Star Ring Mission Chapter 148


Chapter 148 Ambush (Updates for Alliance Leader Ice Shirt and Snow) (51 Updates)

Lin Zino paused , originally wanted to ask Su Mo something, but finally gave up with a dumb smile. After asking for a long time, this wood can’t say why, and can only say intuition.

So Lin Zino walked back to the control room, just as she entered.

Qianchengxue saw Lin Zinuo and asked, “Zinuo, do you have any good opinions?”

“Uh, I think there is a problem!”


Lin Zinuo paused and blurted out subconsciously.

“Oh, how do you say it? I want to hear your opinion?”

Qiancheng Xue looked towards Lin Zinuo very seriously.

Lin Zino coughed, said in deadly earnest.

“I don’t have anything special to say, I just feel that there is something wrong. This may be my intuition. I feel the danger is approaching, and I think we need to enter a state of full preparation for combat.”


Lin Zinuo admired her foolishness a bit, but after speaking, Lin Zinuo’s heart was a little restless, and she regretted it a little.

However, unexpectedly, Qianchengxue said to Ziqing: “Let some of the personnel enter the state of preparation for combat, and all important positions must have people.”

“Understood, I’ll issue a notification right now.”

Zi Qing immediately executed.

The whole ship soon became lively.

Not far from the deck of the Seventh Army’s battleship, the Wild Hope.

Ye Wei was observing all the movements on the Helan with a telescope. There was no way she could accept the command of the Helan because she was not of one mind. However, the performance of the electronic equipment on the Helan was crushing everyone. Once something happened, Qianchengxue was the easiest to detect.

“Any news from the insider?”

“Yes, it is said to have received an order to enter the ready-to-fight state. The specific reason is unknown. Miss Qianchengxue knows whether it is We are paying attention to her, did it come out on purpose? The sea is calm and tranquil, the sky is clear, it doesn’t look like it is dangerous”

A woman standing beside Ye Wei respectfully replies.

“Although my younger sister is disgusting, she is still a bit capable, so everyone should be careful.”


The subordinates next to him responded.

Of course it wasn’t just Ye Wei who responded, Tang Luo and Sikong also made the people below be more vigilant.

Able to command the fleet to perform such an important task, no one is a vegetarian.

As time passed, the sky gradually darkened, the sea was still calm and tranquil, and nothing could be seen on the sea level.

In the command room of the Helan, Qianchengxue sat quietly in a chair, while Ziqing was constantly observing various monitoring data to check if there was anything unusual.

At this moment, there was a burst of hurried footsteps.

Immediately after, Sun Li and Chen Xijie rushed in, their faces very ugly.

“What happened?”

Lin Zino was also taken aback and asked quickly.

Sun Li reported to Qiancheng Xuehui: “Sister Xue, we just got the latest news that the fleet led by Zhang Ru has been destroyed. A large number of their players have died, and they are now scolding their mothers. “

“Where’s the enemy?”

Qianchengxue asked.

“According to the dead, their ship was attacked without warning, and the firepower was very strong, and it was 100% sure that it was attacked by a submarine. Not very long, their ship sank. , they all fell into the sea to feed the fish.”

Sun Li explained.

Lin Zinuo was speechless in astonishment, didn’t expect things to be so serious.

At this time, Zhou Qian ran as hard as she could, and opened her mouth to report: “Report, the observatory staff found that there are many drowning people at sea in the distance.”

“Sister Xue, shouldn’t it be? Could it be those from the Burning Flame Guild?”

Lin Zinuo asked while swallowing.

“Who else is there besides them?”

Qianchengxue answered with certainty.

“Then do we want to rescue them?”

Chen Xijie asked hesitantly.

“If you don’t save, Ye Wei and the others will naturally save them. They have a lot of ships and a lot of manpower. For her, this is a good opportunity to make friends with each other, and she won’t let it go. Yes. We are just one ship, if one step is wrong, one step is wrong.”

Qianchengxue thought about it and made a decision.


Zi Qing and the others responded with chills.

Not very long, Ye Wei and the others also noticed the people who fell into the water, and they immediately sent ships to rescue people.

So the ships accelerated from the back of the Helan.

Ziqing turned her head to Qianchengxue and said, “Sister Xue, they really went up to rescue.”

“It’s really shameless, hiding behind our buttocks when sailing, Let’s explore the way. When there is meat to pick up, we can rush faster than anyone else.”

Lin Zinuo scolded indignantly.

“Don’t worry about them, and don’t let them affect our own emotions.”

Qianchengxue couldn’t help reminding Lin Zinuo.


Lin Zinuo responded quickly.

At this time, as the ships accelerated, the surviving players of the Burning Flame Guild, who were immersed in the sea, saw those ships without any accident.

They shouted eagerly like a drowning man seeing a life-saving straw.


One of them was a handsome young man who was embarrassed. He was the Zhang Ru that Chen Xijie said.

“Brother Zhang, we are saved, those ships seem to be coming at us.”

A chubby adjutant next to him said excitedly.

“I know, it should be the ship of the Dawnbreaker Guild, hey~ it’s really embarrassing.”

Zhang Ru’s heart is also very bitter.

“That’s not better, I heard that there are a lot of thieves in the Dawnbreak Guild. And they’re pretty, didn’t expect to meet so soon.”

” Zhang Wei, when are you still thinking about girls.”

Zhang Ru was so angry that she wanted to kick this guy.

The first three ships were quickly driven, and ropes were thrown from the boat among the people who were falling into the water. The rescue work began in an orderly manner, and the surviving players also swam desperately.

At this time, in the deep seabed, a silent pitch-black huge monster began to move.

They opened their eyes like ominous beasts of icy coldness.

But just as they moved.

The Helan radar system issued a harsh warning, and at the same time the entire ship sounded a combat siren.

A red dot appears on the holographic scan screen.

“What’s the situation?”

Qianchengxue asked,

“The existence of threats was scanned, but there is only one.”

Zi Qing just stopped halfway through reporting.

On the scanning screen, one, two, three, four, five.

Densely packed red dots appear.

Ziqing immediately reacted: “Not good, there is an ambush! This is a trap, the opponent has changed from silence to awakening, it is a submarine formation!”

No one will Thinking of it, the enemy who devoured the fleet of the Burning Flame Guild did not leave. Instead, they fell silent and used the remaining surviving players as bait.

It’s really a good game!

At this time, seabed, in the control room of a giant submarine, a man wearing a standard military uniform, with a moustache, and a saber on his waist, waved his conceited hand to give an order.



Many soldiers responded neatly.


(end of this chapter)

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