Star Ring Mission Chapter 153


Chapter 153 Accidents (adding updates for book friend Jialuo Nifengge) (four updates)

However, As they climb the ramparts, they are greeted by a mighty green shield mecha!

The violent steel fist struck instantly and smashed it directly!

Those who drive mecha are all Captains of each team, and they are responsible for commanding and beheading the monsters who break through. I saw it beheading those monsters, and roaring: “All cheer me up fiercely, never allow any monster to step over our body!”


Everyone at the scene roared with bloodshot eyes.

They have no way to retreat, nor can they retreat, behind them are the production bases that have been reclaimed.

There are greenhouses for aseptic production of food, various processing plants, and even village-like residential areas.

Even when the battle is in full swing, a life player is still working in an orderly manner.

In the central area of Sea Breeze Island, a huge metal base like a mountain stands there. It is very magnificent. The only pity is that this huge base is extremely damaged.

It’s like going through an extremely brutal battle.

In the center of the base, there is a huge launch silo. At this time, many maintenance personnel are climbing on it, and they are urgently strengthening.

At this time, in the deep sea in the distance, a small mobile fortress under the sea with a strange shape, like a reef.

A middle-aged man with sharp eyes, bandages wrapped around his hands, and a high level katana on his waist, his eyes fixed on the candid images.

He looked at Seabreeze Island, which was being besieged by monsters, and his face became more and more distorted.

“Sir Kawakami, everything is ready. (Translation)”

A woman with a delicious and pretty appearance in a tight combat uniform came over and reported respectfully.

“Very good! Waiting for the arrival of the Cangyun! (Translation)”

Kawakami replied coldly.

“Kawakami-sama, will we cause a strong counterattack from the Heavenly Dragon guild, when the time comes, will it be counterproductive and not worth the loss? (translation)”

“Bastard! You are a coward’s idea! Foolish vision! This world is very realistic, whoever wins will be Sovereign! There is a satellite that has not been launched on Haifeng Island. In the blind times, who can own this satellite and will What an opportunity to seize! For our great rise! No one can stop us, not even them, pull yourself together, what we have to do now is to kill these guards by all means! (Translation)”

“Yes! (Translation)”


In the middle of the night, the Helan was moving at a constant speed at sea, followed by four ships behind it. .

The originally bustling deck, except for the patrolling and vigilant players, could not see other silhouettes, so it became a lot deserted.

Most people have gone to rest, and after tossing for so long, they are basically a little tired.

In the control room of the ship, Lin Zinuo rested his chin with one hand and kept breathing. It was really boring.

Just when she was slightly sleepy, the false door was pushed open.

Lin Zino was also very surprised when Su Mo walked in with his hands in his pockets.

“Why are you here?”

“Passing by.”

Su Mo replies for a few seconds, of course he won’t tell Lin Zino the real reason, In order to settle the rescued members of the Guild and the members of the Burning Flame Guild. The rest cabin was full of floor coverings, and even his room was stuffed into several people.

Su Mo is very homely at heart and likes Independent Space and the quiet atmosphere.

So I just came out, but the sea breeze was stronger at night, and the temperature dropped sharply.

Staying in a splint for a long time is not a thing. So he started wandering around to pass the time. When passing by the control room, he found that Lin Zinuo was on duty, so he walked in to have a look.

“You have a conscience, and you know how to come and accompany me. Now I find that being a captain doesn’t seem to be particularly good. It’s too boring.”

Lin Zinuo complained with a sigh.

The corners of Su Mo’s mouth twitched slightly. When she was at the dinner table, she solemnly vowed to be the captain. Now that his wish came true and he regretted it, he didn’t know what to say, so he said.

“Sail the boat well.”

“Aiya ~ don’t worry, this boat has nothing to worry about, it’s going very well! We’re going in a well-designed direction and route. Don’t worry about it, it’s really boring and you can use this console to play a small game.”

Lin Zinuo said to Su Mo proudly.

Su Mo’s expression suddenly stiffened, and he looked towards Lin Zinuo in shock.

“You use this to play games?”

“You don’t have to be so frightened and flustered, the Helan’s central system, the processor used, has very good performance. I’m just bored I just play some small games and play cards when I’m not in it, it doesn’t matter, I’ll try it for you if you don’t believe me!”

Lin Zinuo said, he didn’t forget to press a few buttons on the console to call up a single-player bucket Landlord’s card game.

“Look, are you alright?”

Just as Lin Zinuo proudly showed Su Mo, all the lights on the console suddenly went out, and at the same time, a shrill sound similar to a crash sounded. sound.

Lin Zino was stunned for a moment, and Su Mo was dumbfounded.

At this time, the other personnel in the control room were also stunned. They were terrified to find that the electronic devices in front of them were paralyzed.

“Sister Zino? My device is down.”

“My side is down too”

“Isn’t it? I’ll just play Fighting the Landlord, why not?”

Lin Zinuo was like falling into the abyss of ten thousand zhang at this moment, unable to utter a single word.

Su Mo immediately came back to his senses and said to Lin Zino; “You use the key to restart the ship system and try.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll do it right here. Restart”

Lin Zinuo was a little flustered, and she hurriedly operated.

In a hidden base area, fighter jets are ready to go, leading a Captain to look at the wristband, staring at the time above. When the number above jumped to twelve, he gave the order in a deep voice.

“For the empire! For victory! (translation)”

“Go! (translation)”

In the control room of the Helan, Lin Zino kept turning the key , tried to restart the system, but restarted several times or failed.

At this time, there was a burst of hurried footsteps, and Qianchengxue and the others rushed over here.

Just now, a lot of equipment in the ship could not be used, such as the video system in the room, etc.

But fortunately, the core system such as the power circuit is still normal.

“Su Mo, what should I do?”

Lin Zinuo’s eyes were red with anxiety, how would he explain to Qianchengxue later? Could it be that if I told her the truth, I just played a small game and then all collapsed?

She couldn’t even imagine how Sister Xue would react if she said this.

Su Mo’s expression changed for a while, and his thoughts turned quickly, he said to Lin Zino.

“You try to start the emergency manual system!”

“By the way, I almost forgot, there is a manual mode!”

Lin Zino hurriedly turned in the reverse direction key, press the emergency switch.

The screen that was suddenly turned off lights up again, but the interface displayed this time is not the same as before, and they enter the manual emergency mode.

A very simple operation interface pops up.

(end of this chapter)

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