Star Ring Mission Chapter 164


Chapter 164 sneak attack (additional update for the Alliance Leader to open the door for express delivery) (five shifts)

“It’s not that I want to give up, but There is no choice, the enemy is not monsters without IQ. It is too easy for them to destroy the defensive barriers. If they continue to hold on, they will be double attacked, and they will eventually be destroyed. Sometimes retreating does not mean giving up, but looking for A new battle space.”


After a while, the defending players on the barrier began to retreat in a very orderly manner after receiving the order.

They didn’t panic, and even when they were retreating, they didn’t forget to turn their heads and fire at some of the monsters that were catching up.

Some heavy firepower points, give up the evacuation directly, and cover the team to leave.

On the other side, players in each production area received the evacuation order, and immediately began to evacuate in an orderly manner with the most important portable supplies.

They don’t have a trace of fear and fear, and there is no disorder in the order, which is completely different from other players.

“Quick, quick!”

Zhao Ding shouted to his companions while driving the green shield mecha, while shooting at the distant monster.

“Captain Zhao Ding, no, the production players haven’t completely withdrawn, the monsters are keeping up too fast!”

At this time, a team member was driving a green shield. Mecha rushed over to report.

“Order the sixth team mecha battallion and the third elite battle platoon to suspend their retreat. Block the incoming monsters and order them to stand for half an hour to the death!”

“Understand !”

In the distance on the sea, Kawakami looked at the fallen fortress line through the telescope.

A smug look appeared on his face.

β€œmerely this! (translation)”

β€œLord Kawakami, what should we do now? (translation)”

“Don’t worry, let the monsters kill each other with them, and we will harvest later!”

“Kawakami-sama is wise!”

At this time, the Helan with the hull of the Kawakami fleet, with its hull still braving the fire star, appeared.

In its control room, Qianchengxue, Su Mo and the others gathered together.

They looked very serious. They were about to arrive at Sea Breeze Island. The problem was that there were a lot of ships on the outskirts of Sea Breeze Island.

Ziqing and the others captured each other’s images and flags through the optical viewing device.

Now it is clear that the super large ship simply is not a companion, it should be the Amaterasu Guild, and its purpose is very clear to compete for Haifeng Island.

“With so many fleets, how can we fight? It’s not easy to fight at the peak period.”

Lin Zinuo said with nodded pain.

“Then what should I do, I can’t watch them fight Seawind Island there.”

Sun Li was also very helpless.

“The problem is that if we go up to fight like this, we will die.”

Lin Zinuo replies with a sigh.

At this time, Zhang Wenjing opened her mouth to report: “Sister Xue, Ye Wei and the others sent a message asking why we stopped and whether there was an enemy attack.”

“Tell them, There is no enemy attack, so rest on the spot.”

Qianchengxue replied lightly.


Zhang Wenjing nodded replied.

“What should I do now.”

Everyone present said with a headache.

At this moment, Su Mo suddenly opened the mouth and said: “It’s not completely impossible. In fact, if we are willing to fight, we will definitely win. It depends on whether we are willing to give up.”


Everyone present looked at Su Mo in astonishment.

Qianchengxue turned her head and looked towards Su Mo.

“You said it.”

“I’m afraid you forgot, there is a hole card on the Helan, the Dark Blue Messenger 07 type strategic nuclear torpedo (10w ton equivalent). The opponent ship The swarm is highly concentrated, and it can be done in one pot. The nuclear torpedo explosion can destroy all the ships in the center. Even if the other ships are not destroyed, the huge shock wave is enough to set off a small tsunami, overturn all their ships, and shock everyone inside. “

Su Mo explained.

Hearing this, Zi Qing and the others fell silent.

It’s not that they haven’t thought about this plan, but the price is too high. This is their trump card, so no one dares to mention this to Qianchengxue.

Everyone looked towards Qiancheng Snow.

Qianchengxue was silent for a few seconds, then lifts the head said firmly.

“Just do it, kill them.”

Hearing Qian Chengxue’s words, everyone present immediately became excited.

“Very good!”

“It’s our turn to stab their ass.”

This is literally the best chance for revenge!

Just do what you say, Ziqing starts to quickly enter complex commands!

A prompt pops up on the operation screen: “Do you want to lift the maximum weapon restriction?”


“Please verify the password again”

“Deep Blue Messenger Type 07 Strategic Nuclear Torpedo Safety Device Released!”

“Reminder: Dark Blue Messenger Type 07 Strategic Nuclear Torpedo is in place.”

Zi Qing is nervous Check the launch coordinates, the dark blue messenger 07 strategic nuclear torpedo has a super long range, so there is no need for the Helan to use it close.

And its dark blue messenger 07 type strategic nuclear torpedo is made of special stealth nanomaterials, which is extremely concealed!

So basically unlikely to be found.

Soon Ziqing finished adjusting everything.

A prompt box pops up.

“Whether to launch!”

Ziqing, the others and the others stepped aside, leaving the final operation to Qianchengxue.

Qianchengxue didn’t hesitate, she went straight up, and simply pressed the launch button neatly!


In the deep sea, a blue unremarkable torpedo was fired, and the fleet moved towards Kawakami moved over.

Lin Zinuo said excitedly to Ziqing.

“Ziqing, you bring the optical image closer, let’s see this exciting scene! Those bastards are going to be extremely unlucky.”



Ziqing is also looking forward to it.

She brought the optical image closer, and thanks to the fact that Kawakami’s fleet was almost still, it was very easy to capture.

Everyone looked at the radar excitedly, showing the green dot that was launched, and the green dot was getting closer and closer to the red dots.

Finally, as everyone expected, the green dot arrived at the center of the red dot.

The next second to capture the optical image screen, a huge water mushroom rose from the sea and instantly turned into a vast expanse of white, super dazzling.

“It’s so fierce!”


Lin Zinuo and the others shouted excitedly while being shocked. This is the first time in their lives that they have seen such a spectacular scene.

On the outskirts of Sea Breeze Island in the distance, a huge mushroom cloud rises from the sea.

Instantly devoured Kawakami’s fleet.

On Haifeng Island, Zhao Ding and the others, who were organizing a retreat, were also taken aback by this sudden change. They looked in amazement towards the mushroom cloud rising from the sea in the distance, speechless for a long time.

It was followed by a tsunami and shock, but due to the water and distance, the formidable power had become very weak, and it just turned everyone on their backs.


“Quick~ Avoid!”

At the center base of Sea Breeze Island, the water cup placed in the room vibrated violently.

It was accompanied by a loud explosion.

“What happened?”

Xiao Wen asked in a deep heart.

The adjutant next to him was also a little confused, and he quickly replied.

“I don’t know, I’ll go and ask.”

“Come on.”

(End of this chapter)

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