Star Ring Mission Chapter 16


Chapter 16 Stops

“You can cover him, and our Dream Guild can cover him.”

Lan Xi replies displeased, this guy is just too cunning. Before his life was saved, he started digging the walls.

Su Mo looked at Sun Duoxiang and said, “Why should I believe you, as you said, two fists are hard to beat with four hands, wait until Safety Sector. If so many people from your guild come to me together Trouble, I can’t stand it.”

“Big brother, how can you trust me?”

Sun Duoxiang asked without tears.

“It’s very simple, write down your actual address, name, and phone number. If I’m overcast then, I’ll actually go to trouble you.”

Su Mo took out the paper and pen directly.

After Sun Duoxiang heard this, the boss stared at him and looked towards Su Mo with a ghostly face.

“Big brother is playing a game, are you so serious? Are you planning to take a plane and come all the way to my daoist PK?”

Sun Duoxiang was about to cry Dead, this encounter is all who ah, is it possible that is black?

β€œThat’s right.”

Su Mo said in deadly earnest.

Sun Duoxiang couldn’t help shivering. He really encountered mental disorder. If he couldn’t afford to offend, he would take the initiative to cooperate.

So Sun Duoxiang gave his address and phone number.

Of course it’s hard to say whether it’s true or false, but at least it’s explained.

After Su Mo wrote down the address, he did not continue to embarrass him, and said to Lan Xi: “Untie the rope?”


Lan Xi helplessly untied Sun Duoxiang’s rope. She sincerely felt that this guy was really pitiful. If you run into Su Mo, the god of evil, he will be unlucky. If I had known that just now, she would be ruthless and let him free.

Sun Duoxiang licked his face and looked at Su Mo after he was freed.

“Big brother, we are now grasshoppers on the same boat, that’s my backpack.”

“I’ll give it back to you.”

Su Mo directly Throw Sun Duoxiang’s backpack to him.

“Thank you, big brother.”

Sun Duoxiang’s face was filled with joy, and he quickly put on his backpack.

Lan Xi didn’t care, Sun Duoxiang’s backpack had already been turned over by them, and the best thing in it was a box of painkillers.

The box of pills has been taken by Su Mo, followed by the shotgun.

Su Mo ignored Sun Duoxiang, but said to Lan Xi: “Continue to explore.”


Lan Xi nodded respond road.

“Take me with you.”

Sun Duoxiang said quickly.

“It’s none of your business.”

Su Mo didn’t bother to say a word to Sun Duoxiang.

Sun Duoxiang was not annoyed either, he quickly followed Su Mo and the two of them, licking his face.

“I’ll just take a look, I won’t rob you, I promise.”

Su Mo didn’t speak back to him either, it was a default.

At this time, when Sun Duoxiang saw Su Mo and the two of them holding keys and testing the doors one by one, his eyes were straight. He was a little annoyed in his heart, where did they find the key, why didn’t he find it himself.

Soon Su Mo finds the room with the first key matching.


The door was opened, this is a utility room, and there is a mess of clutter inside.

Sun Duoxiang was very sensible and stood at the door. He didn’t mean to go in. He managed to save his life. He didn’t want to offend the other party.

Su Mo and Lan Xi turned around for a long time, and finally gave up, it was worthless.

“Go and find something else.”

Su Mo left the room without any hesitation.

Lan Xi and Sun Duoxiang quickly followed.

Soon the last one was also found.


The door was opened, it was a private bedroom, and it was full of dust.

But this time, I didn’t get anything for nothing. On the wall directly opposite, there was a Tang knife with a dark red wooden casing and a length of about 80cm.

Su Mo’s eyes shined, he stepped forward and grabbed it, and pulled it out, revealing his cold glow.


Sun Duoxiang exclaimed in surprise, even though they collected so many things, none of them could be called equipment.

Su Mo waved a few times, and it felt good, and he put it away.

“Look what I found.”

Lan Xi shouted happily.

Su Mo turned to look over and saw Lan Xi holding a gold bar in his hand.

“Not bad.”

Su Mo replied without much reaction. Although this thing can be turned into a golden point, survival is a problem now, and the value of this thing cannot be reflected for the time being, so he is not very interested.

At this time, Lan Xi took the initiative to hand the gold bar to Su Mo.

Su Mo was also slightly surprised, in fact, he didn’t plan to ask Lan Xi for it. After all, she also found the key, and it is normal for her to have a share of the proceeds.

“No need, I’ll give it to you.”

“Give it to me?”

Lan Xi lightly startled, after reacting, her face was filled with joy smile, point the gold bar against the bracelet, and convert it into gold dots.

Sun Duoxiang on the side looked at Su Mo with a different look. Are there still people who treat money like dung? It’s obviously a hidden treasurer.

Thinking of this, Sun Duoxiang made up his mind to develop a good relationship with this guy.

Su Mo ignored the reaction of the two and searched the entire room carefully again.

Unfortunately there were no other surprises.

Soon after, the three of Su Mo searched the entire security building, and there really was nothing else of value.

“big brother, you’ve searched the building, and there’s nothing left, why don’t we rest here? It’s relatively safe here. When the designated time arrives, how about going to the Safety Sector together?”

Sun Duoxiang licked his face suggested.

“No, we’re going to Safety Sector. It’s definitely not going to be smooth sailing, we need guys.”

Su Mo rejected Sun Duoxiang’s suggestion.

“Don’t you have knives and guns in your hands? That’s not enough?”

Lan Xi looked towards Su Mo a little puzzled.

“This is a shotgun, but it’s not an ordinary shotgun. It’s from a security company. If you guessed correctly, it’s filled with blank ammunition. It’s a long way off.”

Su Mo fired a shot at the wall after finishing speaking, which shocked Lan Xi and Sun Duoxiang.

Lan Xi and Sun Duoxiang both want to spray Su Mo for a while. Why does this guy never give people a chance to buffer him when he does things? They are all thinking about what to do, and I really doubt what his brain circuit is.

It’s a pity that Su Mo didn’t care what they thought at all, he moved towards the back door of the security company.

Lan Xi reacted and immediately chased after him.

Sun Duoxiang’s expression changed for a while, and finally stomped his feet and cursed.

“I’m really crazy.”

Then Sun Duoxiang followed.

I don’t know if it’s good luck or something else. The three of Su Mo walked along the edge of the street and moved towards the security bureau. They didn’t encounter too many zombies on the road. The few who were wandering occasionally were hacked to death by Su Mo wielding a Tang knife.

Sun Duoxiang watched Su Mo so fierce, and kept touting Su Mo along the way.

“The big brother is really awesome. You can tell he’s a trainer at first glance. These monsters are just rubbish in your hands.”



Su Mo wanted to give Sun Duoxiang a reflex when he heard it, it was too noisy.

At this moment, the ground suddenly shook slightly.

Su Mo stopped.

“What’s wrong with big brother?”

Sun Duoxiang looked at Su Mo suspiciously.

Su Mo didn’t answer him, but turned and looked towards the street in the distance.

(end of this chapter)

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