Star Ring Mission Chapter 165


Chapter 165 Beautiful (one more)

In the control room of the Helan, Qiancheng Xue looked at the result in front of her, Very satisfied, he waved his hand and said enthusiastically.

“Order the Helan to move forward! At the same time, send a wireless communication signal to the Haifeng Island base and try to communicate with them.”


Lin Zino responded excitedly road.


An unremarkable island in the sea, hidden inside the base.

Sawagi is watching the sand table and deducing the battle plan.

At this moment, there was the sound of rapid footsteps.

“Report, Mr. Zemu! (translation)”

“Asshole, what is it like to be flustered. (translation)”

Zemu is very uncomfortable Yue reprimanded.

“Yes! Mr. Zemu, just received the latest news that the Cangyun was destroyed by the Helan! (Translation)”

The subordinate lowered his head and reported.

“Bastard! How did Suzune command? (translation)”

Scolded by Sawagi’s fury.

“According to Miss Suzune’s feedback, the enemy is abnormally cunning, and the Helan is very strong. But it is not that absolutely does not have gain. Although the Helan defeated, it also suffered heavy losses, and it should have been lost. Support ability. (translation)”

“Even so, Suzune can’t escape the blame! (translation)”

Sawagi is still very angry, you must know the Cangyun’s How important the strategic role is, it is really distressing that it is ruined like this.

“Yes! Chief Sawagi, what you said is that Chief Suzune is now under investigation.”

“When did this happen? (translation)”

“Yes!” p>

“It should have been an hour ago. (translation)”

“I see. (translation)”

Sawagi raised his bracelet and looked at the time, At this time, it was almost time for Kawakami to attack Seabreeze Island. If Kawakami can successfully take Haifeng Island, then there is still room for recovery, and the previous sacrifices are nothing.

However, a few hours later, another herald turned pale in fright came running.

“Report, Chief Sawagi! (translation)”

“Asshole, as I said, don’t panic. (translation)”

“Emergency information, the Kawakami fleet was attacked by an unknown, and the entire army was destroyed!”

The herald reported in horror.

Hearing his words, Zemu’s eyes were instantly bloodshot, and he angrily swept away the teacup on the table next to him, and kicked the table suddenly.

“Bagaya Road! Who did it! (Translation)”

Everyone present shuddered like a chill.

The herald Dusuohui reported: “Suspected Helan. (translation)”

“It’s Helan again! (translation)”

Zeki Roaring furiouslyβ€”β€”

Of course some people are sad and some people are happy.

After approaching Haifeng Island, the Helan finally got in touch with the base on Haifeng Island, and the two sides informed each other about the situation.

In the command room of the Haifeng Island Base, the adjutant was excited to report.

“Lord Corps Head, the Helan came to support. The previous explosion was caused by their nuclear torpedo attack on the Amaterasu Guild’s fleet.”

“Really What? This group of child soldiers is incredible! Well done.”

Xiao Wen was also overjoyed when he heard it, and clapped his hands in praise.

“Yeah! Really didn’t expect that this group of child soldiers will do better than us!”

“Well, the Dawnbreak Guild did a great job this time. Well, all credit will be given to them.”

“Corps Head, you are right, but the situation is still very bad. The fleet formation of the Dawning Guild has almost been destroyed. I don’t have much battle strength, what should I do now?”

β€œIt’s okay, let the Helan approach Haifeng Island from the northeast, and let their men go ashore from there to give us some support. The guild said that the Sea Territory blockade has been broken by the Helan, so they must organize another wave of support as soon as possible. As long as we survive this period of time, we can counterattack.”

Xiao Wen was very thoughtful. Give clear orders.

“Understood! I’ll send instructions to them.”

The adjutant replied respectfully.

Xiao Wen looked at the adjutant who was leaving, and the expression that had just loosened up became tense again. The situation was actually not optimistic.


A moment ago, at the moment when the nuclear torpedo exploded, a bottomless black hole shook at the bottom of the center of the Sea Breeze Island base.

Ten eyeballs in the shape of a ring and exuding blood light suddenly opened in the dark!

At the same time, the dark red flares slowly lighted up.

In the control room of the Helan, Qiancheng Xue and the others were all quietly waiting for the Heavenly Dragon guild’s reply.

Lin Zinuo and the others whispered excitedly.

“Do you think they will send us some pennants as soon as they are happy?”

“It is possible, but if it is not enough, it should be given in general terms. Let’s face it.”

Zhou Qian thought about replied.

“I think so too, these are not important anymore. If you can mix it up, it’s called Shuangwaiwai.”

Lin Zinuo thought of this and blossomed happily.

“Stop dreaming, weaving is not what you want, especially the very free weaving, it is simply the existence of breaking the head.”

Chen Xijie is rude to break Lin Zino’s fantasy.

“You’re really boring, so you can’t have a little pursuit.”

“It’s good to have a pursuit, but it’s not good to daydream.”


“You’re just daydreaming, people have to have dreams, and maybe one day they will come true.”

Su Mo stood next to him, also speechless. There are monsters everywhere, but the attention of those monsters is only on Sea Breeze Island, and they are still in the mood to argue.

But then again, compiling this thing is indeed may come by with luck, but not by searching for it.

He had heard before that the Council had given the military a very precious authority. So that it can give loose people a system, enjoy all the formal treatment and rights, and do not have to follow those rules and regulations, and check in at all times.

Of course, this is only limited to hearing, Su Mo is not sure if it really exists or not.

But listening to Lin Zinuo’s mention now, it is estimated that most likely is true.

At this time, a quiet voice sounded from the silent communication channel.

“Hello, can you hear my voice?”

“Yes, hello! I’m the tenth Corps Head Qianchengxue of the Dawning Guild, this time Commander in charge of support.”

Qiancheng Xue introduced himself again.

“Hello, Miss Qianchengxue, I’m Xiaowen Corps Head’s adjutant Lei Keming. I have compiled and reported Xiaowen Corps Head about the heroic deeds you reported to the operator before. I would like to express my sincere thanks for your outstanding contributions, and all the credit will be given to you.”

“Lord Lei Keming, you are very kind, this is what we should do, and now we can do it for you. What?”

Qianchengxue responded humbly.

“I won’t be polite to you anymore. You can see that the situation on Haifeng Island is very unsatisfactory now. The barriers and defense lines have been destroyed, and a large number of black salamanders have rushed to Haifeng Island. The situation on the island is very bad now. It is critical, we are all evacuating to the central base in an orderly manner. And the most critical point, Zhang Wei Academician and the others are repairing the satellite rocket, and it has come to the end. There can be no accidents at this juncture, so I hope you can come to the island to support , help defend!”

Lei Keming explained the situation in a simple and clear way.

(end of this chapter)

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