Star Ring Mission Chapter 149


Chapter 149 Counterattack (adding updates to the Alliance Leader ice shirt and snow) (fifty-two)

One after another icy torpedo poured When they came out, they quickly moved towards the fleet, and the three rescue ships were the first to bear the brunt.

“The other party launched an attack!”

Zhang Wenjing immediately issued a warning.

Zi Qing quickly entered the command, quickly analyzed the attack trajectory of the incoming torpedoes, and immediately locked the seven torpedoes that hit the ship.

“Shoot sonic decoys, noise jamming rounds and CG-07 depth rounds!”


Zhang Wenjing and the others responded quickly.

In an instant, two rows of special depth bombs were fired from the launch port at the bottom of the Helan.

At this time, one torpedo is approaching quickly!

Haili Zhang Ru looked at the companion who was pulled up with a complex expression on his face, if he could, he really wanted to drown himself. However, I was so lucky that I didn’t get killed in it, and the water was so good that I couldn’t burp.

“big brother, let’s go up. If you soak in the sea for too long, your body will be polluted. When the time comes, you have to apply for a healing potion.”

Zhang Wei licked his face and pleaded road.

Zhang Ru sighed, forget it, it is better to live than to die, otherwise the fire of resurrection will be more expensive.


“very good, then let’s swim over.”

Zhang Wei responded excitedly.

At this moment, one torpedo came at high speed, and one of them seabed from Zhang Ru’s side.

Zhang Ru noticed the strangeness and glanced down at him.

I haven’t reacted yet what’s going on!


A series of violent explosions spread.

The bottom of the three ships being rescued was instantly hit, and the companions who were being rescued and climbed up fell down like kites with broken strings.

“Enemy attack!!!”

The hit ship was in chaos, and holes were blown out in the bottom area.

The crews on the ship were all over the place, but they were elite after all.

Soon the respective captains gave orders to let the maintenance personnel go down, close the partition cabin at the bottom, and shut off the leaking area. At the same time, they began to search for enemy targets with all their strength, preparing to counterattack.

At this time, not far from the sea, the Helan also exploded violently one after another, and huge waves jumped up one after another.

The incoming torpedoes were intercepted one by one.

Sikong solemnly asked in the control room of the First Army’s battleship, Soaring.

“Did the sonar system catch them.”

“The enemy was caught. It’s an organized group of submarines, with a total of fifteen.”

“Report! Except for the Soar, all three of our ships were attacked to varying degrees.”

“Report! The other party launched a second round of attacks! It’s too late to avoid it.”

A team member eagerly reports.

“If you can’t dodge, don’t dodge, and pour out torpedoes with all your strength to fight back.”

Si Kong slammed a hammer on the console and gave an order angrily, but he was careless. He would never have imagined that the enemy was so daring enough to have attacked the Burning Flame Guild fleet without leaving or supplying them, so they silently silenced them in the vicinity.

And the number of opponents is so terrifying. If it is a monster group, it is okay to say, if it is a player group, it will be too terrifying.

On the other side, the Yewang was not feeling well either. The fleet was hit by a torpedo directly in the power area, which directly caused a series of explosions in the bottom power room, and the entire ship was directly paralyzed.

Ye Wei’s face turned green with anger.

In this first wave of sneak attack, two of her three ships were directly paralyzed.

The command room of the USS Cuttlefish.

a Observer Report: “Sir, the first wave of attacks hit six enemy ships, 3 were heavily damaged, and 3 were slightly damaged. The second wave supplementary attack has been launched! The third wave attack is being prepared. (translation)”

β€œReport! The enemy’s main ship, the Helan, intercepts all our attacks (translation)”

β€œConcentrate fire on that ship. (translation) )”

“Understand (translation)”

The people present responded in unison.

However, in the next second, a team member was shocked to report.

“Report, a large number of high-speed torpedoes have been scanned towards us! (translation)”

“Bastard, how is that possible! (translation)”

“Sir , what should we do? (translation)”

“Avoid immediately! (translation)”

As a result, just after the words were finished, a huge explosion swept away, and the entire submarine shook violently. All the people in the control room threw away, the huge ship was cut off in the middle, and the sea water penetrated directly.

In the deep sea, swordfish-08 torpedoes struck at high speed, and the Helan launched a counterattack!

In an instant, a huge explosion spread out from the deep sea.

A submarine was hit!

The advantage of submarines is sneak attack. They were able to attack so smoothly before because they were in a silent state, and no matter how good the radar system was, it was not easy to catch them.

But after the first round, they didn’t deal heavy damage to the Helan, so it was the Helan’s turn to fight back.

Its powerful and advanced weapons instantly reveal terrifying fangs.

It was just a wave of attacks. Of the fifteen conventional submarines, six were sunk, and the commanding submarine was killed on the spot.

In the control room of the Helan, Ziqing watched as the red dots disappeared. She was also a little confused. The attack effect was so good.

“Too handsome, we killed six of them!”

Purple Butterfly and the others shouted excitedly.

“Report, the enemy’s surviving submarine is attacking us with a third round of flame hair.”

Zhang Wenjing calmly reported.

Chen Xijie said to Ziqing: “Let the ship deflect to avoid, and at the same time release a wave of depth bombs again.”

“Just do this, wait until the opponent’s attack is intercepted, and then give The other party will come!”

Zi Qing immediately accepted Chen Xijie’s suggestion and immediately issued an order.

“Okay, kill these bastards!”

Lin Zinuo shouted excitedly.

I saw the Helan fully powered on, began to deflect the ship, and at the same time released depth bombs again.

Without any accident, the enemy’s attack this round was intercepted.

The weapons carried by the Helan completely crushed the torpedoes they were equipped with. At this time, the Helan once again poured out a wave of torpedoes to counterattack!

Submarines were buried seabed.

After half an hour, the enemy formation will be destroyed.

On the deck, Su Mo was watching the ships sinking little by little, sighed.

The ship that was majestic before is almost destroyed by people now.

Not counting the Helan, we have a total of nine ships. Judging from the current posture, at least five are about to sink. Of course, it hasn’t sunk yet, it’s only half sunk, and the remaining four are not much better, and the ships have also shed blood.

Two hulls were still smoking.

However, the super combat capability of the Helan, but Su Mo was astonished, and the firepower was a mess.

The torpedo that this shot out is estimated to have crushed those submarines.

In such a short period of time, an experienced fleet was killed.

Thirteen of the fifteen submarines died in the hands of the Helan.

However, thanks to Ye Wei and the others, and thanks to them, in order to save people, the fleet moved forward, just in front of the Helan, absorbing a large wave of firepower.

Otherwise, the opponent’s first wave of silent attacks is super disgusting.

You must know that if the opponent attacks the Helan in the first wave of concentrated fire, the depth bombs may not be able to be intercepted, and when the time comes, they will definitely be hit more or less.

In the operating room, Zidie is cheering for victory!

“We won.”

ps: The debt has been paid off! hehe!

(end of this chapter)

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