Star Ring Mission Chapter 147


Chapter 147 Intelligence (Updated for Alliance Leader Ice Shirt Muxue) (Fifty Updates)

Su Mo Wei Wei For a moment, it turned out to be the cold beauty I saw in the elevator that day. Immediately after calling the head, he still had self-knowledge. Although his combat skills were good, he had not yet reached the point where the world would not turn around without him.

Qianchengxue’s cold face showed a hint of complexity, and then said: “That’s because, I used to look forward to the past. I can look back.”



Su Mo looked a little surprised towards Qiancheng Snow.

However, Qianchengxue did not continue to explain, she just quietly looked at the sea in the distance.

After a long time, Qianchengxue moved towards the control room.

Su Mo looked at Qianchengxue’s back as she left, with an indescribable touch.

In the control room, Zi Qing was having a heated discussion with Chen Xijie. The situation in front of them could not allow them to take it lightly.

“I’ve fully expanded the radar’s range, and you can also see that I simply didn’t see any silhouette. Are you sure the message is okay?”

“How could there be a problem? It was given to me by Sister Sun Li herself.”

Lin Zinuo sat on the side, breathing in all kinds of boredom.

At this time, Qianchengxue walked in, and Lin Zino hurriedly stood up after seeing it.

“Sister Xue!”

Xue slightly?” Qiancheng Xue nodded in response to Zi Nuo’s greetings, she looked towards Zi Qing and asked, “What happened? p>

“That’s right, we got the latest information that the fleet of the Chilong Zhang Family (Scorching Flame Guild) also went to support. According to the latest information, they should be in this Sea Territory, but our radar I can’t scan their traces.”

Ziqing explained to Qianchengxue.

“Could it be that the distance is too far?”

Qiancheng Xue thought for a while and asked.

“The Helan is equipped with a radar that has a long coverage range, and the fleet equipped by the other side tends to be heavy. Moreover, the power is also the most common diesel drive, and their speed is relatively slow. Normally, we should have caught up long ago. The tail is gone.”

Zi Qing said seriously.

“Then what do you think of this matter.”

Qianchengxue did not despise this matter, and asked Ziqing.

“Two possibilities, either they deviate from the course, or they are sunk.”

Ziqing said chillingly.

“Impossible! This time, Zhang Ru is the one who led the fleet of the Chi Yan Guild. His commanding talent and ability are very strong. How could it be so easy to be defeated, let alone the whole army was wiped out.”

Chen Xijie said with certainty that both Zhang Ru and Chen Xijie came from the same Navy Academy. Zhang Ru has always been the influential figure of the school, brimming over with talent!

She has always been the target and idol of Chen Xijie.

In addition, under the popularization here, the top five domestic dragons are respectively.

Black Dragon First: Lin Family

Mingmian Industry conglomerate Group Martial God Group (mainly involved in heavy industry, military industry)

Star Ring Guild: Martial God Guild, subordinate 24 affiliated small guilds.

Comprehensive strength: first.

Purple Dragon Head: Xiao Family

Mingmian Industry conglomerate Group ยท Moriye Group (mainly involved in the pharmaceutical industry)

Star Ring Guild: Moriye Guild

Comprehensive Strength: Second

Red Dragon Head: Zhang Family

Bright Industry conglomerate GroupยทZhiyan Group (mainly involved in the construction industry)

Star Ring Guild: Burning Flame Guild

Comprehensive Strength: Third

White Dragon First: Ye Family

Mingmian Industry conglomerate GroupยทDawn Group (mainly involving light industry and cultural industry)

Star Ring Guild: Dawn Guild

Comprehensive Strength: Fourth

Green Dragon First: Wang Family

Mingmian Industry conglomerate Group ยท Tianheng Group (mainly involved in the foundry processing industry)

Star Ring Guild: Tianheng Guild

Comprehensive Strength: Fifth

After hearing the words of the two, Qianchengxue also felt that there was a problem, so she opened her mouth and said to Chen Xijie.

“You ask Sun Li to send someone offline, go check it out, and see where their fleet is now and what’s going on.”


Chen Xijie nodded replied.

Although they are all going to support, but everyone wants to make a contribution, basically they will not cooperate.

After Qianchengxue finished explaining Chen Xijie, she turned her head and said to Ziqing: “Ziqing remember my words, we have to be as careful as possible, no amount of caution is too much. The Heavenly Dragon Guild has supported several times. The fleet has all been killed, and it is impossible to be an accident, and danger is bound to exist.”

Qianchengxue will never overestimate his luck, nor underestimate any potential enemies.

“I understand.”

Zi Qing also felt inexplicable pressure.

Lin Zino was a bit at a loss as she stood aside. She wanted to speak a few times to participate, but she didn’t know what to say. In terms of naval battles, she is really half-baked. Before the Helan was in her hands, most of her operations were mindless.

Of course Qian Chengxue didn’t think so. She actually valued Lin Zinuo very much. She thought that Lin Zinuo could lead a dozen rookies and drove the ship back. And also played two beautiful supports, it must be brimming over with talent, so she was also appointed as the deputy captain.

The atmosphere in the control room became more solemn and a little breathless.

So Lin Zino walked out of the control room to get some air, and after she came out, she sighed in relief. At this time, she saw Su Mo leaning against the railing alone, where the sea breeze was so leisurely and comfortable.

“You can really enjoy your leisure time and come here to blow the sea breeze.”

Lin Zino walked to Su Mo’s side, leaned against the railing, and felt the comfortable sea breeze.

โ€œThere is nothing I need to do.โ€

Su Mo said casually.

“You don’t need to explain, I know, I’m just joking. Hey! I envy you, you just need to fight, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Lin Zinuo said with emotion.

“What happened?”

Su Mo was silent for a while, then asked.

“It’s okay, Ziqing and the others are looking for the fleet of the Burning Flame Guild, and now they can’t find any trace of them. It is said that they should be here in the Sea Territory. Sister Xue feels that things are a bit abnormal. , think it may be a little dangerous, let us be vigilant.”

Lin Zinuo probably said something to Su Mo.

“Is the information accurate?”

Su Mo asked.

“Most likely, it should be no problem. You know, our guild has many girls and many people who are chasing. Generally speaking, the news is quite reliable. And we are not hostile to the Zhiyan guild. In this sense, it should be considered half an ally.”

“There is a problem.”

Su Mo simply replies.

“Ah, do you think there’s a problem too? Where’s the problem?”

Lin Zinuo’s eyes showed expectant eyes, if Su Mo gave any insight, wait until Qiancheng Xue When asked, I can still borrow one or two.


Su Mo spit out two words.

Lin Zinuo rolled her eyes immediately, which didn’t mean she didn’t say anything, which made her look forward to it in vain.

“I really lost my mind to ask you this question. Forget it, I’ll go back to the control room, big eyes staring at small eyes, lest Sister Xue find out that I’ve slipped away. .”

“It’s better to be in a ready-to-fight state.”

Su Mo didn’t make any excuses, but just said this out of nowhere.

(end of this chapter)

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