Star Ring Mission Chapter 168


Chapter 168 Breakthrough (For the Alliance Leader to open the door and deliver the express delivery) (fourth update)

“Don’t worry, we have the measure , Besides, isn’t there Su Mo here?”

Lin Zinuo smiled confidently.


Su Mo replied coldly.

After finishing speaking, Su Mo drove mecha up the cliff, and fixed the rope first. After Lin Zinuo and the others fixed the other end of the rope, they climbed up a little bit.

They were slow and crawled very hard.

Su Mo waited for a while and found that the person had not come up yet, so he could not help but come to the edge of the cliff to take a look, and suddenly the corners of his mouth twitched.

“Hey~ this gap, no wonder they are divided into twelve groups.”

After a while, Lin Zino’s seven people climbed up gasping for breath. Without professional equipment, their hands were almost torn.

“Hey, it’s finally here.”

“Be quiet.”

Su Mo reminded in a low voice.

At this time, Lin Zinuo and the others came back to his senses one after another, almost forgetting that they had already landed on the island.

They looked around and found that a lot of heavy artillery was abandoned on the edge of the cliff, and there were many monster and player corpses scattered on the ground.

It can be seen that the defense of Heavenly Dragon Guild was really great before, and it was also deployed in this kind of place, leaving no dead ends.


Su Mo waved at Lin Zinuo several people.

Their entire group groped along the road that Qianchengxue and the others walked.

Soon they passed through a small forest and officially came to Sea Breeze Island. At a glance, there were abandoned production bases in the distance. The scale was only not smaller than the watch base.


Lin Zinuo exclaimed, not to mention what is in the base on the island, these production plants are worth a lot of money.

At this moment, Su Mo suddenly pulled out an alloy blade and slashed towards a moss-covered bluestone edge. I saw a hidden black salamander, just grinning, ready to sneak attack, and was directly split in half.

Lin Zinuo and the others were also taken aback.

“Damn, you can play sneak attack.”

“Be careful! This island is basically occupied.”

Su Mo’s eyes were abnormal. cold.

Lin Zinuo and the others swallowed hard, she suddenly felt like she was dying.

“Then how do we find Sister Xue?”

“Follow the path they opened, the resistance is expected to be less.”

Su Mo pointed to In front of them, I saw the road in front of them, fire stars left alive everywhere, the corpses of black salamanders, and of course the corpses of some players.

It can be seen that Qianchengxue and the others almost killed them all the way.

Compared to Su Mo, they are much luckier, because it seems that most of the monsters are gathered towards the huge base in the center of Seabreeze Island.


Lin Zinuo and the others raised their rifles one after another.

Su Mo drove the azure mecha to the front, alert all around.

Not to mention that the progress was exceptionally smooth, there were basically no obstacles along the way, only a few black salamanders popped out of the corner occasionally.

But all of them were immediately noticed by Su Mo, and he killed them neatly.

Just as they arrived next to the mountain base in the center of Sea Breeze Island, Su Mo stopped.

Lin Zinuo was about to ask what was wrong, but when he saw it, he was instantly dumbfounded.

Outside the huge mountain base, the black pressure is all black salamanders, and the entire base is surrounded by water.

And there are continuously black salamanders that gather from all over the island, just like poking a hornet’s nest.

Lin Zinuo swallowed and asked.

“Su Mo, do you think the base is still saved?”

“It’s definitely not saved, unless you can mobilize tens of thousands of elite players to come here, otherwise you won’t talk about it. Support missions. I guess it’s over, let’s go to rescue and retreat.”

Su Mo’s eyes were very calm.


Lin Zinuo gritted his teeth and answered.

“One more thing, there are too many enemies, you come with me, I don’t think I can protect you. Otherwise, you will all be waiting outside the base, waiting to pick me up, and I will find a way to kill myself. “

Su Mo said it was very troublesome, so many monsters made his scalp tingle.

“Okay! Then be careful.”

Lin Zinuo looked at the black salamanders nodded and replied, it was indeed more than expected.

“I understand.”

Su Mo nods.

Immediately, Su Mo drove the azure mecha, holding the alloy blade in his hand, approaching the base a little bit, and constantly circled the entire base. He wants to get as close to the base as possible, find an accessible entrance, and rush in in a spurt of energy.

In this way, Su Mo circled around the base for a while, looking for the weakest spot.

Suddenly, the black salamanders surrounding the base turned their heads and looked towards Su Mo in groups, their eyes bursting with penetrating eyes.

Su Mo didn’t panic at this moment, he pushed the power system to the maximum.

The blue mecha charged like a cannonball!


The group of black salamanders rushed up like crazy, as if they were about to tear Su Mo to pieces.

Su Mo didn’t have any fear, he controlled the huge mecha and moved towards the black salamander beast!

Four or five of them were knocked into the air, and at the same time, Su Mo swept over with a sharp alloy blade in his hand, and chopped off the head of a three-meter-high black salamander.

At the same time, the back spray device was turned on, and the whole mecha flew up, directly letting the black salamander beasts that rushed up to the air.

Su Mo controlled mecha to rush towards the base at high speed, of course he didn’t rush to the gate, because the gate of the base was closed.

But it’s normal. If the gate of the base is open, with the number of these black salamanders, it is estimated that the base has already fallen.

Of course there is not that absolutely does not have a way to enter the base, Su Mo has observed it, although the gate of the base is closed.

But in the half-waist area of the base, there are huge daylighting glass.

The central area of the base is recessed, with a launch pad inside.

But because it’s too high, mecha can’t fly up, but it can climb up some.

And those black salamanders Su Mo have already observed, it can’t fly at all, and the level is too low and has no anti-air ability.

That’s why, Su Mo chose this as the breakthrough point.

Lin Zinuo and the others in the distance watched Su Mo rush to the base, their hearts in their throats, if it was an operation error, they would be beaten by monsters.

Even if Su Mo has a second-generation mecha, it won’t work.

I saw that Su Mo took advantage of the unpreparedness of the monsters, flew at a low altitude, and successfully rushed to the front of the base. He extended the hand and grabbed the protruding metal outer wall of the base to assist him to climb up.

The black salamander below went crazy and climbed up as well. Of course, Su Mo didn’t care about them at all and focused on climbing up.

Not very long, Su Mo successfully climbed to the half waist area of the base.

He jumped up without the slightest hesitation, and slammed into the layer of tempered glass that the device here uses for light.


The tempered glass showed cracks in the spider web instantly, but it didn’t break.

This did not surprise Su Mo.

So if it doesn’t work at one time, just try it a few more times.

(end of this chapter)

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