Star Ring Mission Chapter 160


Chapter 160 Missing (one more update)

In the control room, Ziqing is quickly inputting commands, the holographic image of the Helan The picture is displayed.

You can see the yellow marks appear on a large area of the hull, showing how bad this wave was attacked.

But Qianchengxue didn’t care, she was looking at the Sea Territory map, at this time the Helan was very close to the planned attack coordinates.

At the same time, Han Na kept reporting.

“The main battery charging progress is 93%!”


In the control room of the Cangyun, The corners of Ringtone’s mouth raised slightly, listening to the report of the subordinate next to her.

“The sub-bombs successfully hit the opponent and caused a lot of damage to the target. We are preparing for the next wave of attacks, and we are confident to inflict heavy damage on the opponent.” (translation)

“Very good. “

Suzune’s eyes showed a hint of excitement.

At this moment, a black warning box pops up on the operation screen.

“Warning, Cangyun is locked by the target!”

“Warning, the other party’s high-energy response has been scanned!”

Before anyone else could react , Ringtone’s expression changed slightly, she stepped forward quickly, and instantly pulled the operating lever!

Suddenly, Cangyun’s body deflected sharply.

The crowd didn’t stand firm, and they stumbled around for a while, extremely embarrassed!

At this moment, a purple beam shot out from the Helan, piercing the sky, and swept across the edge of the Cangyun.

Immediately after the bell sounded, the operating lever was pulled to stabilize the Cangyun again.

But this time, she didn’t have a smile on her face, she was full of anger, she still looked down on the other party and almost fell in the sewer.

She stopped despising each other and pressed a red button.

At this time, in the control room of the Helan, Lin Zinuo and the others fiercely patted their thighs with expressions of extreme regret on their faces.

It’s just a little bit, and it hits the opponent!

According to normal circumstances, the other party should not be able to dodge. But the other party just made a pre-judgment in advance and deflected the body.


“Don’t be discouraged, if you miss one hit, try again!”

Although Qianchengxue is not reconciled, she is very Just calm down and stop thinking about that.


Everyone cheered up. !

“What is that?”

Zhang Wenjing suddenly reminded.

Everyone looked over and saw the bottom of the Cangyun, which was dodging the attack. Like a swarm of bees, there are hundreds of them.

This scene made the hearts of everyone who had just revitalized their morale hit rock bottom again.

Zi Qing felt that her breathing became very heavy at this time.

“Unmanned fighter jets!”

“Shoot them down! Buy time to recharge the main guns.”

Qianchengxue’s hands couldn’t help Make a fist, know that the other party is strong, but didn’t expect to be so strong.


At this time, the densely packed drones, after being launched, immediately disintegrated into pieces and moved towards Helan from different directions. swept past.

On the deck of the ship, Su Mo and the others watched as the drone swarms all around were approaching.

These things are not inferior to the previous suicide attack fighters.

It’s even more disgusting, because they are small and extremely sensitive at the same time!

Of course, the Helan was not to be outdone either. The short-range guns were turned around, and the drones were strafing wildly, and the intensive firepower exploded the incoming drones.

The battleships Soaring and Blue Cloud also joined the defense.

It’s a pity, however, that there are too many attacks.

The drones broke through the fire protection net, and they moved towards the short-range guns in a roundabout way.


Suddenly a short-range gun was scrapped on the spot, and the firepower network was greatly reduced in an instant!

Su Mo, who was shooting at the target, heard the explosion, turned his head and glanced, his face became more and more ugly.

And the nightmare has just begun, I saw the Cangyun slammed into a large wave of missiles again. Of course, the main purpose of this wave of missiles is not to seriously damage the Helan, but to use these missiles to weaken the defense of the Helan.

This creates a better opportunity for those drones to attack.

And the target of the ringtone is also very clear, that is, the close-up guns and main guns on the ship!

As long as these are destroyed, the Helan will be a target! With the ability of the Cangyun, the Helan can easily be killed.

In an instant, Helan’s situation fell into hell.

In the command room, Zi Qing reported with a trace of panic in her eyes.

“The enemy launched a new round of missile attacks, and the short-range artillery on the east side of the ship was damaged”

“All-out interception! Left yaw, full power!”

Qianchengxue can only deal with it conservatively now.


Zi Qing quickly followed Qianchengxue’s instructions.

At the same time, Qian Chengxue turned her head and looked towards Chen Xijie and asked, “How much is the charge of the main gun?”

“Thirty-two percent, it is expected to take more than ten minutes.”

Chen Xijie stared at the progress bar and eagerly reported that she also wanted the main gun to charge faster. But after all, the main gun consumes too much energy, and it takes a certain amount of time to accumulate.

“Everyone hold on.”

Qiancheng Xue said with relief.

Just then, boom! The Helan was slammed into suicide by missiles and drones.

The huge hull shook violently.

At this time, a launching unit was precisely drilled into by a drone when it fired an interceptor missile.


The whole ship shook violently, and the alarm sound became more and more harsh.

“The 47th launch unit was damaged?! The interior of the hull was damaged.”

“The A9 hull was damaged!”

“Short-range damage to the south side !”

“The short-range firepower network is severely weakened.”

Qianchengxue held onto the edge of the console to stabilize her body, and her expression became more and more ugly.

Knowing it’s going to be bad, didn’t expect it’s going to be so bad.

On the bow deck of the Helan, Zhang Ru operated a temporarily erected heavy machine gun to frantically fire at those approaching drones.

peng peng ~~

Not to mention the effect is not bad, two or three have been swept down.

However, Zhang Ru’s body, who was playing hot, suddenly stiffened, and he saw him up ahead, and a dozen drones swooped forward.

Zhang Wei grabbed Zhang Ru’s wrist and shouted in fear.

“big brother, they’re coming for us, let’s dodge.”


Zhang Ru couldn’t help but burst out, as for not ? So against him.

But in the next second, Zhang Ru immediately reacted, something was wrong! These drones are impossible for him, and he doesn’t have that value.

Immediately, Zhang Ru looked towards all around, and glanced at the main gun of the Helan. He immediately reacted, and the opponent’s target should be the charging main gun.

If the main gun is destroyed, it’s all over!

Thinking of this, Zhang Ru worked even harder. He raised his machine gun and shot frantically.

“At the same time, they kept shouting to stop those drones, their target is the main gun!!! If we are destroyed, we will be finished!”

Zhou Qian and the others heard , and also raised their rocket launchers and machine guns to face the drones attacking from the front, attacking like crazy.

“Stop them!”

peng peng ~~

The drones attacking from the front were suddenly blown up one by one.

It’s a pity that their firepower was still not enough. The two drones broke through the firepower net and moved towards the main gun and collided.

“It’s over!”

Zhou Qian and the others looked ashamed, and they still lost after fighting to this point.

(end of this chapter)

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