Star Ring Mission Chapter 151


Chapter 151 Trust (Second Update)

On the Helan, Su Mo stood on the deck overlooking the Sea Territory in the distance , the sea began to slowly darken.

After a brief rescue, they moved on.

At this moment, Lin Zinuo ran to Su Mo’s side and patted Su Mo’s shoulder excitedly.

β€œSu Mo!”

β€œen? Why are you so happy?”

Su Mo asked indifferently.

“What you told me before has come true, haha!”


“I’m out in front of Sister Xue this time. Once in the limelight, I will invite you to dinner. By the way, Sister Xue said that the submarine formation that attacked us looks like an organized player. And it is not an ordinary player, and it may be dangerous. What do you think?”

Lin Zino looked at Su Mo with expectant eyes.

Su Mo looked at Lin Zino strangely.

“This is not something you should consider, I’m just a combat player?”

“Aiya, don’t hide it, give me some advice! Look! It’s my first time to participate in a frontline battle to open up wasteland, and it’s rare to have the opportunity to perform in front of Sister Xue.”


“I despise you.”

“Really not”

Su Mo is also helpless.

However, just as the two were talking, the light suddenly dimmed considerably.

Su Mo lifts the head looked towards the top of the head, black clouds covered the sky, and the temperature all around dropped a lot, he couldn’t help shivering.

“Where have we been?”

“I’m not quite clear either. It seems to be what Mo is called~ I can’t remember, let me ask.”

Lin Zino picked up the Wireless Electronics communicator, turned on the switch, and was about to speak!


The whole wireless communicator made a harsh sound, and Lin Zino was also scared to death, so he let go of his hand and covered his ears, and the Wireless Electronics communicator fell directly to the ground .

“What the hell, why is it suddenly broken.”

Su Mo showed a faint smile, and helplessly shook the head.

“Su Mo, are you watching me laugh on purpose?”

Lin Zino had a dark face.


Su Mo replied in a good mood. Just sorry to say, no culture really terrifying.

At this time, Zhou Qian ran over in the distance and said breathlessly, “Sister Zino, Sister Ziqing asked you to go back.”

“There must be nothing good, I’ll go. Let’s see in the control room, do you want to join us?”

Lin Zino sighed helplessly and said to Su Mo.

“No, I’m just a combat player, what to do with so much.”

Su Mo was not interested at all, and attacked the Hongshan Bay base before. The reason why he worked so hard and participated in all aspects of command and planning was to survive.

It’s not an emergency now, and the performance of the Helan is here. The guy who was dry-fed fish before is the best example.

“You’re so boring, you’re not interested in anything, don’t talk to you, I’ll go.”

Lin Zinuo complained about Su Mo, moved towards the control room run away.

Su Mo continued leaning against the railing, enjoying the sea breeze leisurely.

Not far away, the rescued players such as Zhang Ru huddled in a corner. Since the Helan was a high-level ship, for safety and confidentiality, all of them could not run around. Guarded by Hanna, breaking the rules will be seen as a threat to get off the boat.

It is also worth mentioning that Ye Wei and the others have four remaining ships, the Soaring (the main ship of the First Army regiment), the Iron Stone (the First Army regiment), and the Blue Cloud (the Seventh Army regiment) , The Cape (Second Army Regiment).

In the control room of the Helan, Lin Zinuo hurried in and saw the solemn faces of everyone.

“What happened?”

Ziqing solemnly replied: “Just as we entered the Mohai not very long, the status of the various electronic equipment of the Helan fluctuated a little. , have you encountered this situation before?”

“Is the function still normal?”

“This is no problem, all functions can be used.”

“Oh, I thought what happened, it should be affected by the environment. It was like this when we were in the fog. At first we got the old ship, and the electronic equipment could not be used directly, but Helan The equipment of the number fluctuates a bit.”

Lin Zino sighed in relief, she thought something had happened.

“I understand, you mean that we are entering this Sea Territory now, and there is strong magnetic interference.”

Ziqing reacted immediately. With strong magnetic interference, electronic equipment will have serious problems. The Helan’s performance was very slight, so I didn’t think about it for a while.

“It should be like this.”

Lin Zinuo thought about the confirmed reply.

Qianchengxue, who was standing on the side, after figuring out the reason for the abnormality, lightly said: “Although you have found the reason, you still have to be careful.”


The crowd responded.

“Okay, everyone has worked hard. Now we will be on duty, and Lin Zinuo will be in charge of the ship first.”

Qian Chengxue directly changed the shift to Lin Zinuo In her hands, she uses very people in extraordinary times. She feels that Lin Zinuo has a very good sense of danger. In addition, what Lin Zinuo said just now also reminded her that since she had driven the Helan in the interference area, it was the most suitable for her to drive this section of the road.

Lin Zinuo was dumbfounded, what happened to fuck? This counts as shooting yourself in the foot.

“Is there a problem with Zino?”

Qiancheng Xue saw that Lin Zino didn’t say a word, and asked again.

“No, no problem.”

Lin Zinuo had the heart to cry, but she could only squeeze out a smile.

“Should I be on duty with Zino?”

Ziqing said a little worriedly.

“Ziqing younger sister.”

Lin Zinuo looked at Ziqing with great emotion. She was commanding the ship by herself, and she was really a little guilty. What if something happened? Moths are in trouble.

“No, I believe in Zino.”

Qianchengxue’s tone was firm, and it could be seen that she was very satisfied with Zino’s recent performance!

She even felt that she had underestimated Lin Zino before.

Lin Zinuo was frozen in place, not knowing whether to be happy or cry.


Zi Qing is not good at persevering.

Then Ziqing and the others followed Qianchengxue out of the control room, and when they were walking on the deck, Qianchengxue suddenly heard a crisp laugh.

Qiancheng Xuebian walked over, and saw that the rescuers who were originally under intensive care were now joking with the girl in charge.

The men of the Burning Flame Guild did their best to brag about their ability in front of those girls

“Sister, let me tell you, we several brothers. Whether it is naval or land combat, he is a good hand, and he cuts his body without a snort.”

“It’s just your fat body, haha”

” That’s it. You’ve all been beaten like chickens, but you’re too embarrassed to say how strong you are.”

“One yardage is one yardage, there’s no way that the guy in your hand is weak. Besides, those old yin Thief, thief!”

(end of this chapter)

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