Star Ring Mission Chapter 156


Chapter 156 Rest (Second Update)

In the command room, Chen Xijie immediately noticed something was wrong, and she immediately reported it.

“Not good, the enemy is jumping over the wall!”

The tone barely fell, and the two fighter planes broke through the firepower network, and the fiercely hit the deck of the Helan and exploded. The huge explosion directly engulfed some players who were fighting back and repairing.

At this time, the fighter jet that fired the red flares moved towards Su Mo and rammed straight into it, as if to perish with Su Mo!

“Death ぬ”

At this time, Su Mo could see through the transparent windshield of the fighter plane, and a young man shouted frantically in the cab.

However, Su Mo’s indifferent expression remained unmoved, he pushed the joystick and entered commands quickly.

The blue mecha quickly pulled out the alloy blade, took a step forward with his left foot, and slashed down with a sharp knife.


In an instant, the fighter jets that crashed were split in half from the middle, together with the players in the cab.


The flames of the explosion swept through the lower half of Azure Mecha’s body.

However, the blue mecha stood in the flames like a god of death!

Immediately, Su Mo controlled the mecha to move at high speed on the deck, then turned on the back skimmer and jumped.

The huge mecha flashed by, and the fighter planes with the breakthrough firepower network were split in half.

The girls who were fighting on the deck were stunned when they saw this scene.

“So handsome!”


Even Zhang Ru couldn’t help but complain: “MMP, you can still be so handsome”

“Big brother, those fighter jets are coming towards us!”

Zhang Wei shouted anxiously.

Zhang Ru lifts the head to look and can’t help but let out a rude sentence.

“Shit! Dodge!”

I saw dozens of fighter jets adjusting their lineups and rushing over together, so they were facing them.

Su Mo controlled mecha and turned around to look, his heart sank to the bottom, these players are not normal!

There is a problem with both professionalism and will!

The trouble is big. If the other party succeeds in such a wave of suicide attacks, the Helan will be severely damaged even if it does not sink!

That’s it!


Suddenly, the three reflective units turned on, and three large sub-bombs were ejected.

And after the three sub-bombs were ejected, they split and exploded!

It instantly turns into an indistinguishable barrage!


The fighter jets that attacked by suicide suddenly collided with each other.


A fighter jet exploded at close range over the Helan, and a cloud of flames mixed with debris fell.

Zhang Ru and the others were so frightened that they hurriedly lay on the ground to avoid the falling debris, Zhang Wei said with lingering fears.

“Big brother, who controls this ship, it’s so fierce, it dares to launch and detonate sub-munitions at such a close range”

“Who else, of course, is Ziqing Miss, as expected of the Goddess I liked.”

Zhang Ru’s face became more and more excited.

At this time, in the control room, Ziqing’s heart was beating continuously, and her tense expression relaxed slightly.

She did fire those sub-munitions.

But she also took a lot of risk to launch, and also violated the rules. At the moment of launch, the detonator is forcibly activated.

It’s normal for it to explode directly in the launch unit.

“Sister Ziqing, it’s a success!”

Han Na and the others shouted excitedly.

This wave of operations directly intercepted the next wave of suicide attacks, allowing the Helan to escape.

“Well done, but the crisis is not over yet, don’t take it lightly. We haven’t moved out of the interference zone, and we have to beware of those remaining fighters, don’t give them a chance, maximize the destruction. Drop them!”

Qianchengxue also praised.


Everyone responded with fighting spirit. They are now more confident. Compared with the situation at first, the situation is now completely reversed.

Half an hour later, the Helan, which was burning with flames on the deck, drove out of the central area of the Mohai Sea and got rid of the strong magnetic interference.

At this time, player a is holding a fire extinguisher, constantly putting out fires, and searching and rescuing their own people. Although the entire Helan was not badly damaged, it was battered and exhausted, and the loss was not small.

At the same time, the two ships, the Soaring and the Blue Cloud, rushed out together with the Helan. Of course, they survived entirely because the enemy’s target was not them at all.


In the mountain of an unremarkable island in the sea, hidden inside the base.

A communications non-commissioned officer bowed to Sawagi and reported.

“Report, the latest news, Kazuo, who was responsible for intercepting the Helan, led the entire air force formation to die. (translation)”

“Where is the Helan? (translation)”

“I’m sorry, Sawagi-sama, the raid failed. The Helan has already rushed out of the central area of the Mohai Sea and is heading towards Haifeng Island (translation)!”

“Bastard! (translation) )”

“Sorry! Sawagi-sama, what should we do now, Commander Kawakami is about to launch a surprise attack on Haifeng Island. (translation)”

The sergeant lowered his head and asked. .

Zawamu’s expression changed for a while, and finally asked.

“Is the Cangyun about to arrive at Haifeng Island to assist in the attack? (translation)”

“Yes! (translation)”

“To Cang The cloud transmits the news, ordering it to change its combat target and go to destroy the Helan! (translation)”

“But over there on the river? (translation)”

“This is Command! Execute! (translation)”

“Yes! (translation)”

The seabed area near Seabreeze Island.

In the command room of the Reef (small mobile fortress under the sea), Kawakami looked at the communication information received, and slammed his fist on the table in anger.

“Asshole (translation)”

“Sir, what happened? (translation)”

asked frowned, a beautiful adjutant in leather beside him .

“Zemu transferred Cangyun away. (translation)”

“Then we suspend the island attack plan? (translation)”

“No way. , how can we back down and proceed as usual!”

β€œUnderstand! (translation)”



On the deck of the Helan, Su Mo controlled the mecha to squat down, he opened the cockpit of the blue mecha, turned over and jumped out, landing on the ground.

“Su Mo, you’ve worked hard.”

Qin Wang immediately greeted him.

“It’s okay, help me maintain mecha and replenish ammunition.”

Su Mo said lightly to Qin Wang and the others.

“Leave it to me.”

Qin Wang nodded replied, and immediately started to maintain Su Mo’s mecha.

Su Mo looked around and couldn’t help but shock the head, although the battle was won. But it was also covered in dirt, and most importantly, it was overshadowed by a group of Ancient One fighters.

Thinking about it is suffocating enough, but the side also proves one thing, there are no garbage weapons, only people who don’t know how to use them.

Even if it is an old weapon, as long as it is used well, it can also play an unexpected role.

“Su Mo, are you alright.”

At this time, Lin Zinuo came over with a look of joy.

“It’s alright, has the ship returned to normal?”

Su Mo replied simply.

“It’s back to normal, don’t worry, it’s all right. If those damned guys dare to come again, let’s see if we don’t kill them.”

“Do you know their identities?”


Su Mo asked curiously.

(end of this chapter)

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