Star Ring Mission Chapter 152


Chapter 152 Base (Reading for Book FriendsΒ·Xian Jia Geng) (three shifts)

However, there are exceptions, such as Zhang Rujiu Sitting on the ground with a calm face, there was no intention of stepping forward to join in the fun.

On the other hand, Zhang Wei excitedly said to Zhang Ru: “Brother, have we come to heaven? There are so many beautiful girls.”

“Look at your pig face. How can we be a little bit promising? Anyway, we are also born in a big guild. Haven’t we seen a girl? These can only be regarded as top-notch, not amazing, don’t be so unpretentious. I don’t know which mountain valley we are from. When it comes out, I tell you to stay calm! There is a saying that is good, a real man stands between Heaven and Earth, even if a landslide doesn’t move, study hard.”

Zhang Ru said halfway, Suddenly stunned.

I saw Qianchengxue, Sun Li, Ziqing, Chen Xijie, Zhou Qian, Zidie and other executives coming over.

Zhang Ru swallowed hard.

“There are so many beauties! One is more beautiful than the other.”

“Brother, there are too many beauties, I don’t know how to choose, brother, you say I choose Which one?”

Zhang Wei said excitedly.

Zhang Ruyi put his hand directly on Zhang Wei’s face.

“Let’s go! Choose a fart, who can fall in love with you, even if it’s the blessing of three lifetimes.”

After finishing speaking, Zhang Ruxing moved towards Qianchengxue directly. They went up to them and greeted them with smiles.


Chen Xijie, who was following Qianchengxue, saw Zhang Ru approaching, her heart jumped, she said with a little surprise.

“Zhang Ru Senior.”

Zhang Ru was also taken aback, looked towards Chen Xijie in surprise, looking up and down! It seems a little familiar, I guess she is really the junior sister of the same school.

But he really can’t remember, when he was at Academy, there were too many girls chasing him.

“Are you Zhang Ru?”

Qianchengxue glanced at Zhang Ru indifferently, the overall look was not bad, but she couldn’t see that the young man in front of her was really like Chen Xijie Exaggerated so well?

“Yes, who is this young lady?”

“This is our Corps Head Qiancheng Xue elder sister, my name is Chen Xijie, next to this is Sun Li elder sister, Ziqing younger sister ”

Chen Xijie introduced Zhang Ru a little excitedly.

“Hello, hello, thank you very much for life-saving grace. On behalf of the saved brother, I would like to express my sincere thanks. We will definitely keep it in our hearts”

Zhang Ru smiles Full face, extend the hand want to shake hands to say thank you.

However, Qianchengxue didn’t mean to shake hands at all, Zhang Ru saw his indifferent eyes, the smile on his face froze slightly, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

At this time, Sun Li politely extended the hand and shook hands with Zhang Ru.

“You don’t have to be so polite.”

“Yes! How can we not, without your help, we would have hung up.”

Zhang Rushun went up. Climb, and keep shaking hands with Sun Li.

The corners of Sun Li’s mouth twitched slightly, and she pulled her hand back calmly.

“You’re welcome.”

At this time, Zhang Ru extended the hand to others with a cheeky face.

“You can’t be too polite. You are my life saving benefactor. I don’t know how to express my gratitude.”

Zhou Qian and the others I also extended the hand and shook hands with him, of course there are exceptions. For example, Chen Xijie was looking forward to shaking hands with Zhang Ru, but at this time, Zhang Ru’s eyes fell on Ziqing, her eyes lit up immediately, and her heart jumped.

“You are Miss Ziqing, right?”

“Yes, hello Mr. Zhang Ru, I’ve heard your name a long time ago, didn’t expect to meet here today.”

Zi Qing extended the hand calmly and shook Zhang Ru.

“Yeah, haha! Am I so famous?”

Zhang Ru replied hilariously.

“It’s quite famous, but the ability doesn’t seem to be very good. It’s not as good as our sister Ziqing. You were beaten down by those submarines, but we Ziqing sent all those guys. Feed the fish in the sea.”

Zhou Qian said bluntly, she felt that although the man in front of her looked good, he was not a normal glib tongue.

Very unreliable, not as good as Su Mo. Although Su Mo’s emotional intelligence is a little lower, it at least gives people a sense of trust and security.

Su Mo, who was blowing the sea breeze at this time, felt an inexplicable itching in his nose, couldn’t help sneezing, and muttered to himself.

“Could it be that the sea breeze has been blowing for too long and I have a cold?”

Ordinary people will be very embarrassed if they hear Zhou Qian’s words. Unfortunately, Zhang Ru not only did not have any embarrassment, but said to Zi Qing with excitement.

“It turns out that you are the captain of the Helan! I just watched your command of the battle, and I really admired it. I always thought which senior was in command, but I didn’t think it was you. People are very obsessed with ship battles, I don’t know if Miss Ziqing has time, would you like to give me some pointers, of course I’ll invite you to dinner.”

Zhang Ru asked Ziqing directly.

Zi Qing was also slightly taken aback, and refused with a somewhat unnatural expression.

“I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s not because of my talent that I can win. It’s because the Helan is strong enough. I want to just change to a normal commander, and I can win!”


“Humble, definitely modest.”

The more Zhang Ru sees Zi Qing, the more she likes her.

Besides Chen Xijie, she was stunned in place. She watched Zhang Ru courting Ziqing diligently, and she felt more and more unhappy in her heart.

“Everything is gone. It’s time to take a rest and maintain the best mental state to deal with various crises.” farce.


Zi Qing and the others responded quickly.

Immediately everyone dispersed, Chen Xijie hesitated and wanted to stay, when Sun Li shouted.

“Xijie should go.”

“Oh, good.”

Chen Xijie followed along with some absent-mindedness.

Zhang Ru looked at the back of Ziqing’s departure, as if she did not return to her soul.

“big brother, everyone is gone.”

“Shut up, can I not know?”


Seabreeze Island Base (the area occupied by the Heavenly Dragon Guild)

A defensive barrier with a height of more than 20 meters was erected at the outermost periphery of the huge island.

This fortress was poured and reinforced on the original defensive structure of the base, and a heavy artillery was erected on it at intervals!

a Players in uniform combat uniforms operate those heavy artillery and various weapons, pouring firepower against the sea in the distance!

Looking at the vast sea, you can see one after another silhouette cutting through the sea level at high speed, moved towards Haifeng Island.

When approaching, a humanoid monster with a height of only five meters, an extremely ugly monster jumped out, with gills on the face, eyes like obsidian, barbs all over the body, feet like insect feet, double The claws are extremely sharp and the tail is slender.

I-type alien mutant black salamander!

I saw that they were extremely fast in action, passing through the fierce fire blockade at an extremely fast speed, and moved towards the defensive barriers and rushed over.

As the overwhelming majority of the black salamanders approached, they were knocked out one by one and fell to the ground unwillingly, with dark blood oozing from their bodies.

Only a small number of black salamanders rushed under the barrier and quickly climbed up!

(end of this chapter)

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