Star Ring Mission Chapter 159


Chapter 159 Nightmare (Additional updates for Alliance Leader to deliver express delivery) (five shifts)

In the sky of the distant Sea Territory, The Cangyun is approaching at a high speed. In its inner command room, a woman with short hair and heavy makeup and wearing a blue uniform is looking at the operation screen.

A subordinate asked respectfully and humbly.

“Sir Suzine, the Helan was the first to attack us. There were 12 incoming missiles, which were supersonic long-range missiles, and their attack angles covered different directions. (Translation)”

“Useless behavior, let them see the capabilities of the Cangyun, prepare for the pulse wave! (translation)”

Ringtone’s tone is very light, but full of extreme conceit.

“Yes! (translation)”

Soon twelve Flamingo long-range anti-aircraft missiles broke through the air at super high speed. And when it is approaching, all of them change their attack trajectories and strike in all directions.

That’s it!

Here we go!

Suddenly the Cangyun sent out a special pulsed light wave!

A light halo spreads out!

In an instant, the flamingo missiles coming from all directions exploded in a circle with Cangyun as the center!


The video scene is magnificent!

In the command room of the Helan, everyone looked at the captured image and couldn’t say a word in shock. This weapon was too powerful.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s blocked by interceptor missiles or decoy bombs.

The problem is that it is directly neutralized, crushed and destroyed!

“What kind of weapon is this? The missile is completely ineffective.”

Lin Zino swallowed hard.

“Could it be Energy Shield?”

Sun Li was speculated in amazement.

“Impossible, there should be no weapons of this level. If I guessed correctly, it should be the existence of a pulse shield, which should release a powerful pulse when the missile reaches a certain range of itself. , directly detonating the incoming missile.”

Qianchengxue’s expression became more tense and his face became more solemn.

“Then what should we do, our weapons will have no effect on it?”


right now Zi Qing suddenly spoke up reminded.

“Sister Xue, the other party has begun to adjust the flight direction!”

“Ah, are you embarrassed?”

Sun Li felt incredible.

“No, the other party is detouring! It wants to bypass our front!”

Chen Xijie expressed her judgment.

At this moment, Qianchengxue reacted immediately, and she made a coping strategy.

“Adjust the ship’s sailing direction, and keep the opposite direction! You must die for me and stare at each other.”


Zi Qing Waiting for an immediate response to respond.

“Hanna, calculate the optimal attack range of the main gun. Once the opponent is about to enter the range, start charging the main gun immediately.”

Qianchengxue continued to issue orders, Since the missile effect is not very good, then the ship’s beam main gun is always fine, she doesn’t believe that the other party can resist it.

She is confident that as long as she hits one shot, she will definitely be able to knock down the opponent.

Without the standard Energy Shield, no matter how strong the air combat platform is, it is a very fragile existence.

The only trouble is that the other party seems to be a thief, and now it starts to detour.

“Yes, we still have main guns.”

Everyone in the audience immediately realized that the most powerful weapon of the Helan was not those missiles, but the beam main gun.

“We are calculating the range. If we are under full load, the opponent will be within our attack range.” Surprising report. She also didn’t expect that the attack range of Helan’s main artillery was so far.

“Very good.”

Qianchengxue nodded replied.

“Sister Xue, shall we attack quickly?”

Sun Li said excitedly.

“Don’t be in a hurry, the distance is too far, it takes too long for the opponent to deal with it, and it is easy to be avoided. Recharge first! Look for opportunities.”

Qianchengxue held his breath very deeply. , before the first wave of preemptive attacks failed. Now that she is in a passive state, if the attack fails this time, the situation of the Helan will be even more dangerous.

The command room of the Cangyun.

“Sir Suzune, the target is turning in sync with us. (translation)”

“It’s time to give our prey a welcome gift, pour! (translation)”


Ringtone gave the attack order with a blank face!

“Yes! (translation)”

ka! ka!

The launch ports of Cangyun’s bottom step opened one by one, and the black missiles poured down.

These missiles moved towards the Helan, at least fifty or sixty.

In the command room of the Helan, the system issued a harsh alarm, and everyone saw fifty or sixty red dots approaching rapidly.

“The other party launched an attack!”

Chen Xijie anxiously reported.

“Prepare to intercept!”


Everyone got busy.

They quickly adjusted short-range interceptor artillery, short-range rockets, and various interceptor missiles.

In fact, the original Helan’s ammunition reserve was not too inferior to that of the Cangyun, but after all, two large-scale battles had been fought before, and the ammunition reserve would definitely not be comparable to the opponent’s.

Everyone stared at the approaching attack with tensed expressions.

Just when those incoming missiles are at their optimal intercept distance.

Qiancheng Xue gave an order.



The Helan fired one interception missile after another.

Immediately on the radar scan, the red dots disappeared one by one, but there were still more than a dozen red dots breaking through the first round to intercept the missiles.

At this point, the short-range gun automatically adjusts its orientation and the rockets begin to pour.

At the same time, Qiancheng Xue issued an order.

“The ship’s left full rudder is offset!”


The nerves of everyone in the control room were tense.


In an instant, the missiles exploded in the air, except for one that hit the side deck, all the others were intercepted.

“The left middle deck was hit, and the rest were intercepted.”

Chen Xijie quickly reported the situation.

hu~ ~

Lin Zinuo and the others just breathed a sigh of relief.

Zi Qing gave a shocked warning: “The other party launched a second wave of missiles, not two waves! The other party launched two consecutive waves of missile attacks.”

I saw a scan on the radar screen. Arrived, two sets of red dots are rapidly approaching.

“Damn, the opponent is going to crush us with saturation attacks.”

Chen Xijie’s scalp felt numb as she watched the number of attacks.

“Complaining is useless, try to intercept it! There is also Ziqing who calculates the best coordinates to launch an attack.” shoot down the opponent.


Zi Qing quickly calculated the attack angle.

On the deck, Su Mo rushed to the side of mecha, who was being maintained. He said to Qin Wang who was still repairing without shelter, “No need for maintenance, you hurry and evacuate.”

“It’s alright, I’ll be fine right away!”

Qin Wang replied without turning his head, and quickly carried out the aftermath.

At this time, the first wave of missiles hit, and when it was approaching the Helan, one after another was intercepted, and a big explosion exploded like colorful fireworks.

But as another breakthrough came in and the missile hit the middle deck, the big explosion devoured more than a dozen companions.

Let people recognize the reality directly, this is war, naked war.

However, Qin Wang, who was concentrating on finishing, didn’t pay attention to all this at this time, and his movements were getting faster and faster.

It only took five or six minutes, and I saw that the armored mouth he was about to open, closed with force, wiped the sweat from his forehead, sighed in relief, and said to Su Mo.



Without a bit of nonsense, Su Mo opened the cockpit and climbed straight in.

As fast as it can be said, the second wave of missiles broke open and hit, and the third wave followed closely, and the alarm sound of the Helan became more and more urgent.

“Everyone escape!”

Zhang Ru and the others roared vigorously while setting up machine gun defenses.

I saw the short-range guns on the Helan firing frantically, and the launching units were deployed one by one!

xiu xiu ~

An interceptor missile took off again!

It’s a pity that there are too many, and the firepower is not good for a while, and a large number of missiles leak in.

Seeing it was hit, you can imagine it later.

peng peng ~

At this moment, the distant battleships Soaring and Blue Cloud, with their close-up guns, all moved towards Helan.


One after another missile exploded in the sky, directly turning the sky red, and countless sparks and debris fell down like meteors.

However, before everyone was happy, the nightmare really came.

Followed by the third wave of missiles, it suddenly disintegrated in midair and turned into a sky-filled curtain of missiles. This wave of missiles was sub-bombs!

Su Mo’s hands and eyes are quick, he controls mecha’s huge body, and directly protects Qin Wang.

Over half of the hull of the Helan, which was evading quickly, was directly covered by the barrage.


The area that was hit was immediately washed away by the bullet screen.


One after another screamed. Although the pain of the game was weakened, it was still very painful.

Even Su Mo mecha’s back was hit by stray bullets that exploded, but fortunately the azure mecha armor was not to be trifled with and resisted.

At this time, a large area of fire broke out on the entire deck of the ship, and a large group of companions who assisted in the defense directly died.

Qin Wang, who avoided a catastrophe, was also stunned.


“Hide and hide.”

After Su Mo explained to Qin Wang, he drove the mecha to the bow of the boat. It was obvious that the situation was different. wonderful. Although he doesn’t seem to be of much help, he should be able to play a role more or less. It’s really not possible to use a short-range rifle burst to intercept missiles. It’s a bit silly, but the capabilities of the arms are there.

(end of this chapter)

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