting familiar with it gradually. If you don’t, it’s easy to dig. Such a strong expert, you must dig your hands, otherwise it will be troublesome if you turn around and get poached by Tang Yao, that guy is coquettish, and few men can stand it.”

Sun Li said that he was very annoyed at the back, their first group has always been poaching and digging for a standard. But Tang Yao, that guy, doesn’t poach other people who specifically target her, seizing food from the tiger’s mouth.

Chen Xijie looked at each other in blank dismay and quickly reminded Sun Li.

“Elder sister, please keep your voice down. If someone hears this, Sister Xue will start training you again.”

On the other side, Lin Zinuo moved with Su Mo towards the lounge area.

The entire resting cabin area is super lively, a girl talking and laughing chatting.

“This ship is at a high level, and the temperature can be adjusted in each room, as well as a TV.”

“This is the real ship, but unfortunately it’s not ours. “

“Okay, don’t complain, it’s not bad to be able to fight on this kind of ship once.”

Lin Zino warned Su Mo repeatedly as he walked: “This The Cizhelan is different than usual. The number of people on board is full, so there is no extra room. My room is relatively large, so you can temporarily share a room with me.”

Of course, Lin Zinuo The reason for doing this is also very simple. All the members of the naval battle team who came up are basically girls.

Most of the girls have good faces, don’t look back, Su Mo was hooked up. When the time comes, the lost pants are gone, so I have to watch it myself.


Su Mo didn’t care too much.

“Come on, look, is that Su Mo.”

“Really or not? Is that the expert?”

I don’t know if it is Which girl shouted, and a lot of girls stuck their heads out of the rest room.

“Wow, it’s really Su Mo.”

If it wasn’t for Lin Zino who was by Su Mo’s side, he would have surrounded him long ago. You know the reason why the 12th group was so restrained was because Su Mo had killed too many of their friends before, and they resisted it at first. Now that Su Mo is famous and has done a good job, they also slapped themselves in the face.

Su Mo’s expression became more and more unnatural when she saw such an excited girl.

He was a little fortunate, it was really wise to choose to squat in the twelve groups.

Lin Zinuo looked at the girls who were like wolves and tigers, and quickly pulled Su Mo inside.

The two of them soon came to the assigned rest room.


Lin Zinuo hurriedly closed the door, then let out a long breath, finally getting rid of those nympho temporarily.

Su Mo took a look. This is a double room, with two sleeping beds, two desks, and a separate bathroom, which is pretty good.

“Just sit down.”

Lin Zinuo sat on the chair, leaning against the back of the chair, and stretched tiredly.

She was indeed a little tired, and this sudden task also confused her.

“What is our mission this time, it seems to be serious, and what is that Heavenly Dragon guild?”

Seeing that he was free, Su Mo asked Lin Zino.

“Heavenly Dragon Guild is a guild formed by the military. The president of the council serves as the guild president, and all members serve as the guild’s cabinet group. Our Dawning Guild actually serves the Heavenly Dragon guild, and of course it’s not just us. He, and the other Four Great Guilds as well.”

Lin Zinuo began to spread some secrets to Su Mo.

“You mean, we are on a military mission?”

Su Mo also asked a little moved, feeling a little exaggerated.

“Bi Dong, you got the right answer, so this mission is only allowed to succeed, not to fail. If you succeed, you can get credit. If you fail, we all have to go to the interrogation court. Know me How nice to you, waiting for you at the risk of mortal danger.”

Lin Zinuo said with a smile.

Su Mo was speechless for a while.

“Can I quit?”

“No, well, I won’t tease you, they asked us for help, even if the mission fails, they generally don’t bother us Yes. After all, we should be more tolerant towards non-professionals, otherwise it will chill our hearts, who will come back in the future.”

Lin Zinuo laughed happily.

β€œWhat is the mission?”

Su Mo continued to ask after listening to nodded.

“This mission is to go to an island base for support. When the time comes, it is estimated that we will have to land on the island to fight. But let’s not mention these first, we must be able to arrive first. Judging from the information given by Sister Xue, we The probability of being attacked on the way is very high, but don’t worry too much. We are not fighting alone. There are many fleets with us. Although we are not in the same mind, at least on the surface, you should rest first, and I will take care of you later. I will send you the relevant information with a bracelet. I have to go to the control room, no matter what, as the deputy captain, I still have to do my duty.”

Lin Zinuo said to Su Mo seriously .


Su Mo couldn’t help but shock the head.


Two days later, Su Mo stood on the deck of the Helan and looked at the sea in the distance.

The scenery is good, except for the smell of sea water, nothing else.

However, Su Mo was not interested in the scenery. He watched it for a while, and then focused on the fleets all around.

This Dawnbreaker Guild has a very solid background, and it was possible to form such a fleet in a hurry. Not counting the Helan, there are a total of nine ships.

Let’s not talk about the combat capabilities of these ships, this imposing manner is completely useless.

But one thing is not very good, these ships did not clear the way in front of the Helan. Instead, he slowed down and followed behind the Helan.

Just when Su Mo was a little dazed, Qianchengxue walked to Su Mo’s side without knowing what to do, she opened the mouth and said lightly as she looked into the distance.

“Do you know why I turned around to pick you up?”

(end of chapter)

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