Star Ring Mission Chapter 155


Chapter 155 is tragic (one more)

“Don’t panic, restricted lions are not comparable to a pack of local dogs. Yes, calmly fight back! There are still ships that keep accelerating, as long as they leave this Sea Territory, they are a bunch of scum!”

Qianchengxue reassured everyone, but when Su Mo rushed out, Qianchengxue I also thought about going out and driving mecha to fight. But she gave up in the end. As the Corps Head, she had better stay here.

“Understood! It’s time for us to fight back!”

Zi Qing took a deep breath and gave an order!


Everyone responded.

On the deck, the fire was blazing, the sound of cannons, gunshots, commands, rescues, resounded non-stop.

Su Mo dashes through the chaotic crowd at great speed towards his azure mecha. As for the mecha of Corps Head, it moved into the exclusive hangar shortly after getting on the ship. The problem is that his mecha is still in the parking lot, which is a super conspicuous target.


“For the empire, rush!”

one after another noisy breaking sound came from the sky, and the tops of planes The artillery fire passed by at a low altitude, and at the same time, a heavy bomb was dropped.

xiu xiu ~

One of them landed in the sea next to Su Mo!


A huge splash of water splashed up, instantly pouring Su Mo into a soup.

Su Mo stabilized and continued to charge forward, but missiles and bombs continued to fall.

Part of the attack landed on the ship, exploded violently, the flames shot into the sky, and the entire ship shook continuously.

At this time, the launch units of the ship were deployed one by one, and missiles were fired one by one. These missiles were all switched to inertial attack mode and heat tracking mode.


The fighter jets coming from the sky were shot down one by one.

However, the effect is not very good, and the hit rate is greatly reduced, which is also impossible.

At this time, groups of players rushed out from the bottom deck, all of them holding rocket launchers and other weapons.

Because of this combat mission, there is an island rescue, and this mission is very important, Qianchengxue will bring the best batch of weapons, so the ship is equipped with A large number of individual heavy weapons.

“It’s time for the brothers to show us our style! Don’t make people look bad!”

“No problem! Let these bastards know how good we are!”

Su Mo was also stunned, when did the people in their guild become so fierce, and he turned his head and glanced at it, and he was immediately stunned.

Immediately all the players who rushed out were players from the Burning Flame Guild, and the one named Zhang Ru took the lead.

They all looked like they had been beaten with blood.

I don’t know, but I thought it was their father’s revenge.

Su Mo pondered, they are probably not so active in fighting in this guild, right?

The next second, Zhang Ru and the others scattered, carrying rocket launchers and shooting them at the low-altitude dive-bombing plane.



Several low-altitude fighter jets were directly shot down.

Su Mo came back to his senses, picked up the pace on his feet, and soon he rushed to the azure mecha, braving the enemy’s attack.

He climbed up quickly, opened the cockpit and got in.

Immediately the eyes of the whole blue mecha lit up, and the whole half-squatting mecha stood up, he drew out his short-range rifle, dashed towards the sky, and the fighter jet started to shoot!


One, two! Three! The fighter jet was hit and exploded in the sky, or lost control and fell directly into the sea.

Su Mo is also getting more and more excited.

Under normal circumstances, if these fighters are pulled high, it is really difficult to fight, but these guys are in pursuit of hit rate.

All crazy low-altitude bombing, not caring about their own safety, just like crazy.

There were even fighter jets that moved towards the Helan and collided!

“Intercept those suicide fighter jets, don’t let them hit them!”

At this moment, Zhang Ru shouted and realized that something was wrong.

Su Mo heard the movement and turned to see the suicide attack fighter.

I saw three fighter jets diving side by side at high speed! The goal is clear!

His expression changed slightly, and he immediately changed the target of the attack. He folded his body and ran fast on the ship’s armor, moved towards the direction of the three fighters, and shot them on the move at the same time!


The suicide fighters that were hit exploded violently like a Fireball. It can be seen that there are a lot of heavy bombs in their bodies.

Zhang Ru turned her head in astonishment and saw Su Mo driving mecha at a glance.

“Damn it! Second-generation machine! Wait for this mecha, it’s that newcomer expert! Damn~ The technology is okay!”

You must know that it is in a state of strong magnetic interference now , the auxiliary shooting device in the mecha is definitely affected, and now it is only possible to rely on personal skills.

There’s a loud bang!

The Cape at the rear of the Helan suddenly exploded, and the flames shot into the sky, illuminating the nearby Sea Territory, and then the ship began to sink.

Massive crew jumping ship!


In the control room, Zhang Wenjing kept reporting the situation.

“The western part of the hull is damaged.”

“The stern was hit by a heavy bomb”

It can be seen that the battle is getting worse.

Ziqing kept giving orders: order Qin Wang and the others to repair the damaged area.”

“Adjust the fire protection area, focusing on covering those diving fighters! “

“And order combatants to assist in the defense!” Open the right to use all weapons”

“Everyone, be steady, don’t panic! As long as we persevere, victory belongs to us! “

“Understood! “

Qianchengxue is staring at the nautical chart coldly. Although the situation is not optimistic, it is still within the acceptable range. As long as the strong interference area is outside, the ship will resume battle strength. , it’s easy to clean up these guys.

According to the current speed, it should be able to deviate from the central area for at most half an hour.

However, it is estimated that this half hour will be at least half an hour. In dark moments, the other party will definitely jump over the wall.

Of course, Ziqing and the others should be very clear about this, so Qianchengxue did not continue to put pressure on them, and just stood and watched the whole process.

She is now thinking about one thing, who is the enemy? Why does this kind of play feel familiar.

In fact, Qian Chengxue really underestimated the opponent.


Just when the attack was in a stalemate, in the sky, a fighter jet was sprayed on the cockpit of a fighter jet, and a man with a morbid fanatic in his eyes watched as the fighter jets were shot down. His eyes were still fixed on the Helan. Then he pressed the special launch button on the console, and a red signal was ejected.

The red signal bomb exploded in the midair, which was very beautiful

After seeing the burst signal, all the fighter jets in the sky suddenly went crazy and launched a mass suicide attack on the Helan.

You must know the original Only some fully loaded fighter jets will launch suicide attacks, and now it’s all the planes, all at once!

This is obviously a stance of doing everything to keep the Helan here.

(end of this chapter)

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