Star Ring Mission Chapter 163


Chapter 163 hit a person when he’s down (For Alliance Leader to open the door to deliver express delivery) (four shifts)

Su Mo listen After Lin Zinuo’s words, he looked at her with a wonderful expression.

“What? Is there a problem?”

“No problem.”

Su Mo didn’t know what to say.

“It’s fine. By the way, I almost forgot about the business. Sister Xue asked you to go to the control room. All the executives are going to have a simple meeting.”

Lin Zi Nuo suddenly remembered.

“I’m going too?”

“Of course, Sister Xue explained it herself, don’t be so surprised, your performance has been recognized by everyone I’m done.”


Su Mo got up slowly, although he wasn’t interested in meetings, but since he’s been informed, it’s nothing to go over there. major event.

Soon the crowd gathered.

Qianchengxue looked at everyone present and thanked them very seriously: “First of all, I am very grateful to you for your hard work in this battle, and it is precisely because of your unyielding and fearless fighting that we finally achieved the victory. Victory, defeat the enemy.”

“Sister Xue, this is what we should do.”

Sun Li and the others responded.

“I will remember everyone’s efforts. I solemnly promise here that no matter if this mission fails or succeeds, everyone has the credit!”

“Thank you! Sister Xue .”

“Well, we are now starting to discuss the business, and there is a very unfortunate thing to tell you, the Helan has now reached 45% damage, nearly half of it. But Fortunately, the internal power system of the ship is still intact, but we are now facing a very embarrassing situation.”

“Sister Xue, you said.”

“The Helan is now damaged. You have all seen the extent, and the missiles on the ship have basically been exhausted. The battle strength of the Helan is less than two layers of the Peak. If it encounters an ambush and sinks on the way forward, the probability of sinking is very high.”

Qianchengxue said in a tranquil voice.

Everyone’s expressions suddenly became heavier.

“Sister Xue, do you mean we are going to give up the mission?”

Sun Li asked hesitantly.

“No, I don’t mean to give up. No matter what, we have to reach the purpose of the mission and increase the number of personnel in the Sea Breeze Island base, even if it is only a meager reinforcement, we will not give up. But I want to Listen to your opinions, this decision is very risky.”

Qianchengxue looked at everyone.

“Sister Xue, we will listen to you!”

“Yes, if you say go, we will go, at worst is dead, no big deal!”

“We agree with your opinion, we can’t let other people look down on us. The more they look down on us, the better we have to do.”

Everyone responded in solidarity.

Standing on the spot, Su Mo also rarely said: “I also agree that the enemy has blocked us three times, and it should be logically impossible to make a move.”

“Okay, then That’s it! Everyone rests as soon as possible, and rushes to repair the Helan! Everyone continues to move towards Haifeng Island!”


Everyone responded with high fighting spirit.


The defensive barrier of Haifeng Island, a player constantly controls heavy artillery, heavy machine gun, and shoots violently at the monster that keeps crawling out of the sea.


The whole seaside beach is constantly being bombarded with baptism.

A monster crawling out of the sea was killed, and the sand was blackened with sticky, fetid blood.

But even under such fierce resistance, the number of monsters that climbed up was increasing. The entire coastal line is a dark monster, and the pressure on the defensive forces is increasing.

“Don’t let your guard down, hit me fiercely! Never allow these monsters to get close!”

Captain roared and shouted from various defensive areas.

Each team member is also very powerful, staring at the monsters, constantly blocking.

No one complained half a word.

At this time, a huge humming sound came from the sky in the distance. The personnel who were concentrating on blocking, subconsciously lifts the head and glanced at the sky.

Their tense faces suddenly loosened, and several team members said happily.

“The bombing support is finally here again, and I can breathe a sigh of relief again.”

“Don’t be distracted, fight hard!”


However, just as those bombers were approaching the beach, suddenly one after another missile hit the Sea Territory from a distance, hitting those bombers instantly!


The bombers exploded in midair, fiercely crashing to the ground.


The defending Heavenly Dragon guild player was shocked.

Before they react!

xiu xiu ~

The missiles fell directly on the defensive barriers.


The solid defensive barriers suddenly blasted gaps one by one, and the defending players died on the spot!

The originally suppressed monster, crash-bang, rushes up like running water.

A strong, rugged-looking man in charge of the defensive command of the position shouted loudly.

“Team Seven, Team Ten, follow me and close the gap!”


a player driving a green shield mecha, moved towards Ruined Bulwark.

Above the sea in the distance, the Reef floated up from the seabed, with a huge fleet of more than 20 standard ships gathered beside it! It covers battleships, cruisers, destroyers and submarines.

Kawakami is using a telescope on the reef, looking at the battle on Haifeng Island.

A respectful report from a subordinate next to me.

“Sir Kawakami, we have defeated the bombing formation that came to support. At the same time, we have launched an attack on the barrier of Haifeng Island, but the enemy’s resistance is very tenacious and is still struggling to resist. (Translation)”

“Idiot, give them another big greeting, and get all the ships ready for another missile salvo to clear the way for those monsters!”

“Understood! (translation)”

In the command room of the Haifeng Island Central Base, a man with a chilled expression and eagle-eyed eyes was looking at the defense map.

Suddenly there was a rush of footsteps, and a team member ran in.

“Xiao Wen’s Corps Head is not good. The coastal defenders have been sneak attacked by foreign fleets! The defensive barriers have been damaged, there is a major gap, and monsters are coming up. Now the garrison Zhao Ding has brought people up.

Containment, but the enemy is too cunning, constantly attacking our barriers, now there are more and more gaps, the defense line is in danger, and all the bombing formations that came to support have been shot down!”

After listening to Xiao Wen With his hands behind his back, he kept wandering in place, and finally he asked.

“When will the rest of our reinforcements say?”

Hearing Xiao Wen’s words, the team member hesitated for a while, and finally answered.

“Go back to Lord Corps Head, I got the latest information and came to support the destruction of the Sunburn Guild fleet, and the Dawn Guild fleet was also severely damaged. The specific situation is unknown, and it is estimated that it is also bode ill rather than well”

“That means you don’t have to count on them anymore?”

Xiao Wen’s brows almost knit together.


The team member hesitated.

“Pass my order, order all production players to abandon the production base, and at the same time order Zhao Ding to lead the troops to withdraw to cover the evacuated production players. Enter the central base to hide, and prepare for the blockade on the island at the same time.”

“Shawyn Corps Head, you mean we’re going to give up our defense.”

(end of this chapter)

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