Star Ring Mission Chapter 150


Chapter 150 Conspiracy (Part One)

Zi Qing, who was beside her, suddenly asked.

“Sister Xue, the battle is over, do we want to rescue the people who fell into the water?”

“What to save, no matter what, let them go to the sea to find people by themselves.”

Lin Zinuo said taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“That’s right, let them be greedy, and shoot yourself in the foot this time.”


Qiancheng Xueyu opened the mouth and said.


Everyone looked towards Qiancheng Snow.

“We are a guild.”

Qianchengxue simply replied.


Lin Zinuo and the others didn’t say anything after hearing this, as Qianchengxue said.

So the Helan began to move towards the sinking ship.

At this time, Zhang Ru, who was soaked in the sea, looked at the Hegemon ship Helan with an envious expression on his face.

“Sure enough, the technology is crushing it! Such a submarine fleet of TM was destroyed by a single ship. It really deserves to be called the strongest ship currently produced.”

“Don’t be envious, big brother, let’s swim over quickly, or we’ll really have to feed the fish. Their boat has sunk so much, and the rest of the boat may not be able to squeeze so many people, so be late. There is no place for us.”

Zhang Wei said eagerly to Zhang Ru.

“Damn! What are you still waiting for, hurry up and swim over there! Help!”

Zhang Ru immediately tried her best to swim towards the Helan!

“Ah! Big brother, you are not in a hurry!”

Zhang Wei was also confused.

“Fuck, how can people save us before, what’s the hurry, you seem so afraid of death! Don’t worry now, there will be no place to save us later, how much is a fire, or die? In the sea, how much manpower and material resources will it take to salvage you!”

Zhang Ru complained to Zhang Wei.


A moment later, Zhang Ru and Zhang Wei were caught on board by Zhou Qian and the others.

The whole Helan is super lively, and there are chickens everywhere! The deck, which used to be very spacious, is now a bit crowded.

a The nurse girl carried the medicine box and began to help some seriously injured companions.

“Quickly let go!”

“If you are not injured, you still have the strength to hold hands and lift the injured people together.”

In the command room, Sun Li asked Qianchengxue with a headache.

“Sister Xue, how can we continue to carry out the mission like this? We can’t carry some burdens, should we let Ye Wei and the others return?”

“What do you think they are? Will they listen to me? They won’t go back, and if they go back, the mission will fail. Even if they spend their time on our ship and take our ship to carry out the mission, they will have a share of the credit.”

Qiancheng Snow frosty replied.

“No, it’s so despicable, so why should we save them? Why don’t we just throw them down.”

Lin Zinuo said subconsciously.

“Zi Nuo, you can’t say that.”

Zi Qing hurriedly interrupted Lin Zinuo’s words, be careful not to be recorded, and it would be troublesome to look back.

Lin Zino quickly covered his mouth.

Before finishing speaking, a prompt pops up on the console screen.

“I received the request for regional communication signal, do you accept it?”

Chen Xijie looked at it and asked Qian Chengxue, “It was sent by Ye Wei and the others, do you want to accept it? ?”


Qianchengxue answered lightly.

Soon the communication was connected, and Ye Wei’s voice sounded.

“Ten sister, you are too boring. The enemy came to attack, and you didn’t immediately inform us. This also hurts our hearts too much.”

Sun Li and the When others heard Ye Wei’s words, their expressions suddenly became ugly.

Isn’t this the wicked person who complained first? as everyone knows the silent submarine, the hidden ability is very strong.

The other party was in trouble for a while, and it was simply too late to notify. And it is estimated that the notification is useless. The first wave of attacks basically paralyzed their overwhelming majority ships, and those older ships even began to sink.

Ye Wei’s first attack may be useful to others, but unfortunately it is completely useless to Qianchengxue. She didn’t jump in at all, and she didn’t plan to give him any face. She knew that the other party must have recorded the sound, so she replied coldly.

“My own command is not good, and I have the face to shirk the responsibility. When encountering a defeated friendly army, there is no danger of immediate reconnaissance nearby, so I speed up privately. After being hit hard, I don’t blame you for bringing us into the Dangerous situation, you’re actually a rake!”

“Ye Xue!”

“I’m telling the truth, if you’re not convinced about this, I don’t mind taking the whole battle Upload the video to the guild for everyone to see!”

Qianchengxue’s attitude was very tough.

“It’s really amazing, I don’t care about this with you. My Wild Hope is paralyzed, I ask to be transferred to your ship.”

Ye Wei asked unceremoniously. .

“I refuse, I have no obligation to carry a burden, and my ship is full and can’t hold it.”

“Don’t go too far.”

“It’s you who is too much. I’m carrying out an important task for the guild. Not only did you not provide any assistance, but instead tried to sabotage the task.”


Ye Wei is angry His face turned pale.

“From now on, I can’t control what you want to do, but please don’t interfere with my mission.”

Qiancheng Xue waved her hand after speaking, signaling Ziqing to cut off the communication .

Ziqing immediately cut off the communication.

Sun Li and the others smiled and said to Qianchengxue: “Sister Xue, you are too domineering!”

“This matter is irrelevant, from now on Everyone is in a state of combat readiness. Judging from the battle just now, this is not like a monster, but more like a premeditated interception, and the crisis may not be resolved.”

Qianchengxue has a very strong feeling sense of crisis.

“Ah, who is so bold?”

Lin Zinuo and the others immediately stiffened when they heard Qian Chengxue’s words.

“I don’t know, but from the rhythm and way of those ships attacking, I don’t feel like an ordinary player. Anyway, pull yourself together.”


In a hidden base, a middle-aged man in uniform, white gloves and a katana pinned to his waist is watching the sand table in front of him.

“Report! (translation)”

“Come in! (translation)”

“Sir Sawagi, the latest news, the submarine formation led by Matsuno is in Mexico. On the west side of the sea perimeter, they ambushed the Dawning Guild fleet that came to support, but unfortunately they were defeated by the Helan, and the whole army was annihilated.”

β€œStupid! The Helan is a Pioneer-class battleship, even if the opponent The commander is an idiot, as long as they know how to fight back, they can’t take it, it’s really a seeking instant benefit. (translation)”

“What should we do now? The above requires us to block the opponent. At all costs, it is absolutely not allowed to rush to the base of Haifeng Island. (translation)”

“Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to win the Helan, but we still have a chance! It’s here! (Translation)”

Zawamu extended the hand very firmly pointing to a Sea Territory on the sand table, and this Sea Territory is the central area of the Mohai.


The officer who was reporting behind him, saw that area, his eyes were extremely surprised.

(end of this chapter)

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