Star Ring Mission Chapter 154


Chapter 154 Enemy Attack (Additional update for Alliance Leader to open the door to deliver express delivery) (five shifts)

At the same time, all around some core equipment recovery It is normal, but the overwhelming majority equipment is still in a problematic state, such as the radar system.

At this time Qianchengxue and the others entered the control room, she asked immediately.

“Zi Nuo, what happened?”

“Uh, that.”

Lin Zinuo didn’t know how to answer, so she asked for help The eyes looked towards Su Mo .

It’s a pity that Su Mo ignored her directly and took the blame for herself.

At this time, Zi Qing and Chen Xijie hurriedly stepped forward to check the console. They looked at it a little and looked towards Lin Zinuo in astonishment.

“Have you activated the emergency manual mode?”

“I don’t want to, but the system seems to have crashed. There is a problem with these devices. I didn’t mean to, I was at that time”

Lin Zinuo explained in a panic.

Ziqing and Chen Xijie interrupted her before Lin Zinuo finished explaining, and asked anxiously.

“Is it possible that the device can’t be used all of a sudden.”


Lin Zino’s mechanical nodded.

“What’s the problem?”

Qianchengxue solemnly asked .

“We were subjected to severe magnetic interference, and the equipment was paralyzed in self-protection, so we could only switch to manual mode.”

Ziqing explained to Qianchengxue,

“Isn’t it? Wait, it’s impossible. We were disturbed when we were in the foggy area. The Helan was all right, and it was fine just now!”

Lin Zino replied in astonishment.

“I also think it’s a bit incredible. The ships at this level should have protection. All of them can be paralyzed. That only means that the interference in this area is very strong. Who of you has brought Compass. “

Chen Xijie asked.

“I have it!”

Zi Qing took out a Compass from her backpack, and an astonishing scene appeared. I saw the pointer of the Compass, like the wind, and kept going. Spin in circles!

“It seems right, it is strong magnetic interference.”

Su Mo lightly saying .

“You said, if there is a problem with the equipment at this juncture, will it be attacked?”

Lin Zinuo asked worriedly.

I heard Lin Zino’s words.

shua! The expressions of everyone present changed suddenly, all looked towards Lin Zino.

“No, no, I just said something casually!”

Qianchengxue immediately asked, “Where are we now?”

” In the depths of the ink sea.”

Ziqing glanced at the voyage record and immediately gave the preparation position.

“Can we bypass this area?”

“No, this is the only way we must go to Haifeng Island. If we insist on deviating from the scheduled route, we need to spend an extra fee. times.”

Qianchengxue gave Ziqing an order without the slightest hesitation.

“Then go ahead at full speed and rush out of this Sea Territory!”


Ziqing immediately started the operation and adjusted the power to the maximum Suddenly, the entire Helan began to accelerate.

At this time, the ships following him were stunned.

Sikong and the others were keenly aware that something was wrong. The equipment of their ship first went wrong, and then the Helan began to speed up.

You must know that Qianchengxue’s character is still good, and under normal circumstances, she will not do things that speed up and throw them away.

There is only one remaining probability, that is, there is danger!

But Sikong couldn’t figure it out. They were disturbed, even if there were enemies, they would be disturbed!

However, Sikong and the others still gave orders to their own people very tacitly.

“Follow up at full speed!”

And their subordinates responded with a sad face.

“How could it be possible to catch up? Our power is not comparable to the Helan, and we have been injured.”


Sikong They are also caught between a rock and a hard place.

At this moment, a huge humming sound suddenly sounded in the sky.

In an instant, the Helan issued a harsh siren.

A companion who was in charge of the view shouted with all his strength.

“Air strike!”

In an instant, the dark sky, like a swarm of planes, approached quickly.

Then an inertial missile moved towards Helan and four other ships.


In the command room, Ziqing took the emergency button and delegated the control of all weapons to other auxiliary consoles.

Because of strong interference, many electronic systems cannot be used, and it is impossible to automate the integrated counterattack, only semi-automatic manual operation.

Chen Xijie, Zhang Wenjing and the others rushed to the sub-console and controlled 4 16-barrel 30mm close-in anti-aircraft guns

to shoot at the incoming missiles!

The incoming missiles were blown up one by one, but the flaws in manual control were also obvious, that is, they could not be fully taken into account.

In an instant, the missiles of a fish that escaped the net hit the ship in an instant!


A huge explosion swept across.

The Helan continued to shake violently, and the deck was in flames.

“How is this possible? Aren’t fighter jets more afraid of strong interference than ships?”

Lin Zinuo was also stunned, she still understood this common sense.

“That’s right! It shouldn’t be!”

Everyone was a little bit stunned.

At this time, Zhang Wenjing shouted anxiously.

“Sister Ziqing, the radar system is paralyzed, unable to lock on the target, and the missile cannot lock and launch, what should we do?”

“Switch to optical mode, physical locking Use inertial missiles and heat-seeking missiles!”

Zi Qing quickly gave instructions.


The crowd responded quickly.

At this point Su Mo immediately charge ahead , it doesn’t help that he’s here, but maybe it’s useful after mecha.

Soon everyone switched to optical mode, even though it was night. But Helan’s optical mode can clearly capture all the nearby situations. Immediately, the vision widened, and everyone finally saw what was going on.

I saw a series of old-fashioned propeller fighter jets that were moving towards the Helan, and all the inertial missiles that had just attacked were launched by them.

But the effect is not very good. Although Helan was hit, its armor is too thick!

Conventional missiles do very limited damage if they hit.

“It’s an old-fashioned fighter jet!”

Zhang Wenjing responded.

“Don’t underestimate these old fighter jets, the missiles they carry are not old models.”

Chen Xijie quickly reminded everyone.

“is it possible that we are being targeted by the aircraft carrier?”

Zhang Wenjing asked suspiciously.

At this time Qianchengxue opened the mouth and said: “The aircraft carrier will not be equipped with these old fighter jets.”

“Then where did they take off and how did they come to attack? Ours.”

Zidie and the others were also stunned.

“There should be an island base nearby, and they should have taken off from the island. There is strong magnetic interference in this area, and the other party will seize this opportunity to attack us. In this complex interference environment, Advanced planes are useless, they are very easy to crash. But this kind of old planes are very limited, if I am not wrong, the attack just now should be just an appetizer, they must be carrying heavy bombs, and soon Just attack us, even suicide attacks. There is nothing more cost-effective than exchanging some junk planes for a high-level ship.”

Ziqing also agrees with Qianchengxue’s persuasion very much. .

“Sister Ziqing, they are really diving towards us!”

Zhang Wenjing said in awe.

(end of this chapter)

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