Star Ring Mission Chapter 161


Chapter 161 Guardian (Second Update)

Zhang Ru is also sincerely sighed, and this is the end.

At this moment, a tall silhouette jumped over very quickly, in midair, and the sharp alloy blade swept across.


The two drones that were approaching in an instant were cut off in the middle!

Boom~ explode.

Immediately after the azure mecha fell on the deck.

“Su Mo!”

Zhou Qian and the others shouted excitedly when they saw the silhouette rushing over.

After landing, Su Mo resolutely put away the alloy blade, drew out the short-range rifle again, and shot at the nearby drone. He intends to use himself as a firepower to guard the main gun of the Helan.

In the control room of the Cangyun, Suzune looked at the mecha in the video.


The face was a little distorted, and almost, the drone she controlled could destroy the main gun, but now she was stopped by this guy.

Ringtone’s eyes became colder and colder, she raised her right hand and pressed the holographic touch screen row, sliding the drones to lock the main gun again.

At the same time it enters commands quickly!

A prompt box keeps popping up on the holographic screen,

“No. 6 bomb bay unlocked!”

“No. 8 bomb bay unlocked!”

After the ring tone is quickly inputting the command, elegantly raise your hand and press the black launch button!


The missiles in the sky poured out again, and they turned into one after another dazzling streamer, indiscriminately moved towards Helan and swept away.

In the control room, Zidie gave a terrified warning: “The other party poured missiles again, this time it’s a frontal attack!”

Qianchengxue turned her head looking towards Ziqing and asked: ” How many missiles do we have left!”

“Less than 20%! And the overwhelming majority is not suitable for interception!”

Zi Qing quickly checked the ammunition depot and replied with gritted teeth .

Qianchengxue actually wanted to dump these missiles, but she finally restrained herself, she said.

“After the main battery is fully charged, these remaining missiles will cooperate to launch a final attack.”

“Understood, but what should we do now, those missiles are coming. .”

“Evasion, resist hard!”

Qianchengxue lifts the head, her expression is very firm, half of the near-anti-artillery is damaged, and the ammunition is close to bottoming out. There is no solution in this round, only hard resistance. If it can be overcome, it will be alive, otherwise it will end.

Lin Zinuo and the others are all stiff in place, unable to say a word.

On the deck of the Helan, Su Mo stood in front of the main gun, and he frantically strafed the incoming drone and the missiles it fired.

The cartridge case splattered to the ground.

A drone was blown up in the air.

Su Mo is like an insurmountable barrier.

But being so fierce is not without price! The ammunition in the gun dropped rapidly.

Just then, Su Mo seemed to hear a whistling sound, and he subconsciously lifts the head.

The missiles fell like a meteor shower.

Su Mo took a deep breath , without the slightest hesitation pressing the firing button, its abdominal firing port opened.

Two missiles were fired, and at the same time, Su Mo’s eyes shrank, calculating which of the incoming missiles was the most threatening, with a small beam cannon on its shoulder, and it blasted out.


In an instant, the sky-filled missiles landed on the Helan and exploded in series.

For a moment, the Helan seemed to be swallowed up by the explosion, and the burning flames shot straight into the sky.

Of course, it wasn’t just the Helan that suffered, the Blue Cloud behind it was also affected in this round of blows. The most unfortunate thing is that the ammunition bay was also hit, and the whole ship sank directly.

However, when the aftermath of the explosion gradually dissipated, I saw Su Mo driving the mecha still standing in front of the main gun, and half of the whole mecha was blown black.

The rifle in his hand has been thrown on the ground, replaced by an alloy blade.

In the cockpit, Su Mo was gasping for breath. Just now, Su Mo forcibly chopped up a missile that was a fish that escaped the net, and blocked most of the impact with his mecha body.

In the corner, Zhang Ru and Zhang Wei released their hands holding their heads, lifts the head looked towards the main gun area.

Seeing Su Mo still standing there, I couldn’t help swallowing.

“What a pervert.”

But before everyone could breathe a sigh of relief, the real threat came.


Swarms of drones rushed up frantically.

Su Mo took a deep breath and raised the alloy blade in his hand to meet him.

Cut one drone after another in half.


The beheaded drones kept exploding, hitting Su Mo one after another. Su Mo gritted his teeth and held on, the huge and frequent vibrations caused Su Mo’s internal organs to be in pain, and blood overflowed from the corners of his mouth.

The operation screen keeps popping up red warning boxes!

“Forty percent damage to the chest armor.”

“The TD32 conduction device is abnormal.”

Inside the Cangyun, Suzine looked at the pain Su Mo, who was struggling, showed a trace of cruelty at the corner of her mouth. She could see that this second-generation mecha was reaching its limit.

She raised her hand again, pushing the drone icons one by one, pointing at the main gun and Su Mo.

It’s all over!

At this time, Su Mo looked at more drones swarming in, and his scalp was completely numb, but he still rushed forward

But at this moment, the attack came Several drones suddenly detonated in advance.


A huge explosion knocked the azure mecha directly to the ground.

Su Mo’s head fiercely slammed on the console, blood was flowing continuously, and the things in front of him were blurred and overlapped.

He fiercely shook his head to wake himself up immediately, pulling the joystick to control mecha to get up.

However, at this time, another drone moved towards itself and crashed into it.

“Hey~ I’ve been played to death.”

Su Mo’s originally tense expression suddenly loosened, and he knew that he simply couldn’t escape.

At this time, a huge mechanical roar sounded behind Su Mo, followed by a silver silhouette flashing in front of him, the silver blade swept across, and the drone that attacked Su Mo was instantly smashed.

“Thousands of Snows?”

Su Mo looked at the Dawn Guardian who appeared in front of him, and was also very surprised. Under normal circumstances, she should be directing the battle in the control room.

Of course, Qianchengxue didn’t have time to explain anything. She rushed to the front of the gun barrel very fast, and swept the other drones that wanted to attack. At the same time, Qianchengxue threw the Shield of Dawn in her hand. Su Mo.

Su Mo controlled mecha to extend the hand to catch the shield and climbed up.

Ringtone saw this scene through the video, and her face became more and more distorted.

If she had a chance to win before, then her situation is a bit dangerous now, and the main battery of the Helan is about to be fully charged.

Although it may not be able to hit, but not afraid of ten thousand just in case.

So she could only get more crazy and control the drone to attack.

However, originally a Su Mo was very difficult to entangle, and now I add Qiancheng Xue.

The suicide drones that rushed up immediately were directly smashed by Su Mo with his shield, and smashed by Qianchengxue.

The two cooperated exceptionally well and instantly stabilized the precarious situation.

Not to mention that this shield is simply too useful, most of the blast shock is removed by the shield.

(end of this chapter)

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