Star Ring Mission Chapter 167


Chapter 167 Suicide Squad (For the Alliance Leader to open the door and deliver the express) (three shifts)

Immediately after that, it will be repaired in full swing , but because the quality of Weilan mecha is too high, it is difficult for Qin Wang to start.

But he is the best maintenance engineer left at the moment, and he can only get on the bronze oneself.

Su Mo approached and asked indifferently: “How is the repair?”

“Not ideal, the damage is very serious. Although the surface armor is resistant to most of the explosion damage , but many internal precision parts are deformed and dislocated to varying degrees under high-intensity continuous impact. Some parts are seriously damaged, but fortunately, there are spare parts for Corps Head here, we can borrow them for use .”

Qin Wang explained to Su Mo with a headache.

“That’s good, just try to practice.”

Su Mo also knows that the current situation is not optimistic, and it is indeed unrealistic to completely repair mecha.

“Don’t worry, I will repair it as soon as possible.”

Qin Wang finished speaking and continued to work hard.

Su Mo stayed in the hangar for a while, then turned and left.

Actually, it’s almost time to take a break. But now everyone is holding back, and no one even mentions taking off-line breaks.

Because the current situation is very unoptimistic, unexpected situations may occur at any time.

Su Mo returned to the deck, looking out at Seabreeze Island, where the roar of monsters and the sound of fierce fighting continued.

He was a little dazed, and he could tell that the battle was fierce.

Time passes by a little bit, and it seems pretty good to just be in a daze.

“What are you in a daze? Do you still feel sorry for not being able to fight on the island.”

Lin Zino didn’t know when he appeared from the side, relying on On the railing next to Su Mo, the sea breeze asked.

“No, go up to the bode ill rather than well.”

Su Mo replied seriously.

“.You are so boring, so you won’t say anything optimistic. Besides, this is an opportunity to make a contribution, won’t you be tempted?”

Lin Zinuo is very Looking at Su Mo curiously, you must know that the opportunity to make meritorious service is not so easy to meet. And he was also curious about what could interest Su Mo. It seems that from beginning to end, Su Mo only volunteered to have a mecha.

“Don’t be tempted.”

Su Mo followed his heart’s reply. If someone else said this sentence, Lin Zino would definitely think he was pretending.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this with you. You said why the communication was suddenly cut off. It’s such a coincidence that you don’t die.”

“In this world, no So many coincidences, seemingly coincidental on the surface, must have a certain reason.”

Su Mo thought about replied, in fact, Su Mo really said that, the culprit of all this , in a sense they are.

Of course no one knows this.

“Hey, I’m really flustered. You said that Corps Head is taking such a risk. If there are three long and two shortcoming, our Legion will be sad in the future.”

Lin Zinuo is very worried. the replicated.

Su Mo didn’t answer Lin Zinuo’s words, but lifted the head to look at Haifeng Island and said abruptly.

“The sound of the fighting seems to be getting quieter.”

“I thought you were going to say something, isn’t that a good thing? It means the monster is blocked.”

“It’s also possible that people were killed.”

“You crow’s mouth.”

Lin Zinuo’s face turned dark, but the more he thought about it, the more reasonable it felt. It made her more nervous.

She looked at Seabreeze Island in the dark, feeling like an ominous beast waking up.

The next morning, Lin Zinuo and the others all gathered in the control room.

“Is Ziqing still unable to get in touch?”

“No, the interference is getting stronger and stronger.”

Ziqing replies for sure, she Last night, I kept trying, but the intensity of the interference not only did not weaken, but became stronger and stronger.

“What should I do? It’s been a night, and there’s no letter of approval. The sound of gunfire on this Sea Breeze Island is getting less and less. Could something really happen?”

Lin Zinuo anxiously followed the ants on the hot pot.

“It’s useless for you to be in a hurry now, all we can do is wait here.”

Ziqing comforted.

“No, Zhou Qian, go offline and ask about the situation.”

Lin Zinuo still worried and turned to Zhou Qian.


Zhou Qian didn’t say much nonsense, and immediately logged out of the game.

In just an hour, Zhou Qian was online again, and Lin Zinuo and the others hurriedly gathered around to ask.

“How’s it going.”

“I asked my fallen companions, the situation is very bad, there is a very terrifying monster in the base of Seabreeze Island. Now the Corps Head adults they are with Heavenly Dragon The people in the guild fought bloody battles, but the situation was extremely bad, and nearly half of the companions who went up were killed or injured.”

Zhou Qian directly brought back a piece of bad news.

“Hey! I knew I must be in trouble.”

Lin Zinuo sighed.

“And the dead companions told us that once the Corps Head mission completely failed, let us withdraw as originally planned.”

Zhou Qian continued.

“How can this be done? It’s not a deserter. Sister Xue treats us so well, even if she dies, she can’t be abandoned.”

Lin Zinuo directly refused.

“What should we do, Sister Zinuo? We have dozens of people left behind now.”

Zhou Qian asked not knowing what to do.

Lin Zino walked around with her hands behind her back, and suddenly she lifted the head looked towards Su Mo.

“We can’t just be so cowardly, Su Mo, shall we do another vote?”

As soon as these words came out, before Su Mo could reply, everyone in the room was in an uproar. Ziqing hurriedly stopped her: “Sister Zinuo, stop joking, you guys still have to go up to support you? Isn’t that a death sentence?”

“Then we can’t just sit still, right?”

Lin Zinuo’s answer was also very unconvincing, and she also knew that this behavior was nonsense.

However, Su Mo responded suddenly.


“It’s not Su Mo, don’t join in the fun!”

Ziqing felt more and more absurd.

Of course, Su Mo is not a fool at all. How could such an exciting thing be without him? If he was afraid of death, he would not come.

“Su Mo said so, so it’s settled. I’ll order some people to form a dare to die.”

Lin Zinuo directly settled the matter.

Seeing that Zinuo insisted so much, Ziqing didn’t say anything more.

“I, Su Mo, Zhou Qian, Sun Hong, Xiaolu, Zhou Wenna, Wang Dailong, Qin Wang.”

Lin Zinuo ordered people directly on the spot, she ordered these The people are all people who have survived with themselves before, six combat players, equipped with two life players.


Zhou Qian and the others responded in succession.

A moment later, Lin Zino and the others gathered at the bow, and Su Mo drove the blue mecha over.

Although the Weilan mecha has not been fully restored, Qin Wang has carried out a major body cultivator restoration and replenished ammunition. The whole mecha is at least restored to the 7th Layer of the Peak period, and it is no problem to barely use it for combat.

“You guys have to be careful, if it really doesn’t work, don’t force it, and withdraw first.”

Zi Qing explained to Lin Zinuo and the others.

(end of this chapter)

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